Horizon Forbidden West Lofty Ambitions Side Quest Guide

In this Horizon Forbidden West Lofty Ambitions Quest guide, we’ll be including all the necessary details you need to know about this quest.

Lofty Ambitions is a side quest that can be accessed by going to Morlund which can be found near Hidden Embers. In this Horizon Forbidden West Lofty Ambitions Quest guide, we’ll be including all the necessary details you need to know about this quest.

Horizon Forbidden West Lofty Ambitions Side Quest

Here are the steps you need to follow to complete this quest. These steps are followed by a detailed explanation of how to perform each step.

  • Reach the Ruin with the Dragon Statue
  • Gather the Burner
  • Hand over the Burner to Morlund
  • Enjoy the Rider
  • Find Morlund
  • Kill the Machines
  • Free Morlund
  • Chase the Morlund
  • Work out and discover a Way Across the Chasm
  • Kill the Stormbird

Dragon Statue

First, climb the stairs to find an elevator that will lead you to Dunehollow. You will now reach the main casino area. Now, move towards the opposite side of the area where your fight with Tideripper took place. Inside this place, Aloy will direct you to the area where the Dragon statue lies along with a Burner.

Gather the Burner

Now, make a hole inside the wall situated to your opposite side. Players can make use of a Pullcaster to make a hole. Next, you will need a crate to reach the second level of room which you can take out of the wall by using a Firegleam.

There is another crate located upwards which can be brought down using a Pullcaster again. Use it as a support against the wall to climb up towards the pillars.

On the other side lies another beam which you must grab using a Pullcaster and then head towards the end of the corridor.

At this point, make another opening using a Pullcaster, so you can reach the third floor and access the dragon statue to grab a Burner.

Apex Tracker Burrowers will come at you as soon as you jump back from this point. Players should keep in mind that attacking their weak points and cutting off their parts is the best way to counter them at this point.

Air Balloon Ride

Now, leave the casino using the elevator that you used at the beginning and interact with Morlund. Take a ride on the Hot air balloon ride and it will crash. After it crashes, you need to fight with Scrappers and Longlegs.

Moving ahead from here, you can find Morlund resting above the pile of rocks, and you will have to chase him down the path through the canyon. Using a tree, move across Chasm.

Stormbird Fight

Now, the last task is to fight with Stormbird at this point. Players can make use of Acid damage to bring it down to the ground and then Critical Hit will be used as a final blow to kill it once it is down.

The abilities and weapons of Stormbird that you will have to tackle are Wing Thruster, Chillwater Canister, Storm Cannon, and Purgewater Canister.

Keep using Acid Damage and Spike Throwers to target the components of the Stormbird and then use Critical Hit to hit a final blow.

After killing the Stormbird, interact with Morlund to complete the quest.

Lofty Ambitions Datapoints

Here are the datapoints that players can grab by taking part in this quest.

  • Burner Maintenance Report
  • MIA Hellraise – Psychic Inferno

Here are the rewards that you can get by completing this quest.

  • 7,800 XP
  • 2 Skill Points
  • 1 Oseram Striker
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