Best Active Skills In Palworld

Be the very best, like no one ever was in Palworld.

The strength of your Pal relies on its Active Skill in Palworld. There are nearly 100 different Active moves but what makes one better over the others is its Cast Time (CT) and Damage. The better the ratio between the two, the more desirable the skill becomes.


Your pal can only have three active skills at a time but there is no limit to the amount of skills it can learn. You can use this to your advantage by swapping out different skills depending on the situation.

Active Skills that can be used in multiple scenarios are always better to prioritize. In our experience, Ranged attacks with good AoE or some Damage Over Time effect are currently more favorable compared to the others.

When planning which Active Moves to equip on your Pal, a good rule of thumb is to combine low CT skills with high CT ones. This way you can deal big front load damage and then switch to other low CT skills.

If you are looking into getting the most overpowered moves for your pal then here is a list of the best Active Skills in Palworld


To boost your active skill damage, pair the right passive skill with it. Also, consider the pal’s elemental type while deciding as they can receive a certain bonus depending on their type.

10. Wind Cutter

Power: 30
CT: 2
Element: Grass

Wind Cutter is another low CT Active Skill that can replace your normal attack in Palworld. What makes the Wind Cutter great aside from its low cooldown is the Ranged debuff it applies.

The Tangled debuff makes it easier to capture Pals. This makes up for the low Damage considering you will need all the help you need while tackling the more difficult Legendary Pals


Jump while using the Wind Cutter to cancel the casting animation.

9. Blizzard Spike

Power: 130
CT: 45
Element: Ice

Blizzard Spike is an Ice Active Skill in Palworld that hurls a giant ice block at enemies. This attack deals AoE Ice Damage, can freeze enemies, and has good range as well. The Damage to Cooldown ratio is great and can sometimes be better than using high damage, high cooldown attacks.

8. Icicle Cutter

Power: 55
CT: 10
Element: Ice

Icicle Cutter releases a giant blade of ice that deals Ice Damage to anything in its path. The Active skill is best used for smaller enemies and has decent range and AoE.

One drawback is this active skill’s performance is very situational dependent, making it not a great pick when fighting against bosses in Palworld.

7. Fire Ball

Power: 150
CT: 55
Element: Fire

The Fire Ball, as the name suggests, throws a giant ball of fire towards enemies in Palworld. It has great range and explosion radius and can inflict enemies with the Burn effect. The high damage over time capabilities puts it in a much better spot than the other Active moves.

6. Flare Storm

Power: 80
CT: 18
Element: Fire

The Flare Storm summons two tornados side-by-side and hurls them at the enemy. This active move hits hard and fast, and before you know it, you can use it again.

This makes Flare Storm an amazing skill to have, especially against Grass and Ice Type Pals. The only tricky thing is positioning yourself correctly to ensure you don’t miss the enemy.

5. Lightning Strike

Power: 120
CT: 40
Element: Electric

The Lightning Strike Active Skill summons a lightning rod onto the enemies which deals AoE electric damage in Palworld. The electrocuted enemies can get stunned and also be paralyzed out of their attack animation.

The multiple hits make it easy to connect a hit and take a significant chunk off the enemy’s HP. The cherry on top is the lower cooldown, short casting animation, great range, and AoE.

4. Divine Disaster

Power: 160
CT: 45
Element: Dark

The Divine Disaster is a Pal-Exclusive Active Skill to the S-tier pal Shadowbeak in Palworld. You can only obtain it by leveling up your Shadowbeak to Level 40.

While it is one of the more difficult Dark Active Skills to acquire, the sheer power is what makes it well worth it. The Cooldown to damage ratio is one of the best ones out there.

Upon casting this active move, your pal dashes forward leaving behind energy balls in its wake that deal damage upon contact or explode after a while. It has great AoE, range, and damage. Dragons are the most commonly used mounts, so having this skill on hand can prove quite useful.


Pal-exclusive skills can only be transferred to other pals through breeding.

3. Megaton Implode

Power: 500
CT: 55
Element: Neutral

Megaton Implode is a last-ditch effort move where your Pal consumes its own HP to deal massive AoE damage. It is the strongest Active Skill in Palworld and can even kill your Pal if you are not careful.

The range and explosive radius are great as well, making it a viable choice while dealing with hordes. The main caveat is high cooldown as well as losing out on an entire Pal slot. If you like taking some risks then Megaton Implode is the best bank for the buck.

2. Acid Rain

Power: 80
CT: 18
Element: Water

Acid Rain is a unique Active Skill that your Pal can use as it has an automatic homing capability. Upon casting, it automatically follows the enemies around which significantly lowers your chances of losing out on damage. This acidic cloud also lasts for a while and can inflict Poison on enemies, further extending the damage period.

1. Seed Mine

Power: 65
CT: 13
Element: Grass

One of the best Active Skills to have in Palworld, in our opinion, is the Seed Mine. Upon casting, your Pal hurls a giant seed at the enemy which explodes to release smaller seeds creating a minefield. The enemy can activate the minefield by stepping on a seed or wait till it explodes itself.

Seed Mine has great range, AoE, damage, versatility, and low cooldown. The main drawback is related to elemental constraints. Other than that, bosses can sometimes step out of the seed mines. This can easily be resolved by pairing it with an immobilizing skill.

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