How To Get Wheat Seeds In Palworld

Start your own wheat plantation by gathering just a few seeds.

In a survival game, food is just as important as weapons. For that reason, you will be scrambling to get wheat quite early on in Palworld. However, to get wheat, you will need wheat seeds in Palworld and then grow them into wheat plants.

Once you have enough wheat seeds in Palworld, you can use them in a Wheat Plantation to grow crops. The least number of wheat seeds you will need is 4 as 3 are used just to build a wheat plantation, and then one more is needed to plant the crop. So you will need a lot of wheat seeds if you want a steady supply of material in Palworld.

That brings us to the different sources from where you can find wheat seeds in Palworld

Wheat seeds dropped by Pals

When you catch or kill pals, some of them drop Wheat seeds, specifically Grass-type pals. These types of pals are quite common around the beginning area. Defeat them or catch them, and they will drop the wheat seeds. Luckily, these aren’t very powerful as they are near the starting point.

  • Bristla
  • Cinnamoth
  • Dinossom
  • Flopie
  • Robinquill
  • Robinquill Terra

Dinossoms are the best way to farm wheat seeds in Palworld and can be found very early, in the Plateau of Beginnings starting area as well as others in the location shown on the map below

Buy wheat seeds from merchants

Another way to get Wheat seeds is by buying them from a merchant. After starting the game, you can have access to this merchant early on. To find the merchant, go West from the starting point until you reach a spot called Small Settlement.

You can also reach this spot by following the west path from the place of power that comes after a long straight road connecting from the starting point. To recognize if it is the right place, look for some wooden cabins with a bonfire in the middle.

Cross the whole village to the last cabin and look inside to find a man wearing red clothes. Talk to him, and you’ll find Wheat seeds in his inventory. The cost of these wheat seeds is 100 gold. If you are short on money, you can trade other items or pals and get gold in return.


The merchant is called Wandering Merchant for a reason so it is possible that he might not always be there. Either look for another merchant in that case or return later to buy wheat seeds from him.

How to get Wheat in Palworld?

As mentioned above, simply having wheat seeds is pointless. You need to plant them in wheat plantations to get wheat in Palworld, and wheat is the main resource you will need for most food items.

Once you have more than four wheat seeds, four being minimum, you can now plant the plantation for wheat. As you reach level 15, go to the technology tab and unlock the Wheat Plantation. After this, make sure you have the following items that are needed to build the plantation.

  • Wheat Seeds x 3
  • Wood x 35
  • Stone x 35

Now, get your Water Pal and some others to help you build the plantation. Once done, plant the Wheat seeds. After a while, it would grow ready to be harvested.


If you don’t want to plant, you can also buy wheat directly from a wandering merchant instead of getting wheat seeds. However, I would recommend getting seeds to build a wheat plantation as a long-term investment.

Gather all the wheat and prepare for a mill. It is on the same tier 15, so unlock it and collect the following items.

  • Wood x 50
  • Stone x 40

This will turn the harvested wheat into flour. To operate the mill, your Water Pal can do it just fine along with the wheat plantation. After going through the mill, you’ll get the byproduct, Flour. Flour is very useful as food and is a good investment. It is required to make cakes which are in turn needed if you want to start breeding pals.

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