Kingdom Hearts 3 End Game Guide – What to Do After Beating the Story

Kingdom Hearts 3 End Game Guide will help you learn all about the game's post-game and what should you do after beating the KH3's story.

After finishing the Main Story of Kingdom Hearts III, you are bound to have withdrawals for this game but don’t you worry because the game also has end-game challenges that are equally interesting.

There are various post-game challenges in Kingdom Hearts III for which you are supposed to finish the game so you are somewhat familiar with all the locations as these challenges include a good amount of exploration.

Kingdom Hearts 3 End Game

Kingdom Hearts III End Game Guide will help you learn all about the game’s post-game and what should you do after beating the KH3’s story.

1. Battlegates

Right after finish the main story you will unlock Battlegates which are portals appearing in each of the worlds. These portals are blue orbs. Going through these portals put Sora in battles against powerful enemies.

Each of these Battlegates has a different difficulty level and completing them rewards you with resourceful items and Secret Reports.

The items are synthesis items that are the recipe for your weapons while the Secret Reports provide you with the back-story of the Kingdom Hearts III world.

2. Fight with Dark Inferno

Another challenge in the game, continuing right with the Battlegate challenge is the fight with the hidden boss Dark Inferno. Battlegate #14 in Wastelands will initiate your fight after you activate the portal.

In reward of defeating the boss, you will be provided with Crystal Regalia that boosts your strength and magic stats.

3. Lucky Emblems

The Lucky Emblems (hidden Mickey Heads) are one of the collectibles in Kingdom Hearts III.

The Emblems, when collected, provide you with rewards but the bigger purpose to these Emblems is that they are the key to the secret ending in Kingdom Hearts 3.

The number of Emblems to be collected depend on the difficulty level of your game. The higher the difficulty level, the more Emblems can be left behind.

The emblems are very sneakily hidden everywhere and are camouflaged in the environment around you which makes the player look at all highs and lows and search in every corner for them.

Your start your search for these Lucky Emblems after you receive the Gummiphone in Twilight Town. The phone is what will collect them hence all the places you left before will be searched again for these emblems.

You have to keep an eye out for these Emblems all the time but often the game also alerts you when you are in an area where the Emblem is near you. Your support characters will inform you about that.

All you have to do is after being alerted snake out your Gummiphone and look with it around you.

It will show you a red box when you will be looking at the wrong angle and the box will turn yellow when you will put your camera on the right angle, just above the hidden Mickey head (Lucky Emblem).

Capture the Lucky Emblem and start your search for the next one.

4. Monster Photo Mission

In the mission, you have to take pictures of monsters assigned you by Moogle and you will be rewarded for this.

5. Unlocking Ultima Weapon

In Kingdom Hearts 3, the Ultima Weapon is one of the Keyblades in the game. This blade is really hard to find due to the rarity of the material needed to make this blade.

After unlocking the blade by fulfilling the requirements, you have to craft it yourself in order to use it.

You will have to revisit the worlds, after playing the game for the first time, to search for the ingredients of the Ultima Weapon.

Now the requirements that you have to fulfill firstly include finding the 58 synthesize materials. To find out the materials you can visit the Moogle Shop. This shop can be found in any of the worlds.

The items can be found in different ways for e.g. from the Treasure Chests or by fighting your enemies. After you have all the 58 synthesize materials, visit the Moogle Shop and you will see that you have unlocked the Ultima Weapon.

Then you have to search for crafting materials for this weapon. One of the materials in this recipe is Orichalcum+ which causes some trouble to be found. Crafting this blade will also award you with Achievements.

6. Hercules Dolls

In Thebes, you will find small statues of Hercules at various places. In total, there are 5 dolls. Collect them and later you can trade them for other things.

You do not actually have to wait to do this task until you finish the main story. Just finishing the Olympus chapter is enough but in case you did not do it, you can always complete it afterward.

6. Gummi Ship Missions

Some Gummi Ship missions will provide you with rewards and Trophies on completing them. The mission includes stuff like finding customization for your ship or taking pictures of constellations.

The ship also has Treasure Chests that will award you useful resources.

All these minigames and challenges will keep your post gaming interesting, challenging and fun. Complete all these challenges 100% and are prized with all the Achievements/Trophies.