How To Change Gear Appearance (Transmog) In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy allows you to change the appearance of your gear to customize your looks and this guide will explain how to do that.

Hogwarts Legacy allows players to alter their character’s appearance without impacting their stats. Whether you’re seeking to transmog and change gear appearance in Hogwarts Legacy and switch up your attire or want to change your character’s appearance by changing hairstyles and makeup, the choice is yours.

Owing to the plethora of gear appearance and customization options for each gear slot in Hogwarts Legacy, you can create a truly unique witch or wizard or even cosplay as some characters from the Harry Potter franchise.

Customization is no limited to your character as players can also customize their wands in Hogwarts Legacy.

When do you unlock transmog?

Once you get your Field Guide in Hogwarts Legacy, you can transmog or change the appearance of your gear by hitting the menu key. It will open the menu; from here, you need to select the Gear tab. In the gear section, you will find gear categories.

The game features six primary categories of gear: Headwear, Handwear, Cloaks and Robes, Facewear, Outfits, and Footwear. As you progress through the game, you’ll also have the opportunity to unlock Wand Handles to customize wands, Brooms, and Flying Mounts.

Hovering above anyone one of them will result in a small pop-up screen showing the related stat and information about the equipped item.


Further, this pop-up screen will also show the sell value of the item. This means the currently equipped item can be sold, and in return, you can get the in-game currency equal to the amount written in front.

How to change gear appearance in Hogwarts Legacy

If you hover over a gear slot, below this sell value option, you will see another option stating Change Appearance. Hitting this option (press F on PC, X on Xbox, and Square on Play Station) will open a new screen where you can see and change the appearance of the selected item.

Here you will see two further subcategories, Collection and Others.

In the Collection category, you can see the appearance of items you have unlocked by playing challenges and competitions or purchasing the Deluxe edition. You will find the Dark Arts pack in this section of Hogwarts Legacy. While the Others section contains the appearance of all the items, you have found as loot throughout the world.

After changing the appearance, you will see a small eye sign on the category picture icon confirming that currently, the Transmog is active.

How to put up your hood in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are robes available that you can buy or acquire when you complete quests. A decent amount of these robes have hoods in them that you can pull up over your head.

When you have the cloak or robe with the hood, you cannot just pull it up instead you have to enable it in the menu. After enabling it you can use your respective key to pull it up.

Head into the Gear menu and just tap Triangle/Y on PlayStation/Xbox respectively to either raise your hood or lower it in the game.

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