How to Make Outfit Dyes in Horizon Forbidden West

Want to customize your gear as one of a kind? Well, worry no more! This guide explains how to make Outfit dyes in Horizon Forbidden West and how players can customize their outfits by using dyes, locating the dye, and the overall procedure to apply it. So, let’s get started.

How to Make Outfit Dyes in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West allows the players to play around with the gear and equipment by changing up the external aesthetics. It is a very cheap process that does not require advanced skills.

However, not all dyes go with all equipment. There are specific equipment and gears you’ll have to compromise on, but there’s still plenty of room for changing up colors as you please.

How to Get Dyes?

In order to dye your equipment, you need to get your hands on some dye first. Now, getting a dye may be a complex part as it’s not an item that can be purchased.

In order to get one, you must complete some side quests, random events, hunting grounds, and errands. Then, you’ll either get dye as a reward or as an unlocked item.

To expand your customization options, you can unlock more dyes as well. However, again you have to look for the specific Dye Flower on the cliff sides and ledges of different mountains and forests.

In Horizon Forbidden, there are six Dye Flowers, each unlocking a new color

  • Golden bloom
  • Verdant bloom
  • Crimson bloom
  • Azure bloom
  • Midnight bloom
  • Pale bloom

Each of these colors corresponds to a different region or area in Horizon Forbidden West. Each of the biomes or regions in HFW have their own set of unique plants hence the dyes related to those plants can only be acquired from specific regions.

Where to Find Dye Flowers in HFW

Once you’ve got your dyes, it’s essential to acquire the Dye plants and flowers. These are important resources needed to apply dye to your desired gear. Start by searching for some around ledges and cliffs in forests and mountains.

How to Use Dyes on Outfits

Now that you have Dye and Dye Plants, it’s time for a makeover! To dye your outfit in HFW, you’ll have to visit a Dyer. Dyers are readily available in different settlements across the Forbidden West world.

Simply interact with one and showcase your dyes with compatible outfits. And there you have it, a brand new look only for you.

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