Elden Ring Hallowhorn Ground Puzzle Guide

Puzzles in Elden Ring can give players a tough time as most of them do not provide detailed instructions. Hallowhorn Ground Puzzle is one of those. This detailed guide will walk you through the Elden Ring Hallowhorn Ground puzzle and provide tips and tricks to fight the Ancestor Spirit Boss! Let’s begin.

How to Solve the Hallowhorn Ground Puzzle in Elden Ring

The Hallowhorn Ground puzzle and the Ancestor Spirit Boss fight are interlinked in Elden Ring. This means that you’ll first have to solve the puzzle, and then you will finally be led to the fight arena.

The puzzle requires the players to light up eight Hallowhorn Pillars scattered around the Hallowhorn Grounds. You will have to locate each pillar and ignite them to find your way to the Ancestor Spirit Boss.

Here are the locations for all eight Hallowhorn Pillars.

Hallowhorn Pillar #1

The first pillar can be found just towards the east of the Siofra River Bank site of grace. For better indication, look for the stairs leading to Hallowhorn Grounds.

Hallowhorn Pillar #2

The second pillar is also nearby, where you found Hallowhorn Pillar #1. From the Siofra River Bank site of grace, go up the hill and towards the west.

Hallowhorn Pillar #3

You’ll have to brace yourself for some enemy encounters for the third pillar. After that, you’ll be heading in the northeast direction of the Siofra River Bank site of grace and walking past the bridge.

Some Ancestral Warriors will be present here, so look out for their bow attacks as they can be very damaging. Dodge them and advance your attacks to defeat them.

Hallowhorn Pillar #4

From the same location of Hallowhorn Pillar #3, head towards the cliff at the east. Like before, Ancestral Warriors will try to attack you. Try to dodge or defeat them since they can provide significant damage to your health pool.

Hallowhorn Pillar #5

Head to the Worshipper’s Woods site of grace and then move towards the path at the southeast. You’ll find the fifth pillar here.

Hallowhorn Pillar #6

The sixth pillar can be found in the same area as Hallowhorn Pillar #5. From the Worshipper’s Woods site of grace, just head west.

Hallowhorn Pillar #7

Again from the Worshipper’s Woods site of grace, head north and look towards the path at your right.

Hallowhorn Pillar #8

Now from the exact spot where you found the Hallowhorn Pillar #7, move west, and you’ll find a cliff. You’ll find the eighth and the final pillar here! However, be careful as Ancestral Warriors will be here to attack you.

How to Defeat Ancestor Spirit Boss

Now that you’ve lit all eight of Hallowhorn Pillars, it’s time to fight the Ancestor Spirit Boss in Elden Ring. Simply head back to the Siofra River Bank site of grace and go up the stairs to the Hallowhorns Ground. Interact with the Carcass, and you’ll be teleported to the fight arena.

It’s time to fight! Ancestor Spirit Boss is comparatively somewhat of less pain in the neck. But, we’re not going to lie; phase-divided boss fights can be very exhausting.

However, this fight is much more straightforward, and it is not an extensive one. You can get rid of the boss quickly if you know what you’re doing.

The first tip we have for you is not to use your spells early on in the fight. Instead, drain some health pool from the boss and then use it. He’s tough when he’s packed on health and can instantly destroy what you summon.

The boss is weak against Hemorrhage or bleeding effect, so use equipment like Bloody Slash: Ash of War to drain him out. Then, when much damage is done, use your best spells to provide deadly damage.

However, the Ancestor Spirit Boss is also here to give you damage, so always have some Flask of Cerulean Tears on hand to save you. He has three sets of moves to weaken you. First, he’ll make his Dive Attack, which means he’ll jump into the air three times and then lunge at you for a charged attack.

To avoid this attack, we recommend dodging the most. Fleeing here and there around the arena can be very helpful. Also, run behind him to land attacks from the back.

He’ll execute another attack with his Antlers, where he performs sweeping motions to knock you out. Again dodge this attack by rolling underneath the boss or completely exiting the radius of the attack.

The third and last attack consists of him performing the Ethereal Flame. It consists of him unleashing blue and white flames from his mouth. Like before, keep out of the radius where the flames can reach you and dodge. Then, strike the boss behind and run around the arena to make him lose you.

Upon killing the Ancestor Spirit Boss, you’ll receive 13,000 Runes and the Ancestral Follower Ashes.

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