How to Use Face Paint in Horizon Forbidden West

During Aloy’s journey in through the Forbidden West, you’ll be able to customize her look using a variety of Face Paints and outfit dyes. This guide will show you how to use Face paints in Horizon Forbidden West and how to unlock more of them.

How to use Face Paint in Horizon Forbidden West

Face Paint selection used didn’t have much variety in Horizon Zero Dawn and could only be accessed in New Game +. In Horizon Forbidden West, this has changed. Face Paints can be acquired and used even during your first playthrough of HFW.

Equipping Face Paints

You’ll start acquiring Face Paints pretty early on in HFW, but to actually change them you need to talk to an NPC.

These NPCs are special Face Painters and can be found at Major Settlements.

The painter will apply the face paint in the desired pattern in exchange for 10 Metal Shards. The same Painter can also remove the paint for 1 Metal Shard.

Where to Find Painters

As mentioned before, painters can be found in the settlements. You’ll need to speak to the Painter Merchant who will apply the face paint.

The following are the settlements where you’ll find Painters.

  • Scalding Spear
  • The Bulwark
  • Thornmarsh

How to Get More Face Paints in HFW

You’ll unlock more face paints by finishing quests in Horizon Forbidden West. You’ll also have face paints from Horizon Zero Dawn carried over. When selecting a quest to take on, just check its description to see if it rewards you with Face Paint!

Nora Tribe Face Paints

Below is a list of all Nora Tribe Face Paints.

Nora Warrior

This paint is dedicated to the status of a skilled Nora Fighter.

Nora Scout

The scouts patrol the borders of the sacred lands. The striped paint is dedicated to these Nora Scouts.

Nora Seeker

The paint signifies the rare mark of the Nora Hunters to leave the Sacred Land to protect it.

Nora Death-Seeker

The true meaning of the Death-Seeker face paint is known to the tribe’s High Matriarchs.

Oseram Tribe Face Paints

Below the face paints of Oseram Face Paints are enlisted.

Oseram Artificer

Oseram Tinkers wear this paint to show cast their skills. Disagreements over the use of this paint often cause brawls.

The paint can be unlocked by completing the side quest, Deep Trouble.

Oseram Striker

This face paint is often worn by Oseram freebooters just before undertaking a dangerous mission.

The paint can be unlocked by completing the side quest, Lofty Ambitions.

Oseram Explorer

Oseram explores the wide wilds in search of opportunities and fortune. This paint symbolizes this great adventure of the tribe.

Banuk Tribe Face Paints

Below are the Banuk Tribe’s Face Paints.

Banuk Aspirant

Apprentice Banuk Shamans wear this paint during their training’s last test when they have to attempt the Shaman’s path.

Banuk Shaman

With the blue lights of the machines, the Shamans tend to unify themselves. The paint is dedicated to this cause of them.

Banuk Survivor

The paint signifies survival and prevalence.

Utaru Tribe Face Paints

The following face paints show the legacy of Utaru tribe.

Utaru Whisperer

When an undertaking is in need of stealth, the utaru tribe adorns themselves with delicate patterns of this face paint.

The paint can be unlocked by completing the main quest, The Dying Lands.

Utaru Birthsinger

In the company of the tribe’s birthsinger, the tribe wears this mask often to celebrate a new beginning.The paint can be used after completing the side quest, The Second Verse.

Utaru Thresher

While attempting trials at Plainsong’s hunting grounds, the paint is worn by Utaru Machine Hunters.

Utaru Ritesinger

The paint is hope in times of grief. The paint is worn to pay gratitude for the efforts contributed to the tribe.

Carja Tribe Face Paints 

The below-mentioned face paints are associated with Carja Tribe.

Carja Watcher

Precise Carja hunters wear this paint when they hunt prey through the jungle of the Jewels.

Carja Champion

The title of Champion is the highest award a Sun-King can bestow. The paint signifies the special rank of Champion.

Carja Noble

This paint finds inspiration from bright-colored birds. Carja nobles like to showcase their highborn heritage and a lot of makeup.

Carja Hawk

The paint is worn by senior members of Hunter’s lodge. The paint shows the markings on a Hawk’s feather.

Carja Blazon

It is an important mark favored by Cajra Nobles and Hunters Lodges elite. The paint can be equipped by completing the main quest, The Embassy.

Carja Trader

Carja traders wear the paint to buy themselves expensive trinkets from the Old world and sell in Meridian’s marketplace. The richest among the traders wear the mask as a token of their success.

Carja Shadow

The paint is worn by shadow Cajra loyalists to Prince Itamen who still believe him to be the true Sun-King.

The paint can be used after completing the side quest, The Burning Blooms.

Carja Scholar

Carja Scholars wear the paint to distinguish themselves from frivolous nobles. They often hail from ow ranking nobility.

The paint can be collected after completing the side quest, The Twilight Path.

Tenakth Tribe Face Paints

Below is a list of Tenakth tribe face paints.

Tenakth Reaver

Nevikka, a commander who can turn pain into battle rage first wore the paint. The paint is worn by her followers.

The paint can be unlocked by completing the main quest, The Wings of Ten.

Tenakth Recon

This paint is often worn by Lowland Tenakth after taking inspiration from the visions of Memorial Groove.

Tenakth Vindicator

The paint is influenced by the visions of Memorial Groove. The courageous young soldiers wear this paint after they prove their mettle in the battlefield.

The paint can be unlocked by completing the side quest, A Tribe Apart.

Tenakth Vanquisher

The Desert Clan paint is inspired by the harsh landscape of The Shining Waste. The skill fighters wear this. The paint can be unlocked by completing the side quest, Thirst for the Hunt.

Tenakth Conqueror

The sky clan Tenakth wear this paint to celebrate their victory. The paint can be unlocked by the main quest, The Broken Sky.

Special Face Paint

There’s a face paint that isn’t associated with any of the tribes. The paint is named Mark of War and is basically a God of War easter egg. The paint can be unlocked by collecting all the War Totems.

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