How to Build Klaus in CoD Cold War Zombies Mauer Der Toten

The brand-new Mauer Der Toten map in CoD Cold War Zombies has brought along a variety of objectives, one of them being building a robot called Klaus. Our guide will tell you exactly how to Build Klaus in Call of Duty Cold War Zombies Mauer Der Toten.

How to Build Klaus in CoD Cold War Zombies Mauer Der Toten

Klaus is a robot designed by Americans which can serve as a handy partner in all your encounters against the undead hordes. However, you’ll first need to build Klaus, and that means collecting all its parts.

Before you can get on with all that searching and collecting of Klaus’s parts, you need to turn on the power and activate the Pack-a-Punch machine.

Having said that, let’s go ahead and have a look at the locations of every single one of Klaus’s body parts!

Part # 1 – Microwave Dish

Make your way to the Deathstrip, east of Checkpoint Charlie. While you’re in this area, you’ll often find yourself inside a Danger Zone, resulting in incessant beeping.

While you hear the beeping noise, dig up one of the debris piles, and you’ll obtain the required microwave dish.


Now, go to the Garment Factory and place the microwave dish onto the Upgrade Station.

Part # 2 – Battery

To get your hands on Klaus’s battery, you need to get to Round 10 and fight the Krasny Soldat.

Defeat it by continuously attacking its head, and you’ll easily be able to collect the battery as a dropping.

With the battery collected, head to the underground safe house and install the battery into Klaus’s body.

Part # 3 – Klaus’s hands

To gather Klaus’s hands, you’ll need an ally out of a zombie. You can do that by using either the Elemental Pop Perk or the Brain Rot Ammo Mod. Also, make sure that you do that inside Hotel Room 304.

As soon as the transformation process is complete, you’ll find your new zombie friend rushing towards the blocked door that you’re unable to access and smashing it down for you.

The broken door will reveal another bedroom. Approach the bed, where you’ll find Klaus’s hands wrapped around the neck of Agent Jack’s corpse.

Grab Klaus’s hands, and make your way back down to the Safehouse, where you’ll be able to attach Klaus’s hands onto him.

With that being done, the whole of Klaus’s body is complete. You can now activate him by triggering your Tactical Grenade, and he’ll assist you in your face-offs against the zombies.