Best Talents To Learn In Hogwarts Legacy

Equipping yourself with the best talents in Hogwarts Legacy will make you a fearsome opponent so let us help you select the good ones.

Talents in Hogwarts Legacy are the equivalent of skill points. After unlocking the talent system, players can invest talent points into different aspects of magic to alter how their spells behave or the potency of their magical tools.

Due to the limited number of talent points available, you need to make sure you invest them to get Hogwarts Legacy’s best talents instead of something that you will rarely use.

Best talents to learn from each tree

There are a total of five different Talent Trees in Hogwarts Legacy that you can choose from to unlock different talents.

Don’t be in a hurry to unlock new talents as soon as you earn talent points. There are superior variations of spells available so you might end up wasting a talent point on a weaker spell like Incendio when you can save the point for Confringo.

Core Talents

Core Talents are the basic talents that directly affect your basic abilities. These Talents enhance your character’s physical and magical aspects. Your HP, your magic bar, your magic strength, all of these are directly controlled by these Core Talents.

Basic Cast Mastery
For some reason, all your spells have cooldowns, even though your primary job as a wizard is to cast spells one after another.

Yet, the cooldown on your spells can be a colossal pain. So, our first talent is the one that reduces cooldowns on your spell casting.

Spell Knowledge
Again, even though your entire academic career depends on doing magic, you can only use a limited number of spells.

Investing in Spell Knowledge talent allows you to hold more spells you can switch between as you want. There are three tiers of this talent, and each upgrade provides you with an extra magic slot.

Wiggenweld Potency
Wiggenweld Potency increases the effectiveness of your healing potions. It increases the amount of HP recovered and the speed at which you recover your health.

It’s perfect for the start of the game when you don’t have a significant health pool and when you start getting into fights with stronger enemies in the late game.

Stupefy Expertise
Stupefy Expertise allows you to directly damage any enemy you combat and even stun them for a short while.

Spell Talents

As the name indicates, Spell Talents improve the effectiveness of your spells. Investing in the Spell Talent Tree can make all your spells more robust and potent.

Incendio Mastery
Incendio Mastery improvs your Incendio Spell. Although the spell is worthless, its mastery talent helps you increase the range and improve its effectiveness.

Bombardo Mastery
Bombardo spell allows you to throw an explosive spell, and its mastery talent allows you to hit multiple targets at once, providing a powerful AoE effect to the spell.

Avada Kedavra Mastery
The famous spell of He Who Shall Not Be Named, Avada Kedavra Mastery talent, allows you to instantly kill all the enemies you have cursed during the fight.

Accio Mastery
The Accio spell is the simplest, but it has the most versatility. The mastery talent allows you to improve and strengthen your Accio spells, allowing you to get the upper hand when fighting strong and armored enemies.

Room of Requirement

Room of Requirement talents improves your abilities in your Room of Requirement. You make potions in the Room of Requirement, meaning that this Talent Tree deals with increasing the efficiency of your potions. The skill tree also allows you to craft your potions with fewer resources and boosts their effects.

Edurus Potion Potency
This talent allows you to deflect enemy projectiles and become invulnerable. You can initiate the fight and make your enemies waste their spells before making your attacks. This will ensure you stand a better chance in combat against all enemies.

Maxima Potion Potency
You can equip this talent to get a boost in your attack damage. The increase in damage helps you break down enemy shields, and you can then deal massive damage hits to win the fights.

Some enemies are tough to beat, so having this talent makes sense as you want to deal as much damage as possible in the shortest period.

Thunderbrew Potency
You need to increase your range and damage of the potion with the game’s progression. This increase will help you take down several enemies more efficiently.

So you should invest in Thunderbrew Potency talent as it is one of the best, improving both damage and range, making you strong in the battles.

You need to break down the enemy’s shields and deal maximum damage to stand a higher chance of winning combat. This talent allows you to deal bonus damage and easily break the shields while using Venomous Tentacula.

Dark Arts Talents

Dark Arts Talents deal with your curses and attack spells. All your favorite spells, such as Expelliarmus and Flipendo, come from the Dark Arts Talent tree. These talents provide you with your main offensive spells in the game.

Blood Curse
If you want to damage multiple cursed targets, then Blood Curse talent is perfect. You just have to damage anyone with a curse enemy, and the damage will spread to all other cursed targets.

We can consider this a binding spell that allows you to take full benefit of the cursed nature of your foes.

Avada Kedavra Mastery
This talent is perfect when you want to defeat multiple numbers of enemies. The Avada Kedavra talent allows you to kill all the cursed enemies by taking down a single enemy using this dark spell.

As soon as you kill an enemy with Avada Kedavra, all the other cursed ones will fall, too, increasing your chances of success in the battles.

Curse Sapper
Healing mid-fight using potions can be a bit risky or you might run out of potions altogether. The Curse Sapper talent will cause your character to heal whenever you defeat an enemy, which can be extremely useful when fighting multiple enemies.

Stealth Talents

The Stealth Talent tree is the smallest talent tree of all. The spells and skills you learn from the Stealth talent tree work towards helping you hide your presence from your enemies and others, including you becoming invisible and making it harder for enemies to detect you.

Human Demiguise
One of the problems you have when using stealth spells is that your movement speed takes a hit, and you can no longer just sprint around and away from danger. This talent allows you to sprint around freely after using the Disillusionment spell.

Sense of Secrecy
Sense of Secrecy talent makes it difficult for enemies to detect you. You can crouch and tiptoe around, and it will be much easier to sneak around without getting detected.

Petrificus Totalus Mastery
Sometimes it is crucial to have something under your sleeves that helps you in creating AOE effects. You can use this talent skill to affect all the nearby enemies as the talent allows you to create AOE effects. So this can come in handy when fighting multiple foes simultaneously.

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