Horizon Forbidden West The Second Verse Walkthrough

This guide will walk you through the Second Verse Side Quest in Horizon Forbidden West and help you complete both parts of it.

The Second Verse is a side quest that you will encounter when you visit the Base and meet Zo. In this quest, you will be required to defeat some machines who try to come your way.

The side quest has two parts. The first one can be done when the base is opened and the second part can only be done when the Main Quest is thoroughly completed.

The following is a walkthrough of the Second Verse side quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

How To Unlock The Second Verse

The Second Verse side quest gets unlocked when you complete the Eye of the Earth, one of the main missions in the game.

How To Complete The Second Verse

Following are the instructions for each part of the Second Verse Side Quest in HFW:

Part One

After talking to Zoe at the base and receiving the Second Verse side quest, she’ll ask you to meet her at the campfire west of Scalding Spear.

Upon reaching, you’ll be encountering two Grimhorns. Aside from those, you’ll also have some Bellowbacks and a Skydrifter ready to throw hands.

Kill all the machines
Kill all of these bad boys with your best moves and loot them. Then talk to Zoe and give her the Grimhorn Control Cores.

Here, she’ll let you know that you have to wait for the Reboot Code to complete, which will put the side quest on hold until you take Poseidon, Aether, and Demeter to Gaia.

Part Two

Talk to Zoe
Talk to Zoe again once you’ve delivered Poseidon, Aether, and Demeter to Gaia. Here you’ll begin the second part of the side quest.

She’ll let you know that three of the land-gods have been missing from Plainsong, and they need to be rebooted.

Reboot accordingly
The first land god Ti can be found in the Cinnabar Sands. You’ll have to deal with Ravagers and Stormbirds here. Kill them and install the code to reboot the land god.

The second land god So is found in a lake southwest of Plainsong. Here, you’ll deal with Snapmaws; however, they can easily be avoided by taking a deep dive into the lake. Swin till you see the land god and reboot it.

The final reboot
The last land, god Do, is located towards the Restless Weald. You’ll find it in between Metal Flowers that you cut by slashing them and using Vine Cutter to remove further anything that blocks you from getting to them. Free Do and reboot it.

Once all three reboots are done, return to Zoe at Plainsong to perform the final reboot and end the side quest!

The Second Verse Side Quest Side Quest Rewards

You will be rewarded once you complete the side quest. The rewards will include 8,330 XP, 3 Skill Points, and 1 Utaru Birthsinger.

Do note that if you finish the Second Verse side quest, you will also unlock the “Healed the Land-gods” trophy.

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