Lies of P Weapon Crafting Guide

Weapon crafting in Lies of P is a bit different and fun experiment.

Weapon Assembly or crafting in Lies of P is something that sets it apart from other typical Soulslike games where you just use the weapons you find. While weapon crafting in the game isn’t your traditional style of crafting; find a recipe and ingredients and make a new weapon, it certainly allows for a lot of weapon diversity.

The way weapon crafting in Lies of P works is that you get to disassemble weapons into their parts; blade and handle, and then combine those with other weapons parts through the Weapon Assembly menu in Lies of P to create a unique new weapon combo.

How to unlock Weapon Assembly in Lies of P

The option to assemble weapons in Lies of P can only be unlocked by a special tool called Enigma Assembly Tool, which you will automatically unlock as part of the story once you defeat the Mad Donkey at the end of Elysion Boulevard.

Once you’ve defeated the Mad Donkey, go near the cart and talk to Geppetto. He will give you the Enigma Assembly Tool. This is the tool that you need to begin weapon crafting in Lies of P.

Lies of P weapon assembly

Once you have the Enigma Assembly Tool in Lies of P, go to any Stargazer, and you’ll see that you’ve unlocked a new option called Assemble Weapons. Click on it, and it’ll lead you to the weapon assembly system. You can also talk with Eugenie the Blacksmith at Hotel Krat, and assemble or disassemble weapons from there.

How to craft different Weapon Combos in Lies of P

The assemble weapons menu gives you the option of New Weapon Assemble. If you’ve already crafted some weapons, they show up as options as well on this screen, as you can see in the screenshot.

How to unlock Weapon Assembly in Lies of P

If you click on any of your crafted weapons, it will lead you to Disassembly, providing you with two things: the Handle, and the Blade. Now that have you the handle and blade separated, you can click on New Weapon Assemble and combine the handle of one weapon with the blade of another.

The first important that players need to note is that you’ll be acquiring the Fable Arts of both the Blade and the Handle. Any upgrades you have applied to your weapons will carry over to the newly crafted weapon in Lies of P, so you don’t have to worry about upgrade costs again.

Both the Blade and Handle come with their advantages and disadvantages. Some Handles could weigh less, and some Blades could improve your technique. It’s a mix-and-match, as stated before, and requires a good chunk of trial and error as well till you find and assemble a good weapon combo for your playstyle.

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