Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Guide

Valentina’s Valentine.

The latest update to Call of Duty: Cold War Zombies has introduced us to a new map Mauer Der Toten and in good old fashion there’s a whole questline of Easter Eggs players must complete.

The Easter Egg follows the Dark Aether narrative and gives players an insight into how the virus broke out in Berlin. With the narrative, there’s also a new boss that players must tackle to complete the Easter Egg.

The Easter Egg is a bit difficult to complete that is why we advise going through our guide before venturing off into the home of the dead.

How to complete the Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg in Cold War

Before going ahead with the Easter Egg, players must first complete a few pre-requisite tasks. These tasks involve equipping the right set of ammo mods for your guns as well as having the best weapons for the quest.

It is recommended to use the Hauler-77 or the M16 with the Brain Rot ammo mod equipped as they’ll be necessary to complete some of the steps for the Easter Egg in Cold War zombies. With all of these things in check, we can begin.

Step 1 – Turn on the Power

The first step that players must complete is to turn on the power to the whole map. In order to do so, players must head over the East Berlin Street and go through the subway station until they reach the Power Room.

Head inside the power room and interact with the terminal to open up the fuse boxes. These fuse boxes will be empty and require two Electrical Fuses dropped by Tempest zombies. To find the special zombies, simply follow the white markers on your HUD.

Once both fuses are acquired, return to the power room and place them in the fuse box. This will turn on the power and will allow players to activate the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Step 2 – Activate the Pack-A-Punch machine

The next task that players must complete is to activate the PaP machine in Mauer Der Toten. After turning on the lights, use the zipline found in the room where you killed the second Tempest.

The zipline will take you to center of the East Berlin Street where you’ll spot the Pack-A-Punch machine. Interact with the PaP machine to begin a ritual.

In the ritual, a Disciple will spawn that you’ll need to take down. A few shots from the Hauler-77 will do the trick. Once the Disciple is dead, you’ll have activated the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Also, don’t forget to interact with the piles of debris in the dig site next to the PaP machine. In one of the dig sites, you’ll find a microwave dish necessary to upgrade Klaus.

Step 3 – Build Klaus

Now that you’ve acquired the Microwave Dish, head over to room 305 in the abandoned hotel. In the room, you’ll spot a small room barricaded by wooden slabs. Use the Brain Rot ammo mod and infect a zombie to break the door open.

In the small room, you’ll find the robotic hands, a part needed to build Klaus as well as one of the Dark Aether intel items on the bed. By now players must have reached round 10 where they’ll face a special zombie called Krasny Soldat.

Killing the zombie will reward players with a battery which is the last part necessary to build Klaus. Once all these parts are acquired, head over to the underground safe house and interact with Klaus to make him alive.

Step 4 – Obtain the CRBR-S

The CRBR-S is the wonder weapon for Mauer Der Toten and crafting it is needed to progress further with the Easter Egg. The weapon can be found by collecting the Legendary reward from trials, finding it through the mystery boxes, or finding the six-digit combination to the safe using the UV flashlight.

The latter two might depend on your luck, if you want to quickly get the weapon use Klaus to break open the locker in the power room. Breaking the locker room will reveal the flashlight. Acquire the flashlight and head over to the Garment Factory.

In the Garment Factory, you’ll be required to use the flashlight on the walls until you find a digit code. Once found, head over to the Service passage in the subway station.

The last location will be the Grocery Store found in the central area of the map. Once all six codes have been found. Head to Hotel Room 305 and insert the codes into the safe using the same order you found them. If done successfully you’ll have opened the safe and acquired the CRBR-S wonder weapon.

Step 5 – Upgrade Klaus

How to Build Klaus in CoD Cold War Zombies Mauer Der Toten

With the CRBR-S in your hands, it’s time to upgrade Klaus to further progress with the Easter Egg. Activate Klaus for 2000X Essence Points and take him to the lower floor of the Garment Factory.

Kill around 20x to 30x zombies with Klaus and then command Klaus to stand in front of the upgrade Terminal. Klaus will interact with the terminal by sitting on the chair and an upgrade process will begin.

The process will begin a lockdown period for about a minute where hordes of zombies will come and attack you. Make sure you’re amped up with the Monkey bombs and the CRBR-S to fight the dead.


Upgrading Klaus will give him a whole makeover. Choosing to upgrade him to tier 3 will give him a punk look.

Step 6 – Build Headgear for Klaus

The next step for the Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg is to build the headgear for Klaus. This is one of the easiest steps to complete for the Easter Egg. To build the headgear players must find three parts scattered around the map.

The first part can be found on top of the antenna in the main spawn rooftop of the map. Simply use the CRBR-S and shoot at the antenna. This will cause the antenna to fall providing you with the part.

The second part can be found in the subway station. Simply head down the stairs and look to your right to find a power box in the top right corner. Shoot at it to reveal the second part.

The last part is found in the TV Repair shop. Simply shoot all of the radios until the last part is revealed for Klaus’s headgear. With all three parts acquired, head to the basement and interact with Klaus to install the new headgear.

Step7 – Break the secret wall

After the upgrade to Klaus’s head, make your way to the Sewer Access area in the subway station and command Klaus to stand in front of the wall next to the small staircase in the western section.

Klaus will break through the brick wall and a metal wall will appear blocking the path. To break the wall, you’ll be required to find the Blazer Mod for the CRBR-S which is acquired randomly by killing zombies. Use the mod to melt the door and gain entrance to the Secret Lab.

In the lab, you’ll find three empty canisters appearing out of the terminal in the center. Simply grab the canisters and place them in Essence Harvesters marked on your map. These harvesters are spawned randomly but are easily located by using the map.

Step 8 – Use Essence Traps to charge the canisters

Once all three canisters are placed, head back to the Secret Lab and shoot the computer terminal on the Eastern section of the room with the CRBR-S. Upon doing so you’ll find an Endstation Lure which is a soul trap.

Now after collecting the Endstation lure you have to take it to any of the Essence Harvesters and place it on the harvester in Mauer Der Toten. Now you have to get rid of the tempest Zombies so you can collect their essence into the machine

After the Canisters turn purple you have to bring them back to the pedestal in the main room. You have to repeat this process three times for each of the three Essence harvesters.

You have to make sure to pick the Endstation lure from the terminal and after that pick it up from the harvester when it is purple.

Step 9 – Make Klaus stop the train

This step requires Klaus’s assistance once again. Simply make your way to the Ghost Station where the trains are present and command Klaus to stand on one of the train tracks.

Once Klaus is standing on the tracks, head to the Switch Control Room and interact with the railway train terminal. This will cause a train to drive towards Klaus where Klaus will stop it.

Klaus will only hold it for a few minutes so head inside the halted train and acquire the bomb and Rico’s Keycard.

Step 10 – Craft the Uranium Device

With Rico’s Keycard now with you, travel back to the basement (safe house) where Klaus originally is and interact with the computer screen that shows a green transmission. Wait for a few seconds until the screen goes red.

Once the screen goes red, head over to the tent found on West Berlin Street to spot another computer screen. Repeat the same process to spawn two HVT Megatons

The Megatons will drop Uranium rocks that you’ll have to collect. Take the uranium rocks and place it on the workbench in the same tent as the computer screen. This will form a uranium device and a timer will begin.

Step 11 – Acquire the cleansed uranium rocks

The next step is to take two uranium devices and connect them to both ends of a zipline. The zipline we recommend is the one from the spawn rooftop to the Krober building. You can choose whichever zipline suits you however, do be careful as acquiring the uranium device will deplete your health.

If done correctly, the uranium devices will hit each other on impact and you’ll have acquired the cleansed uranium rock. With the cleansed uranium rock with you, head back to the Secret lab and place the rock into the terminal glowing a purple light.

This process will be repeated once again before the boss fight begins in Mauer Der Toten and the Easter Egg is marked complete. Before inserting the second cleansed uranium rock, it is advised to upgrade your weapons and stock up on resources and perks as inserting the second rock will begin the boss fight.

Step 12 – Defeat the boss

The boss fight with Valentina will be fought in three different phases. Each phase will require players to change their playstyle. In the first phase, Valentina will throw fireballs at you which will deplete your armor. Stay in cover and keep using the CRBR-S to damage her.

The second phase will begin shortly after in the main streets of Mauer Der Toten. This time the boss will spawn extra zombies and use their souls to regenerate her health. Take those zombies out before providing damage to her.

In the last phase, Valentina will start to throw waves at you which provide immense damage. Whenever you see a blue animation on your screen, head behind the cover and prone so that the boss doesn’t damage you.

Defeating the boss will play a small cutscene and you’ll be back in the Secret lab with Klaus. What you need to do is protect Klaus as he’ll be walking towards the teleport. If done successfully you’ll receive the main cutscene for the Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg in Cold War zombies.

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