NBA 2K24 Best 3PT Shot Hunter Build For SG

The 3PT Shot Hunter build for Shooting Guard in NBA 2K24 specializes in 3 pointers, allowing you to score from a safe distance.

Winning means getting as many points as you can, and 3-pointers can make a huge difference on the scoreboard, but hitting them consistently can be a problem unless your build is specialized for 3-pointers. For specifically this purpose, we will be looking at a 3PT Shot Hunter Build in NBA 2K24.

Body Settings and Attributes for NBA 2K24 3PT Shot Hunter build

The first thing to make an ideal 3PT Shot Hunter is to go with the Shooting Guard position. For the remaining attributes and how to assign them for 3 Point Shot Hunter in 2K24, check the table below:

Weight175 lbs
Close Shot54
Driving Layup73
Driving Dunk
Standing Dunk
Post Control
Mid-Range Shot84
Three-Point Shot99
Free Throw81
Pass Accuracy77
Ball Handle93
Speed with Ball83
Interior Defense
Perimeter Defense56
Offensive Rebound
Defensive Rebound50

How to setup 3PT Shot Hunter for Shooting Guard

3 Point Shot Hunter is a specialized build. The only job you have on the court is scoring. You won’t be able to defend properly, so it’s best to not even try. You should focus on creating and taking shots. We did invest in some basic defense, and if you know how to defend properly, you can make use of it and defend properly.

As the name suggests, the build only focuses on long-range 3-pointers. Dunking on the defenders or making 2-point shots is not expected but the build can do it if the situation requires. Lastly, this 2K24 Shooting Guard build will be the spearhead of your entire team. This single build, solely focused on making baskets, will help carry your entire team to victory with proper passing and defending.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 3 Point Shot Hunter SG build

Badges in the NBA series help flesh out your character even more, and what badges players can pick for their custom character depends on the stats of the character. Let us look at the best badges for our 3 Point Shot Hunter build in NBA 2K24.

S Tier badges

Giant Slayer: This badge increases the effectiveness of your layups against taller defenders. This is extremely important as your 3-pointers are mostly opposed by taller defenders, a benefit for your layup makes a huge difference.

Slithery: Defenders have a reduced chance of bothering you when you are navigating into the lane, making it easier to set yourself up for a shot.

Killer Combos: Your dribble ability is improved when you are sizing up against your opponent. This will help you keep the ball in control.

Handles for Days: Energy consumption for dribbling is reduced, allowing you to dribble for longer.

Unpluckable: The chances of your opponent stripping you is reduced with the Unpluckable playmaking badge.

Blinders: Your character doesn’t get fazed by defenders coming in from the side.

A Tier badges

Catch and Shoot: Your chances of hitting a jump shot after you catch a pass is increased.

Dimer: Whenever you pass the ball to an open teammate, the percentage for jumpshot is increased.

Guard Up: The ability for jump shots is improved if the defender fails to contest properly.

Space Creator: With the Space Creator shooting badge, your ability to land shots is improved after you break free of defenders.

B Tier badges

Acrobat: The more difficult your layups are, the higher will be the boost to your ability for the layup. This helps you get compensation for those difficult shots.

Bunny: Improves your character’s ability when making step layups.

Pro Touch: Pro Touch gives your character boosts for good layup timing, perfect for long shots with perfect layups.

Special Delivery: After you get a flashy pass, players have an increased chance of success for an alley-oop.

Best Animations

Since long shots are your bread and butter, you need a perfect shot for your character. The shots need to be flash enough to look good, and safe enough to help guarantee shots without much hassle.

Our recommended animation for the jumpshot for this 3 Point Shot Hunter SG build is:

BaseStephen Curry
Upper Release 1Stephen Curry
Upper Release 2Jason Kidd
Release Speed25%
Animation Blending60% – 40%
Release HeightA-
Defense ImmunityA+
Release SpeedA+
Timing ImpactA+

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