Hogwarts Legacy Wand Handles Locations Guide

Bored with your old wand? You can customize its looks by changing wand handles in Hogwarts Legacy which we will help you find.

If you feel like the wand you selected at the start of Hogwarts Legacy is getting boring now, there is a way to spice things up. While you cannot change your wand, unlike other gear items, after customizing it at Olivander’s there is still a way to slightly alter its appearance and customize wands through Hogwarts Legacy wand handles.

Wand Handles, as the name suggests are fancy handles you can equip at the grabbing end of your wand to give it a somewhat unique look. Now that begs the question, where to get all these wand handles from in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy wand handles locations

Like most gear items, Wand Handles unfortunately have no fixed locations. Wand Handles are randomly dropped as rewards from collection chests throughout the world of Hogwarts Legacy. There are some exceptions to this rule though.

The game does have a few wand handles, out of a total of 42, that aren’t part of the random loot pool. These wand handles are acquired from certain quests. The quests themselves only mention wand handles as a reward, they don’t tell you which specific handle you will get.

Thankfully, we have done these quests to tell you which ones to look out for if you are interested in easy-to-unlock wand customization options in Hogwarts Legacy. Do keep in mind that wand handles are purely cosmetic and offer no gear bonuses.

Orbicular – Violet

Complete Zenobia’s Gobs of Gobstones quest to get this wand handle as a reward.

Arrow – Black

Complete Brother’s Keeper quest for Claire Beaumont in Upper Hogsfield to get Arrow – Black wand handle.

Avian – Grey

Complete Flying Off The Shelves for Cressida Blume in the Library Annex of Hogwarts to unlock this wand handle.

We will update the guide with more wand handle locations once we discover them.

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