Kingdom Hearts 3 Boss Battles Guide – Weaknesses, Attack Patterns, How to Defeat

Every world in KH3 features plenty of Kingdom Hearts 3 Boss Battles alongside a secret boss that you can defeat in order to progress through Olympus.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Boss Battles Guide has been carefully crafted to reveal all weaknesses of any boss in Kingdom Hearts 3. We will try to make this guide as precise and easy-to-follow as possible.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses

There are a total of 16 bosses in Kingdom Hearts III. Of course, if you do not count in the same specie bosses, there should be 8 different bosses.

We will reveal weaknesses, attack patterns, and best strategy to defeat a certain boss in this KH3 Bosses Guide. Of course, you can also craft up your own strategy using this guide. Without further ado, let us start discussing each boss.

1. The Titans

There are four types of titans in Kingdom Hearts III. Ranking them from how you encounter them:

Rock Titan, Fire, Ice Titans, and Tornado Titan. You can find all of these Titans in the Olympus World. The Titans are relatively slow bosses and can be defeated by damaging their heads/parts-of-their-heads enough.

Let us have a closer look at these creatures:

1a. Rock Titan
Weakness: Head

The Rock Titan uses three skills:

  • Rock Throws
  • Stomps
  • Headbutt

When the battle starts, the Rock Titan will begin hurling rocks of different sizes towards you. You will need to avoid all oncoming rocks as you climb the wall the Titan is standing on top of.

As soon as you reach up to the Titan, you will need to do something about its Stomp ability. When the Rock Titan uses Stomp, it will stomp its leg onto the ground.

Some rocks may hurl here and there. If these rocks do hit you, the projectiles will damage you.

Continue to dodge the Stomp attack and damage its legs, until they break. As soon as you break these legs, climb the Titan and hit its face. We would recommend using the special ability “Attraction Flow” to deal massive damage.

Be wary of the Rock Titan’s headbutt ability while you are using its body as a platform to move around. Although the ability’s attack speed is slow, it can stun and drop you off the Titan. Move fast enough and you will be fine.

1b. Fire & Ice Titans
Weakness: Their Heads

The Fire & Ice Titans Titan use four total skills:

  • Fire Breath & Ice Breath
  • Ice Pillar (Ice Titan)
  • Fireball (Fire Titan)

You will have to face both Titans at once. However, these titans are relatively weaker than a normal Rock Titan. You can deal with either of the Titans first.

Beware the Fire Titan’s Fire breath, as it can damage and burn you. The Ice Titan’s Ice Breath is able to slow you.

Every now and then, the Ice Titan will use its Ice Pillar ability. Do note that it can only use the Pillar ability by actually touching the ground with its hand. Note how it moves its hands and there is nothing to worry about.

Similarly, the Fire Titan will throw a Fireball every now and then. As in most games, the Fireball is a homing attack that can be dodged with a last-second maneuver.

The Fire Titan needs to make the Fireball with its hands, so keep a keen eye out on how its hands are moving.

You can use the frequently appearing Ice Pillar ability to move closer to the Titan’s heads and hit them directly.

Of course, if you know how to use Shotlock (detailed guide coming soon), charge enough gauge and use those to directly latch onto the Titans’ heads and hit them.

Combine that with an Attraction Flow and you will have an ability that even the Titans will not stand a chance against.

1c. Tornado Titan
Weakness: Its Eyes

The Tornado Titan uses 3 simple mechanics to attack you:

  • Suck
  • Throw Stuff at You
  • Fireballs. Lots of ‘em

The Tornado Titan will start the battle by hurling big chunks of debris towards you. Try to dodge them and decrease the distance between you and the Titan. Head inside the Tornado and you will see the root of the Titan. Keep hitting it.

When you have enraged the Titan enough, it will suck you in and throw you up. Of course, if that is not enough, the Titan will still be throwing debris towards you. Try to dodge these projectiles as you descend downwards.

Rinse and repeat this tactic. If you gain too much distance from the Titan or if you are trying to damage it from mid-air, it will cook up some Fireballs to throw towards you.

Of course, you will have some Magic abilities to use against this Titan too. When you are too far from the Titan, use a Magic ability and watch those fireworks.

2. Heartless Possessions

The Heartless possess two beings of high strength in Kingdom Hearts 3 i.e. Heartless Doll and Toy King Heartless. You will have to fight both beings in the Toy Box world.

Although both are Heartless bosses, they have nothing in common, except the fact that they are both toys?

2a. (Heartless) Doll
Weakness: Open to all Kinds of Attacks.

The Heartless Doll follows a simple routine:

  • Leap & Dive-Bomb
  • Spin Rush
  • Tornado Spin

The Heartless Doll is a simple one humanoid boss. She does not have a specific weakness, but she also is not specifically immune to anything. She is perhaps the easiest Kingdom Hearts III boss.

As soon as the battle starts, the doll will try to Leap & Dive-Bomb at your location. You cannot stop her from doing dive-bombs but you can try to maneuver your way out of her attacks.

As soon as she lands, she will be stunned for a little while. Hit her while you can and run away from her when she recovers. She will charge up for a Spin Rush attack.

The Spin Rush attack is basically a hovering attack too. Just run away from her and she will eventually stop. When she eventually gets tired enough, hit her with all you have.

Her most terrible ability is the Tornado Spin attack, which she will use more frequently when her HP is low. This Tornado Spin Attack is basically a combination of a Spin Rush and a Dive-bomb. Lots of dive-bombs.

However, she is pretty prone to long-range attacks when she is using this ability.

2b. Toy King (Heartless)
Weakness: His Head

The Toy King follows a simple routine:

  • Rocket/Building Barrages
  • Electric Shockwave
  • Mini Final Explosion
  • Electric Wire Ring

The Toy King starts by firing rockets towards you. He will also hurl some buildings towards you, to confuse and further damage you. Of course, he uses this ability the whole battle round.

If you try to close distance to the Toy King, he will try to use electric shockwave attacks. These attacks will both damage and stun you, so be careful.

If you try to climb the Toy King, he will use a mini-Final Explosion (similar to what the Z Fighters use) to throw you off him.

Of course, you can still climb and damage him. There is a short delay before he charges up for his ability.

The Electric Wire Ring attack, that the Toy King will use when you have damaged him enough, slowly expands in radius. It can also attract floating buildings towards themselves and try to harm you.

Of course, you can still use these floating buildings to attack him. Use ranged attacks, Magic and climb on top of him to damage him. It may take some time to defeat this boss, but safety is better than late, right?

3. Mother Gothel’s Heartless Monster

Weakness: Long-Range Attacks

More details to be added soon.

4. Davy Jones

Weakness: Long-Range Attacks

Davy Jones follow an extremely cowardly pattern. He is both fast to fight and fast to run. He will use a number of skills like:

  • Dive & Surprise Attack
  • Counterattack
  • Mounting the Kraken

The moment you battle Davy Jones, he will try to attack you. Do not fight him head-to-head. Instead, dodge his attacks and try to take him from behind.

The Dive & Surprise Attack is basically a filthy tactic by Davy Jones where he will dive into the water and attack you from a random direction.

Do not let Davy Jones get in front of you while you are attacking him. His counterattack ability is deceptively strong and is able to scrap off massive chunks of your HP in seconds.

After you have dealt enough damage to Davy Jones, he will summon his trusty mythical beast Kraken. The Kraken is a cephalopod-like sea monster of giant size.

In other words, it has tentacles. Ignore these tentacles and try to focus your damage towards Davy Jones, who is now on his ship.

5. Aquanort

Weakness: Susceptible to all Types of Damage

Aquanort is basically an evil version of Aqua. She will use most abilities Aqua could, including:

  • Teleportation
  • Summoning illusions
  • Tribulation Charge
  • Icy Whirlwind
  • Blizzard Magic

Aquanort will be one of the toughest bosses in Kingdom Hearts III. She is fast, deals a lot of damage and summons illusions a lot.

She will use her Teleportation ability to get behind you or to run away from you while you are damaging her. Eventually, she will conjure many illusions that can damage you. Hitting Aquanort will break these illusions.

The Tribulation Charge is one of her strongest abilities and it basically involves her conjuring two illusions of herself that can cast energy balls. Both balls can deal a good deal of damage. However, Aquanort is open to damage when she is casting this ability.

The Icy Whirlwinds works in a similar mechanism to the Tribulation Charge. Aquanort will charge two illusions of herself that can cast cold whirlwinds. If you get trapped in either of the whirlwinds, you will lose a big chunk of your HP.

Blizzard Magic is also one of the skills Aquanort uses. This basically involves her conjuring more than three illusions to shoot icy stuff at you.

In short, most of Aquanort’s abilities are illusion based. Use AoE attacks and you will easily be able to deal massive damage to her.

6. Organization XIII Members

The members of the Organization XIII generally wear a black cape. All of the bosses you will fight in Kingdom Hearts III, from the Organization XIII are humanoids.

Oh, and they do not really like being solo- unlike most of our previous enemy bosses. You will have to fight two or even three of them at the same time.

6a. Vanitas
Weakness: Susceptible to all Types of Damage

  • Vigorous Ground Smashes
  • Shadow Dive & Fire Spin
  • Fire Balls Barrage

Vanitas is another Humanoid Boss and a user of the Keyblade. Vanitas is a very agile Boss and can quickly recover from stuns.

Vanitas frequently smashes the ground by jumping in the air and stomping his Keyblade onto the ground. Do a last-second maneuver to avoid being damaged.

Additionally, Vanitas uses his Shadow Dive ability to hide in the shadows and target you. He is invincible inside the shadows. He will jump out of the shadow and use a Fire Spin to throw fireballs all over the place.

Run away from the fireballs if you wish to survive the onslaught. Finally, Vanitas will throw big fireballs. Sometimes even more than one. They are slow and easy to dodge, but be careful. It is easier to be hit by slow-moving objects.

6b. Luxord
Weakness: Susceptible to all Types of Damage

  • Hiding Inside Cards
  • Flurry of Cards

You will have to face Luxord as well as Larxene and Marluxia all at once. Once Luxord traps Mickey inside his card, you will have to find and hit the card Luxord casually hides inside.

Be sure to note that Luxord does not deal a lot of damage, and you can easily avoid Larxene and Marluxia while you are finding Luxord. Keep your cool and you will be fine.

6c. Larxene and Marluxia
Weakness: Susceptible to all Types of Damage

  • Electric Bolt (Larxene)
  • Electric Jolts (Larxene)
  • Scythe Throw (Marluxia)
  • Scythe Rush (Marluxia)
  • Special Rage Attacks (Marluxia)

Larxene uses electric type moves with her taser-like weapon. She is a high moving humanoid and is able to deal massive damage if you are stuck under her spells.

Marluxia will use his scythe as a medium to attack. His attacks are further reaching in range and have the ability to stun Sora for longer periods of time.

Marluxia can close in distance using his Scythe Rush ability. Additionally, when he is on low health, he will use special rage attacks.

Just before he uses one of them, he will radiate a black aura that will last until the ability is done. You cannot block these rage attacks.

6d. Xigbar and Dark Riku
Weakness: Susceptible to all Types of Damage

  • Arrow Shots (Xigbar)
  • Charged Arrows (Xigbar)
  • Dark Arrow Rain (Xigbar)
  • Slash + Rush (Dark Riku)
  • Rhomboids of Destruction (Dark Riku)
  • Shock’V’ave (Dark Riku)
  • Sicklehole (Dark Riku)

Xigbar basically follows a simple routine: increasing distance from you and shooting you from afar. Judging from this behavior, we can simply analyze that he is really weak in close combat.

Try to close in as much distance as possible. He will try to use his arrows to damage you. If you give him too much time, he will launch Charged Arrow that is able to deal massive damage.

The most dangerous of his abilities is the Dark Arrow Rain. He throws a Dark Arrow towards the sky and it breaks down and comes raining towards you in hundreds.

Dark Riku is an agile Boss as well. He likes to keep things close and personal and most of his techniques are stun based.

He will use his Slash & Rush ability either to close distance towards you or to increase distance while trying to stun you. The Rhomboids of Destruction will summon several Rhomboids around D-Riku as well.

If you try to get a big enough combo on D-Riku, he will Shock’V’ave you which is basically a Shockwave in V shape. Pretty neat, huh.

Oh, and if you run too far away from D-Riku he will summon a black puddle. If you get stuck inside, sickles will rise up from the puddle and damage you. Really bad.

6e. Saix
Weakness: Susceptible to all Types of Damage

  • Three-hit Combos
  • Fiery Pit of Malice
  • 8-side Short Burst of Destruction
  • Special Rage Attacks

Saix is perhaps the toughest boss of all time. Beware of the three-hit combo-es that he frequently uses when you get too close to him. These three-hit combos deal massive damage instantly.

Saix uses his Fiery Pit of Malice to stun you inside the blue pit. More than often, Saix will also use a burst of destruction that expands in 8 directions.

When Saix reaches his max Berserk gauge, he will toggle his Special Rage mode where he gains immense attack and movement speed.

He will also launch a series of devastating hits that can damage you immensely if you are not able to get out of the combo loop. Attack Saix from afar and let your friends handle him.

7. Xehanort

Weakness: Susceptible to all Types of Damage

  • Key-Hole Teleportation
  • Blizzaga +1
  • Rain of Magic
  • Pillars of Light
  • Awokening
  • Beam Attacks

Xehanort basically follows a two-phase pattern. During his first phase, he will use his Key-Hole Teleportation to phase behind you. He basically phases out of reality and then phases in with the help of a keyhole.

After the Teleportation, if he gets a lock on you, he will deal upto four attacks at a time.

Xehanort will also use an AoE Blizzaga ability to launch pillars of ice towards you. Watch where the pillars of ice are descending and try to avoid the area around their projectile destination.

When you have damaged Xehanort enough, he will shift into his second phase.

The first ability he uses is Rain of Magic. Xehanort will basically fly into the sky and launch flurries of different magic abilities towards you. A guard is better than a dodge here.

When you think you have cornered Xehanort, he will use his Pillars of Light ability to try to throw you away.

The Pillars of Light cannot be canceled and Xehanort does not need to be continuously casting it to maintain it. He will just cast the ability and advance towards you.

Casually, Xehanort will also “awoken” you. You will lose access to all guard, items, and magic. However, you will do a crap-ton of damage. It is a blessing in disguise for people who play super aggressively.

The final of the many abilities Xehanort uses is his Beam Attacks. He will conjure multiple shadows of himself. These shadows will shoot beams towards you.

Since most of the beams are shot in succession, do not even bother attacking Xehanort in this phase.

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