NBA 2K24 Best Jumpshots

Creating the best jumpshot in NBA 2K24 can be confusing due to different player heights so we decided to make the process easier for you.

Dunking and dribbling in NBA 2K24 are vital for success in MyCareer, but most of your progress will be made by mastering basic movements. Jumpshot is one of those super important moves that you need to master in a way you don’t miss any shots. However, creating the perfect custom jumpshot can be confusing so we decided to make the effort for you and compiled NBA 2K24 best jumpshots for different player heights.

Before you make a build for any jumpshot, you should keep a jumshot Boost by going into Gatorade boost. This will help you keep going even when you are tired and add +5 or +6 in your Jumpshot resulting in better shots.

Best NBA 2K24 jumpshot for 6’10”

For the 6’10” base, we will pick Andre Drummond for a faster base. Upper Release 1 will be Tim Durcan and the other will be Jaren Jackson Junior with 100% release speed. Animation Blending doesn’t really matter.

Lower BaseAndre Drummond
Upper Release 1Tim Durcan
Upper Release 2Jaren Jackson Junior
Release Speed100%

NBA 2K24 6’10” Big Stretch Jumpshot

This is the easiest jumpshot to learn and almost anyone can get used to it. We will take a good-grade player Jonathan Isaac as the base pick. Upper Release 1 & 2 will be Jaren Jackson Jr and Marc Gasol. 100% Release Speed with Balanced Blending.

Lower BaseJonathan Isaac
Upper Release 1Jaren Jackson Jr
Upper Release 2Marc Gasol
Release Speed100%

Best NBA 2K24 Jumpshot for 6’5” height

For this height range, we will focus on good guard and cue release. For that reason, Stephen Curry will be our base pick.

Upper Release 1 will be taken by Darius Garland and on the Upper Release 2 is trea young. Release Speed will be 100% but Animation Blending will become 30%/70%.

Lower BaseStephen Curry
Upper Release 1Darius Garland
Upper Release 2Trea Young
Release Speed100%

Best jumpshot for 6’5” to 6’9” Power Forwards

Power Forward and Small Forwards requires pace. So for that, reason, JT Thor will be the best base pick as no other player can beat his consistency and pace.

La Mello Ball and Cade Cunnigham will be Upper Release 1 & 2 respectively. Release Speed will be 100% and Blending can be 40%/60%.

Lower BaseJT Thor
Upper Release 1La Mello Ball
Upper Release 2Cade Cunnigham
Release Speed100%

Big Man Jumpshot for height greater than 6’10

This Jumshot will be focused on centers. Dwight Powell will be on base. Upper Release 1 will be Marquese Chriss and Upper Release 2 will be Tyler Cook.

The release Speed will be 100% but Blending will be 92%/8%.

Lower BaseDwight Powell
Upper Release 1Marquese Chriss
Upper Release 2Tyler Cook
Release Speed100%
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