Lords Of The Fallen Tower Of Penance Walkthrough

Explore the Tower of Penance, a place filled with enemies and loot.

Tower of Penance, the nineteenth location in the Lords of the Fallen usual story mode, is a prison for anyone who dares to go against the Hallowed Sentinels. After the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers, you get to reach and explore the Tower of Penance.

Even though the journey is tedious, the loot and lore make it worthwhile, so let’s start with the guide with how to reach the Tower of Penance.

How to get to the Tower of Penance in Lords of the Fallen

From the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers, take the elevator in the building to go to the top of the area. Here, you will find a bridge. On this bridge, you’ll start the fight with the Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho before you get the chance to cross it.

Before fighting, it’s best to use Poison cure as his attacks can cause damage through poisoning. Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho is quite a simple boss to fight against. He uses melee attacks, which are strikes, slashes, and swings.

He is pretty slow in his attacks, which makes it easy to hit him after he strikes. Use a quick weapon to attack him when he’s recovering from his strikes.

About his poisoning, he uses it after a few attacks, so be prepared. Once you know he is using Poison Breath, run as far as you can so you are not affected by it. This attack covers a large area, so be sure to keep your distance throughout the fight.


Once done, you’ll get the rewards, which include Carrion Knight Staff, Carrion Knight Armor, and Animated Vigor Skulls. Proceed over the bridge, and you’ll enter the Tower of Penance in Lords of the Fallen. Now, you can go about your journey within this area.

Explore the Tower and collect rewards

There are three items you can find on the outer ring of this Tower. Turn right as you reach the door and circle. During this, you’ll come across an item in front of a crate. This is the Braided Ring. Walk just a little further, and you’ll find the Map of Tower of Penance just by the left side wall.

To find the third item, jump down from the circle over the wooden planks. You’ll find the opening for this a few steps ahead of where you found the map. Follow the wooden path, and once you get to the stone platform, turn to the Umbral Realm.

You’ll see a stigma in front of you. Use it to pull the stone platform towards you. Use the platform to reach the second path. Here, you’ll find a cage at the edge, and by that cage, you’ll find the last item outside of Tower of Penance, Jeffery’s Dagger.

Now, come back to the bridge and turn to the left. Use the lift and go up the tower. Once here, drop down three stories. Make sure to go to the Umbral realm so that the paths open up with Umbral Stigmas present to make going down easier.

On the third drop-down, look for the cell with no enemies around. If you use the ladder, the cell would be on the opposite side of you. Go inside the cell and open the chest to get the Deralium Chunk.

Now, drop down until you reach the base of the ladder. Look behind the ladder and break the wooden wall. You can do this with the secondary ranged weapon. To go inside this newly opened room, you can either try to loop around the ladder and jump into it or loop around the whole floor and then enter it.

Attempt what works for you. Go inside, and the Pendant of the Blood Sun will be inside the chest present there. You can also find another item called Rebirth Chrysalis on the lower level in another cell in Lords of the Fallen.

Defeat Carrion Knight

Fall the levels slowly to try not to get hurt. Once you reach the steel wire platform, look around to find other items, as there are some good ones. Now, jump down from the hole in the middle. On this platform, kill enemies so you are free from ranged attacks and find a cell with an item orb.

This is the Bramble Ring. On the same platform, look for a staircase by the wall. Go up and find a lever on the edge. Interact with it to open the gap to go down. Jump down, and you’ll face the Carrion Knight. Defeat him and then take the ladder, take a sharp right turn, and go inside the cell. At the back of this cell, you’ll find the Assassin’s Bow in Lords of the Fallen.

Go down another level and fight off the enemies to free the area. Look for the lever, and just beside it, you’ll find the Enhanced Banner Javelin of Protection. Pull the lever and open the blocked circle. Finally, this time, you’ll land on the ground.

Look opposite to the outside door, and you’ll find an altar filled with fire. Take the Radiant Purifier Catalyst present in the middle. Now, go out from the open area and look for a stigma. Soulflay it and go looking for a Saintly Quintessence. Up the ladder, follow the path until you reach an Umbral Belly guarded by some enemies, including the Womb of Despair.

How to defeat Tancred, Master of Castigations

Now go back inside and take the left ally beside the Altar, which will take you to the boss. On the way to the boss fight, make sure to plant a seedling to have a checkpoint and upgrade. Go to the end to reach the spot where the Tancred boss is.

There are two phases in this fight. For phase one, he’ll use melee attacks and some projectiles, which means you need to vary his attacks. Most of his strikes are heavy blows that take a lot of time. You can easily use your melee attacks at this point.

If he starts with his projectile ranged attacks, just run around and use fire magic. His health depletes a lot with fire, so make sure you have a good combination of attacks.

Your main aim is to break the parasite that protects the boss, Tancred in Lords of the Fallen. His movements are swift but not unpredictable, which you can block or ignore. He attacks in combos, so try to avoid those, too. If you want assistance, you can call the Petrified Woman, Kukajin, to assist you in the fight. She’ll charge you 7500 Vigor, so make sure you have that.

Reinhold the Immured

After Tancred is dead, you’ll get the cutscene where a new boss will come to the scene. The new boss is Reinhold the Immured. At first, it may seem that he is harder to fight, but his weird movements of different parts can make your accuracy easier. You can target any part of the body, and it will deplete his health.

Reinhold the Immured uses quick attacks with fire magic in Lords of the Fallen. He will fling fireballs and then make quick strides to attack you. To attack him, you need to be quick, land a hit, and then roll back just in time. He is quite fast, which can make the fight last longer.

Also, there are no specific patterns, so make sure to attack him from afar and dodge as much as possible.


Once defeated, you’ll get the following items:

  • Tancred’s Key
  • Vestige Seed
  • Some Umbral Scouring.
  • Tancred, Master of Castigations
  • Remembrance of Reinhold the Immured.

How to get to the Top of the Tower of Penance in LOTF

Now go back to the area with the Altar and turn right. Open the locked door with the Tancred Key and take the elevator up. Once the elevator stops, pull the right lever again, and it will take you to the top floor.

Here, in the middle, you’ll find the beacon that you can cleanse. But before you do that, go down the stairs on the right side and open the chest. It contains the Radiant Armor Set. If you can’t find it, enter the Umbral realm or use the Umbral Lamp to spot a fake wall.

Now, go back to the statue and cleanse the beacon. With that done, leave the Tower of Penance in Lords of the Fallen and continue to your next area.

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