How to Get Bolt of Gransax in Elden Ring

Bolt of Gransax is one of the ten legendary armaments in Elden Ring. The following guide will make sure that players are able to obtain Bolt of Gransax early on in Elden Ring and before the armament potentially becomes unattainable depending on progression.

How to Get Bolt of Gransax in Elden Ring

On the Altus Plateau, north of Limbgrave, lies a Royal Capital legacy dungeon named Leyndell. The Bolt of Gransax is buried deep within it. You’ll want to walk through the level to the Avenue Balcony location of grace in the city center to climb up the gigantic dragon statue’s wing.

You’ll see a balcony with a ladder as you rise. Climb the staircase to reach the grace site of the West Capital Rampart.

After that, you’ll have to climb down the mountain’s giant roots into the city. Ignore the Erdtree Guardians who stand in your way.

A side entrance can be found in the Erdtree Sanctuary Cathedral. This is where you may undertake a boss fight with Shade of Godfrey, a First Elden Lord.

Godfrey’s Shade is a typical Souls enemy that is fast-paced and violent, with well-timed assaults. He is a large man with a large weapon.

As with many of Elden Ring’s encounters, the safest tactic is to summon aid or keep at a safe distance from Godfrey.

After eliminating Godfrey, escape through the western exit of the cathedral and take the elevator down. Take the stairwell down from the elevator and look to your left for a crack in the balcony.

A massive replica of the Bolt of Gransax may be found here. Looking below, you can see a spear stuck in the platform. After jumping down, walk up the replica spear to collect the real weapon at the top.

Bolt of Gransax is a powerful armament in Elden Ring. You may use this weapon by pressing L2 (PS) which will fire a lightning bolt at the adversary to deal massive damage. The advantage of this weapon is that it does not need Faith to use.

Moving on to the stat, it takes 40 Dexterity and 20 Strength to use. Remember to combine the weapon with points in Mind.

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