Horizon Forbidden West The Promontory Walkthrough

"The Promontory" is a side quest in Horizon Forbidden West where Aloy must track down the wife of an Utaru....

“The Promontory” is a side quest in Horizon Forbidden West where Aloy must track down the wife of an Utaru. She has apparently gone missing after heading out on a dangerous pilgrimage. Aloy needs to hence find the wife and bring her back home safely.

The following guide will make sure that you complete The Promontory side quest without any problems in Horizon Forbidden West.

How To Unlock The Promontory

The prerequisite necessary to unlock this quest is the completion of the main quest, The Eye of the Earth.

After you have completed this main quest, head back to Plainsong and talk to Bree who is the quest giver of this side quest. The recommended level for this side quest is 17 which makes this relatively easy unless you are extremely under-leveled.

How To Complete The Promontory

Head for the base of the Promontory which lies inside the mountains to the northeast of Plainsong. You will encounter Skydrifters and Grazers over there that must be taken down for you to inspect the broken bridge.

Once you manage to get rid of the machines, Aloy will see that there are some footprints by the broken bridge that apparently belongs to the search party that was dispatched to find Kalae.

At that moment the thought of Kalae still being present up at the Promontory crosses Aloy’s mind and she decides to follow the trail until she reaches a cliff where she will find a mesmerizing waterfall.

Move through a dark tunnel at the top of the cliff and keep moving on the path once you exit the tunnel. Aloy will come across some shattered pieces of bridge and she will inspect them. Eventually, Aloy will find a small table of stone and head towards it to examine it.

Upon examining the stone table, Aloy finds some dye on the table and it seemed like the dye created a trail which eventually caught Aloy’s attention.

You will find some broken branches which gave an impression that a person was being hauled forcefully through the path. Upon following this drag trail, Aloy will find two bodies and you will have to examine these. One of the bodies belongs to Kalae who has apparent strangle marks on her body. The other one is the body of an unknown woman who is the killer of Kalae.

It appears that the unknown woman was trying to kill Kalae by pushing her off the cliff but she resisted which resulted in the death of both of them.

After that take seed pouches of both and take them to Bree but before that, you will have to defeat a stalker that appeared to stop Aloy.

Stalkers are light combat machines that are strong against Fire and Acid Damage. This fight against the stalkers will become more challenging when they attack you from a range. All you have to do is keep shooting at its various components and they will eventually be defeated. After defeating the first stalker, another will appear.

Now travel back to Plainsong and give the seed pouches to Bree. Fane will be able to recognize the seed pouch of the unknown woman and tells them that it belongs to the apprentice of Kel – Lyna. Aloy now have to find Kel in Summerwind.

Travel south from Plainsong and once you reach Summerwind, Aloy will find Kel and ask her about the death of Kalae. Aloy questions Kel about her intentions and whether she was really the culprit behind this. Kel agrees and tells Aloy that the reason she killed Kalae through Lyna was that Kalae wanted that the Utaru should go away from Plainsong. She felt that the Utaru will be in trouble so she dealt with this in her own way.

Here is where the side quest becomes interesting. Kel decides to eat some poisonous berries and so, there is little time before she dies. Aloy will be given a Flashpoint Choice where she must choose one of three options to proceed.

Upon choosing Compassion, you will see that Aloy will be fine with Kel ending her own life to pay for her sins. Bree is not happy with this decision as he wanted a proper trial for Kel but Aloy assures Bree that this is a proper decision. Nothing can be done now and he should not be furious as Kel will die soon.

If you go for the Intelligence option then Aloy tells Kel that by murdering Kalae, she wasn’t able to stop her motives and ideas from spreading and also tells her that soon more people will follow her, and once that happens, no one (not even Kel) will be present there to prevent it from happening. Aloy tells Bree that if he wants justice for his wife then he should keep working on the same thing that his wife wished for.

The last option is Aggression where Kel hits the realization that her seeds will not be planted and instead Kalae’s seeds will as her seed pouch was found. When Bree arrives, he burns Kel’s seeds when Aloy asks him to do so because she wants that Kalae should be remembered instead of her killer.

The Promontory Side Quest Rewards

You will receive 4,888 XP, 2 Skill Points and an Utaru Protector face paint after completing the side quest.

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