NBA 2K24 Best Badges For Each Type

Make sure you unlock the right badges.

Badges are a cornerstone gameplay element in NBA 2K24 that dictates just how effective your character will be on the court for the purpose he is intended for. By investing specific numbers into attribute points, you can unlock new badges and their higher tiers.

Here, we will go over some of the different categories of badges in NBA 2K24 while suggesting the best ones for each type and for what purpose you should be taking them into consideration.

Best Defensive/Rebounding badges in NBA 2K24

Defense is an integral part of the foundation of a strong team. With an iron-clad defense, your team becomes capable of shutting down score attempts by opponents, blocking their three-point shots, intercepting their free throws, contesting their hooks and dunks, etc. Defensive/Rebounding badges help you boost your ball, stealing and ruining the opposing team’s momentum while adding to your own.

The badges listed here primarily excel at blocking opponent shots either directly to the basket or perimeter shots, as well as improving your ball-stealing capabilities, whether it’s in the form of a more effective screen or directly stealing the ball from the ball handler. To that end, some of the best badges for defense are listed below:

  1. Anchor
  2. Challenger
  3. Glove
  4. Clamps
  5. Brick Wall

Best Playmaking badges in NBA 2K24

Playmaking is a category that delves heavily into the momentum creation aspect. Investing sufficient points in the Playmaking category greatly enhances the flow of your offense in NBA 2K24. Due to that, you can maintain much more solid control of the ball than the opposition, putting their defense on the backfoot with enhanced passes and dribbles that make it easy to consistently push through to the enemy pain and target the basket.

The playmaking badges listed here serve different sorts of benefits and synergize well with each other. With benefits ranging from improved movement while rushing to the basket, improving your juking capabilities by breaking away from size-ups and triple threats while also boosting your launch speed and accuracy.

They also drastically improve your grip on the ball to prevent steals and successful bumps from the opposing team’s defense while also granting boosts to your rebound scoring and drive-by capabilities, effectively allowing you to bypass the defense.

The best NBA 2K24 badges for Playmaking are

  1. Unpluckable
  2. Clamp Breaker
  3. Vice Grip
  4. Hyperdrive
  5. Quick First Step

Best Shooting badges in NBA 2K24

Shooting is an essential aspect not only for its benefits to your long-ranged scoring game outside of the opposing paint but also for improving the success ratio of your passes. This way, you can set up the winning pass to an open teammate easily, especially when you yourself lack the opportunity to break into the opposing paint.

The Shooting badges listed here excel at lowering your chance to accrue penalties when going for jump shots while opposing defenders are closing out. Beyond that, there are other actions you can take during the game that will naturally boost certain aspects of your shot game.

These include disengaging from defenders to boost your hit shots or boosting the accuracy of your long-ranged shots after getting the ball from catches and/or dribbles, as well as boosting the effectiveness of your pull-up shots from the three-point range.

The best Shooting badges listed below are critical to unlocking said potential:

  1. Agent 3
  2. Deadeye
  3. Corner Specialist
  4. Space Creator
  5. Blinders
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