Black Ops Cold War Zombies: How To Turn On The Power In Mauer Der Toten

Turn on the lights to the map.

Similar to the previous maps of Cold War Zombies, turning on the power is necessary for exploring the map of Mauer Der Toten. Turning on the power won’t only help in further exploration of the map but will also allow players to craft the Pack-A-Punch machine as well as get a hold of buildables necessary for the Easter Egg.

How to turn on the power in Mauer der Toten

To turn on the power, players must find two electrical fuses dropped by the Tempest zombies upon defeat. The first Tempest zombie spawns in the bar of East Berlin Street. To get there, players must head over to the rooftop of the spawn area and zipline to the destroyed penthouse building.

From there, get enough kills to unlock the barricade blocking the second zipline. Collect a total of 750x points to unlock the zipline and use it to reach the Korber rooftop.

Head down until you reach the East Berlin Street. Once you’re at the main street, head inside the bar and go towards the backroom across the Juggernog machine to spawn a Tempest. Kill the Tempest and collect the first electrical fuse necessary for turning on the power.

The second location where players can find the Tempest is in the underground train station of East Berlin Street. Use the underground staircase in the southern corner of the street to get to the station.

Once you’re inside the station, go across the Mule Kick perk in the Power Room and unlock the doors to the Sewer Access. Entering the Sewers will spawn the Tempest. Kill the electrical zombie to receive the second electrical fuse.

Once both parts have been collected, travel back to the Power Room in the train station and interact with the power grid next to the arcade machine to turn on the power to Mauer Der Toten in Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

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