NBA 2K24 Best 3PT Shot Creator Build For PG

A 3-point shooter Point Guard is the key player and backbone of any team in NBA 2K24 so we have decided to create one of the best builds for it.

Point Guard is one of the most important and prestigious positions in NBA 2K24. These players can make or break the game. As our Point Guard build for NBA 2K24 falls under the 3-point shot creator archetype, your character must be proficient in both playmaking and perfect 3-point shots from a distance with absolutely zero chance of missing the mark.

Creating a PG player with attributes and badges that allow him to destroy enemy defenses with long-range 3-pointers is both fun and exhilarating experience. In this guide, we won’t be focusing a lot on ball stealing but creating opportunity for our offense is of utmost importance.

Body settings and attributes for 3PT Shot Creator build (PG)

As a 3-point shot creator Point Guard character, we decided to stick with the following attributes in NBA 2K24. 

Height 6’2” 
Weight 165 lbs 
Wingspan 6’5” 
Close Shot 51 
Driving Layup 75 
Driving Dunk 75 
Standing Dunk – 
Post Control – 
Mid-Range Shot 81 
Three-point Shot (focus) 96 
Free Throw 74 
Pass Accuracy 81 
Ball Handle 95 
Speed with Ball 91 
Interior Defense – 
Perimeter defense 55 
Steal – 
Block – 
Offensive Rebound – 
Defensive Rebound – 
Speed 86 
Acceleration 93 
Strength 30 
Vertical 55 
Stamina 99 

From the attributes table, you can see that our NBA 2K24 Point Guard for 3-points shot creator build is geared towards long and mid-range shots. The focus is to increase ball handling via dribbles and gain as much speed as possible to get away from the defenders. Once you gain enough room, go for a 3-pointer. This build has a lot of stamina to withstand any pressure with amazing boost speeds.

How to set up 3-point shot creator build in NBA 2K24

As Point Guard is not only the fastest person in the whole team but he is also responsible for setting up the next move. Our build is all about creating a playstyle that confuses your opponents with pitch-perfect dribbles and creating an opening for your teammates to deliver deadly blows. With full control over long and mid-range shots, you can also deceive enemies with a fake pass animation followed by a 3-pointer. 

For the shooting category, we have put a lot of points in Three-point shot (96), Mid-range shot (81) and Free Throw (74). This ensures a 3-point score whenever you attempt it. This build is evasive and loves to play from a distance by creating space. This also allows you to do 100% accurate free throws from a distance. 


For playmaking and assisting our teammates, we have decided to invest 81 points in Pass accuracy, 95 points in Ball Handle and 91 points in Speed with ball. This opens Ankle Breaker badge that allows you to destroy your opponents with dribbles and Unpluckable makes you invincible to ball snatch. 

We have avoided the defense section deliberately as this is not the focus of our Point Guard build in NBA 2K24. We strongly recommend that you follow our suit and don’t fret over it for now. 

For the final section, also known as physical, we have decided to invest 86 points in Speed, 93 points in Acceleration and 99 points in stamina. Point Guard is all about speed and boost without getting tired.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 3 Point Shot Creator build

Badges are extremely important in NBA 2K24 as they determine the archetype of your build. In our case, Shot Creator. Stats define what kind of badges you will earn as they are both interdependent. Badges ranks’ also increase with the increment of stats in NBA 2K24. In this section, we will look at the badges that help create our Point Guard 3-point shot creator build in NBA 2K24.

S-Tier badges

  • Agent 3 (Gold): This badge improves your 3-pointer pull up shots.
  • Blinders (Gold): You become invincible to the defenders who approach you from the side. 
  • Deadeye (Gold): This badge reduces the influence of any approaching defender. 
  • Handles for Days (HoF): You lose less energy and stamina when dribbling.
  • Killer Combos (Gold): This allows you to perform and chain together better dribbling moves during an up-close contest. 
  • Limitless Range (Gold): One of the most important badges for Point Guard build in NBA 2K24, it increases your range for 3-point shots. 
  • Unpluckable (Gold): this badge reduces your chances of losing the ball to a defender.

A-tier badges

  • Ankle Breaker (HoF): This badge allows you to freeze or drop the defender during dribble moves.
  • Catch and Shoot (HoF): This badge allows you to do a jump shot right after a successful catch. 
  • Green Machine (HoF): This badge increases your bonuses for consecutive excellent releases. 
  • Guard Up (HoF): This badge increases your ability to perform jump shots if defenders fail to stop you. 
  • Needle Threader (Bronze): This badge allows you to successfully pass the ball even during tough defense situations. 
  • Space Creator (HoF): This badge increases your chances to perform shots once you manage to create distance from your defender.
  • Spot Finder (HoF): Once you release the ball, this badge allows you to get open successfully.

B- Tier badges

  • Triple Strike (HoF): This badge increases your chance to break away from three surrounding defenders. 
  • Special Delivery (Silver): This badge allows you to perform a successful shot or alley-oop after you receive a flashy pass. 
  • Touch Passer (Bronze): This badge increases the speed of passing the ball around as soon as you receive it.

C-Tier badges

  • Break Starter: If you grab a rebound, this badge improves your chances of doing an outlet pass.

Best animations for Point Guard in NBA 2K24

For our 3PT shot creator PG build in NBA 2K24, since your height is 6’2” with a medium weight category and immense speed, we recommend the following animations

  • Stephen Curry
  • Kyrie Irving
  • A+ release speed 
  • A+ release height 
  • A- timing impact 

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