Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Mauer Der Toten Omega Intel Locations

Get to know how the plague started.

Omega Intel is one of the four types of Dark Aether intel items that players can find on the map of Mauer Der Toten. These intel items contain a lot of information about how the plague took over Berlin in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

If you have a knack for finding collectibles in zombies or just want a backstory on how the living became the undead, then this guide should be of great assistance.

How to find all Omega Intel in Mauer der Toten

There are a total of 16 Omega intel items categorized into four types in Mauer Der Toten. The types are audio logs, documents, artifacts, and radio transmissions. Some of these items are easily accessible and some will require players to complete a set of tedious tasks in order to attain them.

For ease, we’ve mentioned all four types of Omega intel items with the method of obtaining them in Cold War zombies.

Audio Logs

1. A Decent Proposal
The first audio log players can find is in the Sewer Access area of Mauer Der Toten. The audio log is located in the small lab area of the sewers which is accessible by purchasing the door for the sewers from the main power room. Simply head inside the room and look at the floor next to the eastern staircase to spot the audio log.

2. The Letter
This audio log is placed in the blasted suite of West Berlin Street. To get to the suite, head inside the building with the Der Dozent neon sign and use the zipline to reach the suite. You’ll find the audio log placed next to the broken bed.

3. The Turn
The last audio log for Omega Intel is placed on the watchtowers in the Checkpoint Charlie area of the map. Simply head over to the Kerber building’s rooftop and use a sniper scope to spot the audio log. Once spotted, shoot it to make it fall off the watchtower. The audio log will fall on the ground of the Deathstrip.


Similar to other intel items in Mauer Der Toten, the Omega intel documents are found by killing special or elite zombies. Defeating zombies such as the Tempest, Disciples or Soldat Krasny have a chance of providing you with the documents in zombies.

The documents are:

  • Operation Baldr Approval
  • Angelika Vogel Summary
  • Valentina Diary 15-07-83
  • LT53 Kazimir Blueprint
  • Statement of Intent
  • F Cipher

Radio Transmissions

There are a total of five radio transmissions that belong to the Omega Group’s intel. These radio transmissions are all found by interacting with the radio placed inside the military tent on East Berlin Street.  

To collect all five of the transmissions, players will be required to play the game five times as only one radio transmission is allotted per game.

The radio transmissions are:

  • 5-Star Treatment
  • Secrets Harbored
  • Not For Me
  • Leverage
  • Your Problem Now


A total of two artifacts belong to the Omega Group’s intel in Cold War zombies and they’re both found by progressing through the main Easter Egg of Mauer Der Toten. To find these artifacts, players must complete a few tedious tasks.

1. Battery
Similar to the Omega group’s documents, players must defeat the Soldat Krasny in round 10 to get the battery. This is the same battery that players will use to create Klaus, the friendly zombie butchering robot.

2. Endstation Lure
This artifact is found in the Secret lab after you’ve harvested all of the Tempest Essence for the main Easter Egg in zombies.

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