Black Ops Cold War Zombies: How To Build Klaus In Mauer Der Toten

Robotic Annihilation.

Klaus is a robot designed by the Americans that can stand by your side as a loyal companion in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Make sure to order him around to do your dirty work in Mauer der Toten, especially when you have your back against the wall against a zombie horde.

Before recruiting the soulless tin can, players will need to build it by finding all of its parts scattered around the map. Use this guide to your advantage and craft the zombie Terminator.

Klaus parts’ locations in Mauer der Toten

There are a total of 2x parts that players must find to build Klaus but before heading on with the search there are a few pre-requisites players must complete. The prerequisites include turning on the power by finding two Electrical Fuses and activating the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Once all of the tasks have been handled, players can head on with finding the parts for Klaus in Mauer Der Toten.

1. Klaus’ Hand

The first part of Klaus can be found hidden behind a secret door in Hotel Room 305. To unlock the secret door, players will need the Brain Rot Ammo Mod from the PaP machine or the Elemental Pop Perk to turn a zombie into their ally.

As soon as the zombie transforms, you can see him rushing at the blocked door and begin tearing it down. Once the process is complete, head inside the newly discovered room and obtain Klaus’s hand from the corpse on the bed.

2. Battery

The second part players need to collect is the battery. The battery is dropped by defeating the Kransy Soldat (Panzer Zombie) on round 10. Acquire the battery and take it to Klaus’s workstation in the underground safe house. Place the battery inside Klaus’s body to activate him.

With that being done, the whole of Klaus’s body is complete. You can now activate him by triggering your Tactical button, and he’ll assist you in your face-offs against the zombies.

Klaus can be of great assistance. There’s also an option to upgrade Klaus which makes him even stronger and gives his face a whole makeover.

How to upgrade Klaus in Mauer der Toten

To upgrade Klaus in Mauer Der Toten, players will need to complete a few tedious tasks. The first task involves finding a microwave dish in the Deathstrip. The Deathstrip is located in the central area of the map and Is filled with debris.

Dig around the debris until you come across the microwave dish. Once the dish is found, head over to the Klaus upgrade machine placed in the Garment Factory and insert the newly dug-up item into it.

Now all you need to do is trigger Klaus and make him kill 20 zombies around the machine to turn on the machine’s lights. Command Klaus in front of the machine until he gets inside it and a minute-long lockdown process begins.

Once the process completes, Klaus will return and you’ll be tasked to find two floppy disks placed in power boxes around the map. But before going ahead with this step players will need the UV flashlight from the Power Room locker.

To find the UV flashlight, command Klaus to stand in front of the locker placed behind the power switch until he breaks it open revealing the flashlight. Once the flashlight is acquired, players will need to find two floppy disks placed in power boxes around the map of Mauer Der Toten. There is a total of six locations where these power boxes can spawn.

  • Hotel Lounge
  • Destroyed Hotel Room
  • Sewer Access Tunnel
  • Fifth-floor apartment
  • Ghost Station

Visit each of these locations and use the UV flashlight to spot the box. The power box will be emitting a yellow light. Once the box is found, command Klaus to stand in front of it and break it. Collect the first floppy disk and repeat the process for the second.

Take both of the floppy disks back to the upgrade machine in the Garment Factory and insert the disks into it. Command Klaus to stand in front of the machine to initiate the lockdown process.

Once the process is completed, Klaus will be upgraded to the max and will assist you in fighting the undead in Mauer Der Toten.

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