Overwatch 2 Moira Counters And Synergies

Moira is one of the most viable support characters in Overwatch 2 so allow us to explain how best to play as her.

Moira is one of the most picked support heroes in OW2 because of her excellent burst heals. She also dishes out great damage for support however she can be difficult to master. In this guide, we will go over all the heroes that Moira is good against and those who can counter her in Overwatch 2, prompting you to switch characters or come up with a new strategy.

Moira is a scientist venturing into the field of genetic engineering which gives her a unique style of healing where she has to rely on leeching health from enemies and then using that to heal allies in Overwatch 2.

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Moira is strong against


Moira is just exceptional against Mercy as she can use her Biotic Grasp to drain the HP of Mercy instantly. In such scenarios, Mercy is totally helpless.

If however, Mercy manages to escape using her ability Guardian Angel, Moira can use the Biotic Grasp to catch her and finish the job.


Zenyatta for starters doesn’t have any self-healing abilities so, she’s not a match for the likes of Moira. If Zenyatta is low on HP, all Moira needs is to send a Biotic Orb to finish her off.

Moira is weak against (Moira matchups)


Roadhog is a nightmare for Moira, especially his Chain hook. Roadhog can use his chain hook to one-shot Moira and put her to eternal sleep.

Furthermore, it also cancels Moira’s Coalescence ability so if you’re up against Roadhog, you’re a dead man.


Sombra can deprive Moira of her ability making her a sitting duck. Also, Sombra can hack Moira’s abilities and disrupt her ultimate ability to end it prematurely.

Moira synergies


Reaper will be on the frontlines directly exposed to enemy attacks. So, he can use the assistance of Moira, frontline support.

Both work well alongside each other to absolutely crush the enemies. Reaper continues the progression while Moira backs her up all the way to your victory.


Brigitte is the ideal support to pair with Moira. Brigitte can be aggressive with the Tank pushing in the ranks of the enemies while being covered by Moira.

Moira will keep the DPS topped off and ready to fight. So, having this combo, you’re bound to succeed.

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