Where To Find Rebirth Chrysalis In Lords Of The Fallen

Find or buy the Rebirth Chrysalis to respec the player's level points.

If you want to respec in Lords of the Fallen, you are going to need Rebirth Chrysalis. This is a useful resource, which makes it quite costly. You can either buy it from certain merchants for 8000 Vigor or find it in random places like other items.

Here, I will cover all the locations where you can find this item, along with details of merchants who sell it.

Lords of the Fallen Rebirth Chrysalis Locations

There are a couple of locations where you can find the Rebirth Chrysalis. In some places, you have to Soulflay the stigma to get this item, while in others, you need to open a chest. Below, you will find all locations from where you can get this upgrade material, along with details on how to get it.

Fief of the Chill Curse

Defeat the Hollow Crow and start from the Vestige of Laosh. Follow the right wall, and this will take you to another area with a ladder going down. Jump down from here and go over the two connected bridges. There, you will find another ladder that will take you down.

Come out of the tower and enter the umbral realm to vanish the water in the stream in front of you. Jump to the middle of the stream and follow it to the end on the left side.

Soulflay the stigma and go inside the structure. Turn left and soulflay the stigma on the wall. Go through this newly opened area and look for a stigma on your right. Soulflay it, and you’ll get a Rebirth Chrysalis in Lords of the Fallen.


Tower of Penance

At the Tower of Penanace, go up using the lift on the right side. Cross the straight path and jump down two floors using the platforms. On the third platform, stay on the side where the eye is. On the other end, you’ll see a stigma.

Soulflay it so it moves, and you can jump down. Turn right and enter the first cell you see. Open the chest inside and get your Rebirth Chrysalis in LOTF.

Where to buy the Rebirth Chrysalis

To buy this item, you need to get the Bowl of Revelations. Start from Vestige of Blind Agatha and go outside. Jump over the swinging platform and take the next ladder down. Right next to this ladder, you’ll see another ladder going down.

Turn to Umbral Realm and go down this second ladder. In this new area, go in the middle and soulflay the umbral stigma in the middle. This will give you the Bowl of revelations.


Take Bowl of Revelations to Molhu in Skyrest. After giving him the Bowl of Revelations, his inventory will expand. Check it, and you’ll find the Rebirth Chrysalis for 8000 Vigor.


After defeating Skinstealer Boss, go towards the wooden platform system inside the caves and find Winterberry near the altar. Make sure you meet her to buy Rebirth Chrysalis before using the elevator after the boss fights in Upper Calrath.

If you have already completed her quest, you can find her in Skyrest beside Byron.

Shrine of Putrid Mother

If you have enough Plucked Eyeballs and don’t know what to do with them, go to Molhu’s room in Skyrest and turn to Umbral. You’ll find the Shrine of Putrid Mother at the back wall of the room. Go up to her, and in exchange for 75 Plucked Eyeballs, you can get one Rebirth Chrysalis. You can buy infinite Rebirth Chrysalis from here in Lords of the Fallen if you have Plucked Eyeballs.

If you are unable to buy the Rebirth Chrysalis even if you have the required Plucked Eyeball, then worry not. You need to have at least 150 Plucked Eyeballs in your pocket to purchase this item.

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