Horizon Forbidden West War Totem Locations Guide

In this guide, we will be talking about the War Totems Locations and how to get the Kratos Easter Egg in Horizon Forbidden West.

War Totems are yet another type of collectible that Aloy can find during her adventures in Horizon Forbidden West.

Unlike the other collectibles though, the War Totems are a reference to the popular God of War franchise. They can hence be treated as an easter egg hunt of sorts but which will net you a reward once you find all of the War Totems in the game.

The following guide will tell you the locations of all the War Totems in Horizon Forbidden West.

All War Totem Locations In Horizon Forbidden West

There are a total of three War Totems scattered across the map in the game:

  • Totem of War
  • Totem of Youth
  • Totem of Brotherhood

Totem of War

To get to the first totem, you need to find Kratos’ Leviathan Axe stuck in a tree at the marked location below.

If you start off from the Cliffwatch settlement and head over to the path that leads to the mountains, you’ll enter the woods where the axe is found. This location is to the southeast of the Greenhouse.

Focus on the trees in the area, and you will find the axe stuck in a tree. Focus again to see a trail that you will have to follow.

The trail leads towards a cliff, and then around to Kratos’ house, where you will find the Totem of War next to the cabin. Keep in mind that there are some machines here. You can either fight them or circle around them, it’s completely up to you.

Totem of Youth

Totem of Youth is a carved figure of Atreus, located at the marked location on the left side of the map:

To start searching for this totem, you first need to reach the Isle of the Spires. From there, make your way over to the beach on the western coast. On the beach, there will be two palm trees, with arrows sticking out of them. Inspect the arrows, then use your focus to find a trail. The track will lead you to the marked location.

At the marked location, look for a rusted bridge and a bunch of rotten school buses. On top of the bridge will be the War Totem that you can pick up by pressing the TRIANGLE button.

Totem of Brotherhood

The final war totem resembles the blacksmith brothers Brok and Sindri. You will have to find a hammer stuck in a part of a machine at the below location:

Horizon Forbidden West War Totem Locations

To reach this location, head over to the southwest end of the receded area in the No Man’s Land. Here, you will find a broken machine with a hammer on its head.

Interact with the hammer and use your Focus ability to look for a trail. Follow the trail, which will lead you to a cave entrance. At the cave entrance will be the War Totem that you can pick up.

War Totem Rewards

After you have collected all three of the War Totems, you will be rewarded with a Kratos face paint that you can use on Aloy.

Naturally, Aloy is not as brutal and unforgiving as the Ghost of Sparta, but players will likely like painting that iconic red streak on her left eye just the same.