Best Radiant Catalysts In Lords Of The Fallen

The best Radiant Catalysts that you can use throughout the game.

In Lords of the Fallen, you will need a radiant Catalyst for the radiant spells to work. To find these catalysts, you need to defeat bosses, head to a specific location, or fulfill some conditions. Let’s learn about the best radiant catalysts, including their statistics and locations, so that you can use the holy spells.

Lords of the Fallen best Radiant Catalyst locations

Radiant Catalysts provide different properties to the magic user and set the limits to which the player can select and perform the spells. Out of the six radiant catalysts in LOTF, below, you will find the best three with complete details.

Abbess Chalice

  • Radiance: 22
  • Rank: B-
  • Weight: 1.1
  • Spell Power: 94
  • Spell Slots: 5

Abbess’s chalice is a reward from a boss in Lords of the Fallen. It is a rather okay catalyst, which means it has nothing too good or new to offer to the players. However, according to some players, it’s the best one to use for paladin build.

To get the Abbess Chalice, you need to take out Abbess. You can encounter this boss in the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters. Once you kill him, he’ll drop the Abbess Chalice Catalyst along with other items as rewards.

Wilmarc’s Catalyst

  • Radiance: 18
  • Rank: B-
  • Weight: 0.3
  • Spell Power: 100
  • Spell Slots: 4

The heaviest Catalyst, Wilmarc, is very useful for any gameplay. Its moderate setting makes it a good candidate for all types of spells at the beginning of the game. Wilmarc’s Catalyst is found behind the Stone/Petrified woman in Forsaken Fen.

Spawn at Vestige of Vallade in Forsaken Fen. Head into the tunnel behind the vestige point and jump down from the bridge that is on the other end of the tunnel. You’ll land in a swamp. Spot a fire on a small platform, and from there, turn towards its left.


Break the barrels and wooden pieces blocking your way and spot an opening in the left wall. The opening is covered with wispy branches, so break them and free the stone lady. When she’s free, look behind, and you’ll find the Radiant Catalyst in Lords of the Fallen.

Exacter Scripture

  • Radiance: 25
  • Rank: C+
  • Weight: 0.9
  • Spell Power: 93
  • Spell Slots: 5

With the highest radiance of 25, Exacter Scripture is the best Catalyst you can get in LOTF. It has good overall stats that help in every aspect. Additionally, it’s the only one that gets to the S tier when fully upgraded. Exacter Scripture becomes available for you after completing the Exacter Dunmire’s questline.

His questline includes a list of items that you need to bring to him. In exchange, you get access to more items in his inventory. The items include Bloody Aspergillum, Book of Sin, Hallowed Sentinel Scripture, Vanguard Barros’ Rosary, Ravager Gregory’s Rosary, Dark Crusader’s Call, Umbral Tome, and Perception Wisp.

Once done, go to Sunless Skien and start from the Vestige of Hooded Antuli. Head into the tunnel behind it and keep going until you come across the loot. Here, you’ll find Exacter Dunmire’s loot along with the Exacter Scripture.

How to cast radiant spells without Radiant Catalysts

If you are struggling to find a good catalyst for each type of spell casting, you may want to look for other options or stick to one Catalyst that caters to most of your spells. For Radiant Spells, you can use a specific item called Ring of Radiant Preemiance, which helps you cast spells without a catalyst.

The way this ring works is by providing you assistance in using Radiant spells without having a radiant catalyst at hand. For example, if you have any Umbral catalyst, you can still cast radiant spells without buying or finding a separate catalyst for radiant spells.

To find the Ring of Radiant Preemiance, go to Forsaken Fen and start from the Vestige point of Pale Butcher. Make sure you are in the Umbral realm, and then turn around to face the wooden path. Run to the end and then jump down from the left side.

Take the right path, which is filled with fire torches. Follow it and pick up the Map of Fitzroy Gorge. Pass through the partially vanished steel door. Keep going through the path, killing enemies and picking up items scattered around.

When the screen tells you that you’ve reached Fitzroy’s Gorge, turn right on the path present on the cliff. Continue on this path until you reach the second half-vanished steel door. Go up the path, and you’ll soon find a checkpoint.

Turn back from the Umbral realm and look across from this checkpoint. On the other side, by the wall, you’ll find the yellow orb. Pick it up, and you’ll get the Ring of Radiant Preemmiance in LOTF.

There are rings also for Umbral and Inferno spell casting without their respective catalysts:

  • Unblinking Root: Cast Umbral spells without Umbral Catalyst.
  • Charred Root: Cast Inferno spells without Inferno catalyst.

Radiant Catalyst Upgrades

In total, you can upgrade your Catalyst until it reaches +10. For each of these upgrades, you need certain items that can be used in this process. Once you have these items, take them to the blacksmith, and for some Vigor, you’ll get the upgraded Catalyst back.

+12x Small Deralium Fragment
+24x Small Deralium Fragment
+31x Regular Deralium Nuggets
+42x Regular Deralium Nuggets
+54x Regular Deralium Nuggets
+62x Large Deralium Shards
+74x Large Deralium Shards
+86x Large Deralium Shards
+98x Large Deralium Shards
+101x Deralium Chunk

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