How To Get Lance In Elden Ring

You can get Lance in Elden Ring near Warmaster's Shack on a structure. You will need some jumping to do to get there.

Lance is a weapon belonging to the Great Spear category in Elden Ring. While it might have steep requirements to wield, this weapon can hit hard once you have those stats. Lance in Elden Ring is a weapon you can get early in the game so if you are just starting out, it’s good to have this weapon in your inventory if you are someone who will be spending points in Dexterity and Strength.

In this guide, we will tell you how to find the Lance, its stats, and builds in Elden Ring. It’s worth mentioning here that the Lance weapon shouldn’t be confused with The Lance Talisman which is a different item in the game.

Lance Location in Elden Ring

The Lance can be found near the Warmaster’s Shack. This location is a bit weird to get to. It is found on top of a structure that is backed by a cliff.

To get to this location, fast travel to the Warmaster’s Shack. From there, head north on the dirt trail. Follow this dirt trail up the cliff and then to the east onto the cliff. Once there, the structure should be to your right. Keep an eye out while riding your spirit steed. Once you see it, jump off the cliff on the back of your steed and land on the top of the structure. You will be able to spot the Lance in the corner of this structure.

How Good is Lance in Elden Ring?

As mentioned above, the Lance is a Greatspear making it a good choice for middle to long-ranged melee builds. It has an enormous thrusting power that can destroy enemies. It is the only Greatspear that you can upgrade using Ashes of War and Smithing Stones.

This weapon is more of a midgame weapon. The requirements to wield this spear are:

  • 20 Strength
  • 14 Dexterity

It scales primarily with both and has a D rating for both characteristics.

It comes with its own skill called Charge Forth. Many other skills can be bought with Runes from Warmaster’s Shack.

The basic stats for this weapon are listed below;

  • 123 Physical Damage
  • 100 Attack Crit Boost
  • 57 Physical Damage Negation
  • 36 Magic Damage Negation
  • 36 Holy Damage Negation
  • 36 Fire Damage Negation
  • 36 Lightning Damage Negation
  • 44 Guard Boost

The Lance can sometimes, be also confused with the Bolt of Gransax. While both of these weapons belong to Great Spear category, Lance is a regular weapon while Bolt of Gransax is a legendary armament. As for builds, Lance is a good choice of strength builds. If you have the proper armor and talismans for a Strength build, Lance can be quite fun. However, to wield it, you might have to wait a bit as those stat requirements are somewhat steep.

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