Palworld: Digtoise Location & How To Catch

You won’t have to worry about not having enough materials if you’ve got this Pal in your deck.

When we talk about gathering materials for the camp in Palworld, Digtoise is popular among players for handling that job very well. This is because this Pal has a level 3 Mining Work Suitability, which lets you mine minerals like Coals and Ores much faster.

Digtoise also has the Drill Crusher Partner Skill, which further increases the Pal’s efficiency for mining minerals via the Shell Spin ability. With these two abilities combined, Digtoise makes a perfect companion to have working for your camp if you want to build it as quickly as possible.

If you’re interested in what the Pal offers, we recommend that you get it as soon as possible. Let us show you where you can find and catch Digtoise in Palworld.

Where to find Digtoise in Palworld?

Where to find Digtoise on the map.

Digtoise can be found in two different desert biomes – in the Palpagos and the Galapagos Islands. The first of these locations is around the center of the map, directly northeast of the Investigator’s Fork Fast Travel point and just ahead of the Ravine Grotto dungeon entrance. You can also find an Anubis Alpha Pal boss fight in this area.

The second location where Digtoise can be found in Palworld is all the way in the northeastern corner of the map. This is a large desert biome, with the closest Fast Travel point to it being the Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance. The other closest FT point is the Sealed Realm of the Swift, just next to the Verdash Alpha Pal boss fight.

How to catch Digtoise

When you encounter Digtoise, you must first tear down its health bar just enough to catch it. Make sure not to hit it too hard or it may die before you get the chance to catch it. When it is weak enough, you can throw your Pal Sphere to catch Digtoise in Palworld.


Digtoise is weak against Grass-type Pals.

This one isn’t that hard to catch, so just a normal Pal Sphere would do the job. We recommend that you don’t waste any higher-tier Pal Spheres on Digtoise.

How to breed Digtoise

There are several combinations of Pals you can pair to breed a Digtoise in Palworld. You can try your luck by breeding the following Pals together:

  • Penking with Nox
  • Flopie with Mossanda
  • Killamari with Nitewing
  • Woolipop with Cinnamoth
  • Penking with Woolipop
  • Tanzee with Mossanda

There is a bug in which Digtoise deals only 1 damage and underperforms on mining tasks. To work around this issue, try using Digtoise in your party rather than assigning it to your base

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