NBA 2K24 Best 2-Way 3PT Point Forward Build For SF

In this guide, we will be creating the best 2-way 3pt point forward build in NBA 2K24 to score 3 pointers and block the offensive of the opponents effectively.

Point Forwards are a hybrid between Forwards and Point Guards and play an important role as a playmaker. They are excellent 3-point scorers and can create openings for their teammates. Point forwards can be excellent defense players with proper investment of points in their attributes. With the Small Forward as our starter, we will be creating a 2-Way 3PT Point Forward build in NBA 2K24 that serves all the purposes we have mentioned above. 

In this build, our primary focus is on creating a point-forward archetype. For this purpose, we will have a 6’8” starter character with middleweight and a large wingspan. From there, we will assign proper badges and attributes to create an unstoppable 3pt scorer who can play both offensively and defensively.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 2-Way 3PT Point Forward build

For a 2-Way 3PT Point Forward build for SF in NBA 2K24, we have selected the following attributes carefully. These attributes will allow you to reach the archetype you are looking for in this build.

Height 6’8” 
Weight 195 lbs 
Wingspan 7’6” 
Close Shot 48 
Driving Layup 65 
Driving Dunk 80 
Standing Dunk – 
Post Control – 
Mid-Range Shot 69 
Three-point Shot 78 
Free Throw 53 
Pass Accuracy (focus) 87 
Ball Handle 85 
Speed with Ball 75 
Interior Defense 61 
Perimeter defense (focus) 93 
Steal (focus) 91 
Block 77 
Offensive Rebound – 
Defensive Rebound 60 
Speed 81 
Acceleration 77 
Strength 74 
Vertical 70 
Stamina (focus) 99 

The whole focus of this build is on defense and playmaking, with offense as an afterthought. However, our Point Forward in NBA 2K24 is more than capable of scoring 3-pointers from a distance.

How to set up 2-Way 3PT Point Forward build

Point forwards control two positions and sacrifice their offensive abilities in favor of playmaking and defense. With 2-way 3pt archetype applied, our point forward will be available to utilize both abilities to their fullest while being able to score too. 

For offense, we have 80 points in Driving dunk and 78 points in three-point shot. This improves our ability to score near post with stylish dunks and use the area outside the paint to score 3-pointers. 

For playmaking, we have 87 points in pass accuracy and 85 points in Ball handle. This unlocks special playmaking badges that allows our 2-way 3pt point forward build in NBA 2K24 to create openings for its teammates and move the ball around the court.  

For defense, we will be putting 93 points in Parameter defense and 91 points in Steal. This will unlock special defensive badges that allows us to break the ankles of attackers and stop them from reaching our paint area of the court. 

For the physical aspect of our Point Forward build in NBA 2K24, we have 99 points in Stamina. This allows us to reserve energy while going against strong defenders.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 2-Way 3PT Point Forward SF build

For the best badges to complement our 2-way 3pt Point forward build in NBA 2K24, we have selected the following ones. Badges play an important role in creating a desired archetype and can be upgraded up to Hall of Fame by investing proper skill points into attributes.

S-Tier badges

  • Blinders (Bronze): This badge makes you strong against the defenders from the side. 
  • Break Starter (Gold): This badge allows you to make better passes after collecting a rebound. 
  • Catch and Shoot (Silver): This badge allows you to shoot as soon as you make the catch. 
  • Clamps (Gold): This badge improves your defense when bumping or hip riding with ball handlers. 
  • Deadeye (Bronze): This badge reduces the impact of a closing out defender. 
  • Posterizer (Bronze): This badge improves your chances of posterizing your opponent. 
  • Slithery (Bronze): This badge allows you to ignore defenders when navigating the lane. 
  • Unpluckable (Silver): This badge reduces your chances of getting stripped by defenders. 

A-Tier badges

  • Agent 3 (Bronze): This badge improves your pull up shots from three points range. 
  • Ankle Breaker (Gold): This badge allows you to freeze or drop a defender by dribble. 
  • Blow By (Silver): This badge allows you to easily pass defenders. 
  • Challenger (Gold): This badge allows you to successfully contest perimeter shooters. 
  • Corner Specialist (Silver): This badge improves your shots from the corners. 
  • Dimer (Silver): This badge improves the percentage of shots from your open teammates after catching a pass. 
  • Fast Feet (Gold): This badge speeds up your launches and allows you to stay in front of ball handlers. 
  • Green Machine (Silver): This badge provides you extra bonus for excellent releases. 
  • Hyperdrive (Silver): This grants the player burst or extra speed when attacking from the parameter. 
  • Needle Threader (Silver): This badge allows your passes to get by defenders. 
  • Physical Handles (Gold): This allows you to be not bothered by defenders while dribbling on the parameter. 
  • Space Creator (Silver): This badge increases your ability to make shots after creating space from defenders. 
  • Spot Finder (Silver): This badge allows you to get free after passing the ball. 
  • Precision Dunker (Bronze): This badge allows you to make skill dunks. 

B-Tier badges

  • 94 Feet (HoF): This badge allows our point forward in NBA 2K24 to offend ball handlers in backcourt. 
  • Aerial Wizard (Silver): This badge allows you to finish lobs and putbacks near the rim. 
  • Bunny (Silver): This badge improves your ability to perform hop step layups and dunks. 
  • Guard Up (Silver): This badge improves your jump shots after winning a contest against defenders. 
  • Open Looks (Silver): This badge improves your ability to make jump shots. 
  • Relay Passer (Silver): This badge provides a boost to shooters. 
  • Touch Passer (Silver): This badge allows the players to pass the ball around quickly after receiving it. 
  • Triple Strike (Silver): This badge allows players to break out of triple threat. 
  • Work Horse (Gold):This badge allows you to collect loose balls easily. 

C-Tier badges

  • Off Ball Pest (HoF): This badge allows you to harass attackers. 
  • Special Delivery (Gold): This badge allows receivers to perform successful alley oops and shots after receiving a flashy pass. 
  • Spin Cycle (Gold): This badge improves your ability to perform dunks or spin layups. 
  • Two Step (Gold): This badge improves your ability to perform eurostep and cradle layups. 

Best animations

For our 2-way 3pt point forward build in 2K24, these are the best animations that you can choose and equip. 

  • Jimmy Butler 
  • Gerald Wallace 
  • R.J.Barret 
  • A+ ball control 
  • A+ pass accuracy 
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