Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultima Weapon Guide – Obtain the Best Keyblade, Orichalcum+ Farming

Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultima Weapon is the best keyblade in the entire KH3. In this guide, we will help you learn all about obtaining the best keyblade in KH3.

In Kingdom Hearts 3, the Ultima Weapon is one of the best Keyblades in the game. This Keyblade is really hard to find due to the rarity of the materials needed to make this KH3 Keyblade. In this Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultima Weapon Guide, we will help you learn all about obtaining the best Keyblade in KH3.

Kingdom Hearts III Ultima Weapon

For you to unlock the Keyblade, you have to fulfill some of the requirements in this game… you still will not obtain it. You essentially have to craft it yourself in order to use it.

You will have to revisit the worlds after playing the game for the first time to search for the crafting materials needed to obtain the KH3 Ultima Weapon.

Now the requirements that you have to complete firstly include finding the 58 Synthesize Materials. To learn more about the needed materials, you can visit the Moogle Shop. This shop can be found in any of the worlds. Click on “Workshop” and then on “Synthesize Items” and you will find your list.

The items can be found in different ways i.e. from the Treasure Chests (detailed guide coming soon) or by fighting enemies. After you have all the 58 Synthesize Materials, visit the Moogle Shop again, and you will see that you have unlocked the Ultima Weapon.

No, no. You have only unlocked the weapon as of now. Now the hunt to find the items for crafting the weapon will start. The recipe to craft the Ultima Keyblade is:

  • x7 Orichalcum+
  • x2 Wellspring Crystal
  • x2 Lucid Crystal
  • x2 Pulsing Crystal

On our visits, the item that took us the longest to farm was Orichalcum+. We are in the process of putting out a guide that will ease the process for you.

Farming Orichalcum+

However, one of the easiest methods of acquiring Orichalcum+ is collecting the Lucky Emblems (Hidden Mickey). Finding Lucky Emblems provides you with several rewards one of which is a high amount of Orichalcum+.

There is a Treasure Chest in The Final World upon finding that you will get another Orichalcum+. The chest is located in the Keyblade Graveyard.

Getting the three fruits each upon winning all the seven mini-games of the princesses will also reward you an Orichalcum+.

One more Orichalcum+ can be found in the Caribbean World. This world is an isolated island. The Treasure Chest can be found on the cliff area.

Shopping in the Moogle Shop will reward you with a Raffle Ticket and the prize can be Orichalcum+. Getting the Orichalcum+ is not guaranteed though so keep trying until you get one.

You can get Orichalcum+ by finding all the ten treasures in the Frozen Slider mini-game in Arendelle. Defeating the monster boss in the Eclipse Galaxy with your Gummi Ship will also provide you with an Orichalcum+.

Now you are satiated with all the items you need to craft your Ultima Weapon. Visit the Moogle Shop and select the “Workshop” option and then the “Synthesis” section.

With this, you have also unlocked your Ultima Weapon and “Blademaster” Trophy/Achievement by crafting the best Keyblade in the game.