Lords Of The Fallen Saintly Quintessence Locations

Use this fantastic upgrade material to boost your health.

In Lords of the Fallen, Saintly Quintessence is an Upgrade Material that you can use to increase the effect and level of Sanguinarix. With each upgrade of Sanguinarix, the number of charges and HP recovery will increase. In this guide, I will help you find all the Saintly Quintessence in LOTF so you can fully upgrade Sanguinarix.

There are 20 Saintly Quintessence in the game, and all of them are scattered in different places that you can find during playthrough. However, do note that you can’t get the Saintly Quintessence without using the Umbral lamp. Below, you will find all areas and locations of the upgrade material you are looking for.

Tutorial (Defiled Sepulchre)

Start from the vestige of Ranik and run through the door opposite it. Turn right and go through the locked door using the Umbral lamp. Keep going as the path takes you until you reach the broken bridge.

Go into the Umbral realm and then use the sculptures to reach the other side. Turn left and Soulflay the umbral Stigma to continue. After a while, you’ll see a single stigma in the middle. Soulflay it and get the first Saintly Quintessence in Lords of the Fallen.

Sanctuary of Baptism

Go up the two sets of stairs beside the Vestige of Chabui. Cross the area until you reach the ladder going down. Turn right and go down again. Turn right again, and you’ll end up in a hall. On the right side, go inside the tunnel and go into the umbral realm to see an umbral stigma on the statue. Soulflay it to get the second Stigma.


Forsaken Fen

From the Vestige of Vallade, stick to the left wall and cross the first bridge you see. Go down the hill and turn right. Keep going down from here. Go into the umbral realm before continuing, and then turn right to see an umbral stigma and Womb of Despair. Here, you’ll get your third Stigma.

You can also find your way from Petrified Woman’s location. Go left from her cave and find a split path. Here, choose the right path and keep going until you reach an Umbral stigma guarded by few enemies, including the Womb of Despair. Kill them and then soulflay the Stigma to get the Saintly Quintessence in LOTF.

Fitzroy’s Gorge

For this one, go down the stairs from the vestige of Sebestian and cross the bridge using the Umbral lamp. Go left, through the tunnel, and up the stairs. Head into the next room and jump down to get out of this building.

Pass through two arches, the second one on the left of the first, and go up the path. Once you reach the platform of this hill, go into the umbral realm and look at the tree trunk to find an umbral stigma. Be careful, as Mendacious Visage is up here.

Lower Calrath

From the Vestige of Lydia, go towards the open area with a burning pyre. Climb up to the rooftops by using the slopes and go down where the roofs end. Cross the path as it takes you until you reach a ladder.

Go up and then stick to the left wall. Keep going and then cross the wooden bridge connected to this platform. As you reach the other side, turn right and spot the Stigma to Soulflay it in Lords of the Fallen.

Upper Calrath

The starting point is the Vestige of Doln. Go into the tunnel at the right side, down the hill. Then, take a small left turn and keep running. The path will take a few turns until you reach the bottom. Then jump down from the ground level, and you’ll see the umbral Stigma in front of you.

From the Vestige of Hooded Antuli, open the door, which requires a Sunless Skein Key to unlock. Go through the tunnel. Look for the ladder at the end of the platform. Go down the ladder and follow the path going down. At the end of the stairs, you’ll see a tree. Turn into a realm, and the Stigma would be on the tree trunk.

Sunless Skein

Start from the Vestige of Katrin and go down the railway tunnel path. Come out into a room and turn right into another tunnel. Follow the path and go down. At one point, the area would end, so turn into the Umbral realm and then jump through the opening. Here, on the first platform, you’ll see the yellow orb, which is the Saintly Quintessence.

Fief of the Chill Curse

From the Vestige of Svornil, take the ladder on the right. Now, go around the left side until you reach the snowy slope. Climb up the area and keep following the path until you get the ladder going up the locked gate.

Jump down on the other side, turn right, and follow the path again. Cross the bridge on the left and keep going straight again. Once the road ends, jump on the platform below the surface and use a stigma to pull your platform towards the other side. Jump down to another platform, which leads to an opening. Inside here, you’ll find the Stigma that will yield a Saintly Quintessence.

For the second Saintly Quintessence, spawn at the Vestige of Loash and turn right. Go through this path, also the boss arena, and go down the ladder. Go out from the other side and cross the long bridges and towers.

Get down the ladder and then follow the left path until you reach an open area. Go straight towards its middle, and inside one of the border houses, you’ll notice the umbral Stigma.

Revelation Depths

Start from the Vestige of Dieter and follow the path until you reach the area with no way forward. Turn to the umbral realm, and this will show you the bridge you can use to get to the other side. Climb up the ladder here and then look for a stigma. Soulflay this Stigma to extend the bridge.

Be prepared, as many enemies spawn on this platform connected to the bridge. On the edge here, you’ll see the Stigma that will give you the Saintly Quintessence in Lords of the Fallen.

Path of Devotion

From the spot of Vestige of Dieter, go left towards the cliff. Look down and land on the bone bridge. Cross the bridge, and on the platform where it leads, you’ll find the Umbral Stigma.

Manse of the Hallowed Brothers

Go into the building across the yard from the vestige of brother Jeremiah and climb the stairs. Turn left in the corridor and cross the area filled with enemies to the next corridor. Turn right and then left to go up the stairs.

Go towards the balcony and try to stay on the outer side of the castle until you reach the long path with pillars lined on both sides. Follow it to the building and turn to the umbral realm. Here, you’ll find the umbral Stigma, so soulflay it and get your item.

This location can also be identified as the Stone altar room filled with worshipers that you need to cross before going to the Tower of Penance.

Tower of Penance

From the last location, come out of the room towards the path lined with pillars and turn right. Go through the door towards the outside and go into the Tower of Penance. After clearing the whole tower, keep going down until you see an opening that leads to nothing.

Cross this door and turn to the Umbral Realm. You’ll see a ladder going up on your left. Climb up and follow the path. At the end, you’ll see some enemies guard an Umbral Stigma. Kill them and then soulflay the point to get a Saintly Quintessence.

Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters

From the Vestige of Rosamund, Take the stairs and keep going up until you reach a spot with a locked door. Use Umbral Realm to reveal a bridge here, taking you behind the locked door. On the right side of this floor, go off the rails and climb up the ladder.

On this floor, go off the rails again on the Umbral platforms. Use the Stigma on the second floating Umbral platform to pull yourself closer. Go to the very end of this platform to find the required Stigma.

For this second one, follow the same path from the vestige to the floor, where you reach behind the locked door by using the umbral realm. From here, turn left and go past the area with three bells. Go up the stairs on your right and into the corridor.

Make a U-turn at the end of the corridor, which will take you to a room filled with red candles. Go through the far left door and go up the stairs. Navigate around the area up here until you come out of the castle and towards a large open area with a steel door on one side.

Turn to the Umbral Realm and go to the end of this area, and you’ll see the Umbral Stigma. Soulflay it and get the item.

The Empyrean

From the Vestige point of Lorelo, go up the four sets of stairs on the left side. Once on top, turn left and go upstairs into the broken building. Pass through the hall and turn left at the open arch. Here, follow the left path to the end and turn to the Umbral realm to spot the Stigma. Soulflay it and get your Saintly Quintessence in Lords of the Fallen.

Bramis Castle

Start from the Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian and go through the long path to the end, and then turn left towards the staircase going up. On top, turn to the Umbral realm and use the newly appeared platforms to reach the other side.

Take a right turn and follow the path as it takes you until you reach the ladder. Climb up and go towards the wall on your right to spot the yellow orb containing the item.

Go towards the area where the castle is and cross the broken platform to the end. Climb up the stairs and pull the lever. This will rotate the stairs. Now, climb up these stairs and circle the balcony until you face the stairs.

Here, use an Umbral lamp or go into the umbral realm to reveal a platform. While on this platform, use multiple stigmas around you to pull other platforms and make a bridge. This will lead you to the Stigma that will give you the Saintly Quintessence.

For the last Saintly Quintessence, start from the stairs that you rotated and turn left into the corridor. Cross the stairs using an umbral lamp or by turning to the umbral realm and open the door at the top. Go down the stairs and cross the corridors until you reach another closed door.

Go out and turn left. Break the random objects and go over the wooden plank supported by the ropes. This will pull it up, and the umbral Stigma will be revealed on the wall in this tunnel.

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