Where To Find Milk In Palworld

Become a dairy farmer and get a constant supply of milk.

Among all the crucial crafting resources in Palworld, Milk is one of the most scarce ones and also something you will need in abundant quantity. Not only can milk be used to recover some health, but it is also needed as an ingredient for various meals in Palworld.

Milk is an important ingredient when it comes to baking a cake in Palworld. Apart from its use in other dishes, the cake alone holds significant importance as you will need it to Pals for better passive skills.

However, despite how much value it has, there is only one reliable way of getting Milk in Palworld: Mozzarina.

How to get the Pal Mozzarina in Palworld

Where To Find Milk In Palworld

The only Pal that can provide you with Milk in Palworld is Mozzarina, and getting this Cow-like Pal is also quite a challenge, especially if you are a beginner.

Mozzarina can be discovered west of the Ravine Entrance Waypoint. Similarly, if you have found the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon waypoint, then you can continue a little way south from there, and you will definitely find the Mozzarina grazing in the open fields.

The Mozzarina range between levels 10 to 13 and are typically quite nervous, running away once you get near them. The best way to capture or defeat a Mozzarina will be to target it with a long-range attack.

You can use the weapon of your choice, such as a Three Shot bow, to fire arrows at them from a distance and inflict a nice chunk of damage on the Mozzarina. This way, when their health falls below 40 percent, use the Pal Sphere to capture both a male and female Mozzarina in Palworld.


It is recommended to capture Mozzarina so you can set up a proper supply of Milk production in Palworld. If you want, you can defeat the Mozzarina as well and still get Milk, but that’s not an efficient way of farming milk.

Both male and female versions of Mozzarina produce milk, so you can capture either one of them to farm milk later on from these Pals in Palworld. Once you have a pair of Mozzarinas captured, it is now time to set up your dairy farm for a regular supply of milk.

Build a Ranch to farm Milk in Palworld

Once you have successfully caught a Mozzarina the next step would be to set up a Ranch at your base to get Milk from this pal in Palworld. For that, you will need to have reached Level 5 after which you can check the Technology section.

From there, you can select the Ranch and use Wood (x50), Stone (x20), and Fiber (x30) to build one on your base. After that, you can hold/assign your Mozzarina on that ranch in your base. This way, the Mozzarina will produce Milk after some time, and you can collect it and add it to the cooler in Palworld.

You can set up multiple ranches on different bases and assign another Pal to collect the milk produced by the Mozzarina. This way, you can go to these bases and collect the milk to use as a cooking ingredient.


If you are unable to capture a Mozzarina, then you can also obtain milk using another way as well. Apart from this particular Pal, you can spend 50 Gold by purchasing Milk from the Wandering Merchant in Palworld. You can spot the merchant in the Small Settlement area near the starting point, so you can interact with him and go through his inventory to buy Milk and use it in different cooking recipes.

Uses of Milk

Milk is a useful cooking ingredient that can be used in a number of dishes including

  • Pancake
  • Mushroom soup
  • Eikthydeer Stew
  • Carbonara
  • Pizza
  • Mozzarina Chesseburger
  • Hot Milk

Apart from these Items, you will need Milk (x7), among other items like Wheat processed into Flour, for baking a Cake, which in turn will prove quite essential when you want to breed your Pals in Palworld.

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