NBA 2K24 Best Inside Out Shot Creator Build For PG

Inside Out Shot Creator is a highly useful Point Guard playstyle in NBA 2K24 allowing you to secure baskets for your with excellent shooting

A Point Guard build in NBA 2K24 is always tricky. Players need to make a diverse character who is good at defense and excellent at offense, with exceptional shooting skills. Keeping a balance is the greatest challenge, as focusing on one playstyle or demand for a certain badge might forcefully shift your entire build. That is where our NBA 2K24 Inside Out Shot Creator build for the position comes in.

PGs need to excel at stealing, dribbling, driving in and drawing fouls to get free throws and more. Our Inside Out Shot Creator build focuses on those aspects to ensure you victory in every NBA 2K24 match.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 Inside Out Shot Creator build

As expected, we are using the Point Guard position for our Inside-Out Shot Creator. Set you character’s body parameters and attributes according to the following table

Weight185 lbs
Close Shot49
Driving Layup69
Driving Dunk89
Standing Dunk34
Post Control
Mid-Range Shot64
Three-Point Shot79
Free Throw54
Pass Accuracy75
Ball Handle85
Speed with Ball75
Interior Defense72
Perimeter Defense93
Offensive Rebound
Defensive Rebound48

How to Setup Inside-Out Shot Creator Build

The build, even though it’s supposed to be an all-rounder build, is more leaned towards the offensive. The build tries to help players take excellent shots, both inside the line and outside the line. Wherever you find an opening, you can take a free shot. 

Other badges and attributes that don’t directly affect your shooting are directed towards helping you keep control of the ball and take control of the ball from your opponent by nook and crook. This Point Guard Inside-Out Shot Creator build is more focused on playing attack, and focusing on the center of the field, rather than staying back or trying to prevent a basket.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 Inside-Out Shot Creator build

Badges in the NBA series help flush out your character even more, and what badges players can pick for their custom character depends on the stats of the character. Let us look at the best badges for our Inside-Out Shot Creator Point Guard build in NBA 2K24.

S Tier

Chase Down Artist

Chase Down Artist provides players increased chance of getting a chase-down block. This helps your character block offensive players when you are trying to block them.


A defensive badge, Clamps allows your character to have a better chance of defending the ball when bumping into attackers, or when hip-riding the ball handler. This single badge will help your character stay in control of the ball when you are heading in to make a basket.

A Tier

Ankle Braces

Makes it difficult for opponents to cross you over. The badge makes it easier to defend the ball when moving in for a basket.


Increases the effectiveness of well-timed contests in perimeter shooters. Helps your character defend against shots, and improves effectiveness when taking shots yourself.

Fast Feet

Makes your cuts faster when trying to say in front of the opponent ball handler. Increase effectiveness when trying to intercept an opponent who has the ball, and prevent the same from happening to you.

Pick Dodger

Helps players navigate through defender lines more easily when making a push.

B Tier

94 Feet

Allows your character to harass and bother an opponent who has the ball when you are on defense. You can harass enemies who have the ball and keep them from making a basket and try to force them to foul, giving you control of the ball.

Work Horse

Increases your character’s speed and your character’s ability to get a loose ball over your opponent’s head. The badge makes it easier to get through the opponent’s defense when pushing for a basket.

C Tier

Off-Ball Pest

Improves your character’s bump and harass ability when you are on the offensive to the ball.

Best Animation

Instead of a self-created animation, we recommend that players pick the base game Stephen Curry animation for this build. The animation is more than enough. It’s safe, fast, flashy enough to look good and simple enough to be effective.

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