How To Free Stone Woman In Lords Of The Fallen

Find the Stone Woman and free her to get amazing rewards.

In Lords of the Fallen, you will find Kukajin, the petrified Stone Woman in the Forsaken Fen. To get to her, you need to teleport to the Forsaken Fen by spawning at the Vestige of Vallade. Turn towards the tunnel with little water and follow this path.

Come out of the other side, and you’ll end up at a bridge. Jump down from here and look towards the left. Just by the fire on a platform, you’ll see a blockage of boxes and random wooden stuff. Break through these and keep going straight.

On this path, you’ll notice a cave covered with wispy branches. Enter it, and you’ll spot the Stone Woman in LOTF.

How to Help Kukajin, the Petrified Stone Woman

You can start the conversation after getting close to the Stone Woman in Lords of the Fallen. Exhaust the dialogue and then get to work. Find Empyrean Grenade and use it on her to turn her back to the normal state. If you don’t have this item, you can also use other radiant spells like:

  • Sanctify
  • Radiantburst Parchment

Both of these do the same work and free her. To get the Sanctify spell, stand in the arena where you fight Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal, and look towards the gate. From here, you’ll spot a doorway towards the left. Open it and go up the spiral staircase. Here, you’ll find a chest with the Sanctify Spell in Lords of the Fallen.

For RadiantBurst Parchment, you can pick this spell up after the fight with The Sacred Resonance of Tenacity. The spell would be in the gazebo. Also, if you have the Deluxe version and start with Dark Crusader, you’ll have this spell already.


Once free, she’ll recognize that you use magic and give you the Pendant of Induration as a reward.

Where to find Stone Woman after helping her

After this encounter, she’ll move to a new location. To find her, go to Skyrest Vestige Point. From here, go straight ahead, down the stairs, and turn right. You’ll find her sitting in one of the cells on your right. Talk to Kukajin (Stone Woman) in Lords of the Fallen; now, you can buy items from her.

She is also available for you to summon during boss fights for assistance. After some time, she’ll go away and leave behind some useful loot. Here’s the list of items you’ll get at the Skyrest Bridge after you talk to her for the last time.

  • Kukajin’s Sword
  • Kukajin’s Armor
  • Kukajin’s Gloves
  • Kukajin’s Leggings
  • Envenomed Shield

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