Hogwarts Legacy All Broom locations

Flying around is a hallmark of the Harry Potter franchise which is why we will give you locations of all brooms in Hogwarts Legacy.

While Quidditch may not be playable in Hogwarts Legacy, that doesn’t mean players can’t fly around the castle and its surrounding areas on their brooms. Once you have unlocked flying, you will obviously be wondering about all the Hogwarts Legacy broom locations to fly around in style.

Thankfully, Hogwarts Legacy offers you a total of 13 broomsticks to acquire and use throughout the game. Some of these brooms are simply bought from the shop in Hogsmeade while others can be purchased from specific NPCs scattered all around the wizarding world.

How to get all Brooms in Hogwarts Legacy

Acquiring brooms solidifies your status as a Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy. To help you achieve that status, we have arranged the best ways to earn all 13 Hogwarts legacy broomsticks.

Spintwitches Sporting Needs

This is the very first place where you can get brooms in Hogsmeade. As part of the Flying Class, players will automatically come here. There are a total of 5 brooms available at this shop, each costing 600 gold.

The brooms you can buy at Spintwitches Sporting Needs are; Ember Dash, Wind Wisp, Hogwarts House Broom, Moon Trimmer, and Yew Weaver.

Pop Balloon Challenges

While moving around the outskirts of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, The Highlands area, you must have spotted giant balloons sets floating in the air. Popping 32 of these balloons to complete challenges is necessary for unlocking 4 more brooms.

To pop these balloons, you must use your Broom and pass through these floating balloons till they burst into pieces. Doing so will get you closer to the completion of these challenges and you will soon acclaim your rewards such as additional EXP points and the remaining 4 brooms.

You can earn the following brooms from this balloon-popping challenge in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Night Dancer (2 balloons)
  • Lickety Swift (7 balloons)
  • Wildfire (17 balloons)
  • Bright Spark (32 balloons)

Traveling vendors Brooms

The final way of acquiring Brooms in Hogwarts Legacy is by interacting with certain traveling vendors in the Highlands that provide you with a total of 4 Brooms.

However, these vendors are quite hard to find and require a bit of exploration. Therefore, you must search through the entire Highlands thoroughly to find them, especially considering how they cannot be found in either of the towns.

Below we have arranged the locations to find each Hogwarts legacy broom vendor that sells brooms at a reasonable cost:

#1 Leopold Babcocke – Sky Scythe Broom

This Vendor is found outside the Hogsmeade Station. Simply travel to the south of Hogsmeade and reach a railway line. Follow it till you approach Hogsmeade Station at the far end where you will find Leopold Babcocke outside Hogsmeade Station next to his store. You can purchase the broom from him at the cost of 5,000 Galleons.

#2 Priya Treadwell – Family Antique Broom

This vendor is found in the Feldcroft region. Simply fast travel to Irondale. From there, head to the south section till you reach the ruins next to the Battle Arena. This is where you will find the store of Priya Treadwell who sells the broom for 2,500 Galleons.

#3 Arn – Silver Arrow Broom

Before reaching this vendor, you must complete the Carted Away side quest which is unlocked after completing the main quest “Tomes and Tribulations”. As you complete the quest to unlock this vendor’s location, head over to the south of Hogwarts and find Arn’s store. Purchase the Silver Arrow Broom from him for 5,000 Galleons.

#4 Aeromancer Broom – Rohan Prakash

This vendor is available at the southwest of Marunweem Bridge. Visit the East South Sea Bog and make your way through the wave of Goblin encampment till you reach the North Poidsear Coast. Now, travel southeast till you reach the Marunweem Bridge.

From the Marunweem Bridge, travel southwest and to find Rohan Prakash’s store. He will sell you the Aeromancer Broom for 3,000 Galleons.

Hogwarts Legacy best Brooms

Do keep in mind that no matter how expensive your broom is, they all work the same way and provide no benefits over each other.

Brooms are simply a cosmetic choice, and each broom has the same speed. You can however improve their speed by completing a series of side quests for broom upgrades.

With that said, this is a list of all the best brooms in Hogwarts Legacy:

#1 Silver Arrow Broom

Regarded as one of the best Brooms both with its design and handling. When put into tough situations, the Silver Arrow Broom will use its perfect handling skills to get you out safe and sound, ranking it at the top of the list.

#2 Sky Scythe Broom

The Sky Scythe Broom is perhaps the best broom for aerial performances. With its impressive demonstration of agility, it will make any Wizard stand out from the rest.

#3 Bright Spark Broom

Being unpurchaseable, the Bright Spark Broom is one that you cannot simply ignore. It possesses a beautiful design and can only be acquired by completing certain challenges.

#4 Wildfire Broom

As the name says, this Broom has a fire element added to its arsenal. Especially with a Silver Bell located on its top, adding to its beauty, and making it a must-have broom in Hogwarts Legacy.

#5 Hogwarts House Broom

Speaking of designs, although this broom has an ordinary aesthetic, it still allows you to wear a cloth on it that matches your Hogwarts House to celebrate your pride. This makes the Hogwarts House Broom one of the most unique brooms on this list.

#6 Aeromancer Broom

A classy choice for a classy Wizard. Having a unique cauldron atop it just adds to its beauty. The Aeromancer Broom is also known to cut through the air making it a tremendous choice.

#7 Ember Dash Broom

Similar to the Wildfire Broom, the Ember Dash Broom has a fire element to it. Compared to Wildfire, it does not have many bristles which makes it rank lower than others. However, that doesn’t take away its individuality.

#8 Night Dancer Broom

Popping two sets of balloons is all it takes to get your hands on this sleek Broom. This is a nimble broom with an impressive style that will make you stand out as you fly in the air.

#9 Family Antique Broom

If you like collecting old items, then the Family Antique Broom is the best choice for you. Having an old-school look, it sure looks like an heirloom broom passed down to generations.

#10 Wind Wisp Broom

An improved version of the Moon Trimmer Broom. The design of Wind Wisp is a slight upgrade from it and the lantern attached to it makes it more unique.

#11 Moon Trimmer Broom

If you are looking for stability, the Moon Timmer Broom will give you exactly what you want. Other than the lantern hanging on its top, it doesn’t have much to offer, especially considering how Wind Wisp has a better lantern design and placement.

#12 Lickety Swift Broom

 Lickety Swift Broom is one of the most basic-looking Brooms on this list. This Broom has little to nothing unique about it except for its back.

#13 Yew Weaver Broom

Ranking at the bottom is the Yew Weaver which doesn’t have any unique design. It is a basic Broom for beginners who are looking to practice their skills in the air.

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