How To Get Lance Talisman In Elden Ring

If you are keen of attack enemies while on horseback, you need the Lance Talisman to increase your damage in Elden Ring.

Among all talismans in Elden Ring, the Lance Talisman is a rather unique accessory to have on your character. This particular talisman is only useful if you like to take down enemies while riding Torrent, your spirit mount.

Other than that, you will find no use for it. Hence, if you have a thing for spearing enemies on horseback, here is where you can find the Lance Talisman.

Lance Talisman location in Elden Ring

The Lance Talisman is quite easy to obtain as you can start from any grace point and proceed to the marked location on the map.

Elden Ring Lance Talisman Location

In our case, we started from the Warmaster’s Shack site of grace and proceeded northeast towards Stormhill in Elden Ring. Along the way, you will also come across the undiscovered grace site Deathtouched Catacombs, which is relatively the closest grace site to the Lance Talisman’s location, so you can rest here for a bit.

After that, you need to move towards the northeastern part of Saintsbridge. There again you will come across another undiscovered site of grace, but this territory will be littered with golems so watch out for them as well.

So as you approach this area you will find a huge Stone Golem resting at that place. It is up to you whether you want to fight it or not. However, in this case, since we are looking for the Lance talisman, so it is best to ignore him and move onward to obtain the talisman.

On that note, the Lance talisman will be a few steps away from this giant golem so make your way toward the sitting corpse. Once you approach it you can pillage the remains from this corpse and this way the Lance Talisman will be yours for the taking in Elden Ring.

Lance Talisman effects

If you are a warrior who likes to deal quick damage to your opponents while riding on horseback, then the Lance talisman should be the go-to choice for you. It is because this particular talisman will enhance the specific damage that you deal while riding by 15 percent in Elden Ring.

This can help you in taking out all kinds of enemies in the game but keep in mind that it will really come in handy while taking out melee-based enemies in the game. So make sure to utilize the potential of Lance Talisman when riding out into battles in the game.

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