Hogwarts Legacy Enemies: Types And Locations

Hogwarts Legacy features various types of enemies to either stay away from or dispatch using your best spells.

Hogwarts Legacy brings to you an ancient world of magic and mystery that has all kinds of creatures and beasts. You are going to encounter all of them during your adventures and hence, it becomes necessary that you know about the strengths and weaknesses of every enemy type in the game.

There are a total of four categories for all All Hogwarts Legacy enemies that are then further split into different types and factions.

All enemy types and their locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Encountering enemies in Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most essential elements of your journey as they are a part of the collections tab and provide you with various trophies to collect.

Regardless of what the outcome of your battle is, you will still add them to the collection entry since the entries are counted on the basis of an encounter rather than the defeat of these wicked enemies.

But if you choose to face the enemies and defeat them in a battle, you will earn rewards as well that may include Appearance. Furthermore, these rewards will also be added to your collections, making it a useful choice to make.

Although the level of the enemy will mostly be the same as yours, you will still find a few who are below or above your level depending on which area they belong to.  

However, the encounters may differ depending upon which console you are playing on as there are 67 Hogwarts Legacy notorious enemies in the PC version of the game while PlayStation players will encounter 69 due to the PlayStation-exclusive “Minding Your Own Business” quest.

Below we have arranged a table that consists of the Hogwarts Legacy enemies list and their locations whom you can defeat to earn the Finishing Touches trophy.

Dark Wizards

You will mostly face Dark Wizards in Hogwarts Legacy. These Wizards are divided into two categories: Poachers and the Ashwinders. Here is a list of all Dark Wizards and where you can encounter them.

Dark Wizard TypeLocation
Ashwinder DuellistForbidden Forest
Ashwinder ScoutForbidden Forest
Ashwinder AssassinForbidden Forest
Ashwinder RangerNorth Hogwarts Region
Ashwinder SoldierSouth Hogwarts Region
Ashwinder ExecutionerManor Cape
Poacher DuelistNorth Ford Bog
Poacher TrackerNorth Ford Bog
Poacher AnimagusNorth Ford Bog
Poacher RangerNorth Ford Bog
Poacher StalkerNorth Ford Bog
Poacher ExecutionerPoidsear Coast
Ailsa TraversUnderground of the Manor Cape Ruins
Death’s ShadowNiamh Fitzgerald’s Trial (main quest)
Gwendolyn ZhouA Basis for Blackmail (side quest)
Iona MorganPoidsear Castle
Silvanus SelwynClagmar Coast
Dunstan TrinitySoutheast of Manor Cape
Catrin HaggartyThe Lost Child (side quest)


Being part of the Goblin rebellion, these creatures play an important role in Hogwarts Legacy. They are classed as loyalists which represents their role of allegiance to Ranrok. Below is a list of all Goblins.

Goblin TypeLocation
Loyalist AssassinKorrow Ruins
Loyalist CommanderKorrow Ruins
Loyalist SentinelKorrow Ruins
Loyalist WarriorKorrow Ruins
Loyalist RangerKorrow Ruins
Ogbert the OddEast of Coastal Cavern
PergitKorrow Ruins
Belgruff the BludgeonerRookwood Castle
GrodbikCoastal Mine


These are one of the fastest-moving enemies you will encounter. Spiders are of various shapes and sizes but have certain weaknesses as well such as being vulnerable when faced with Fire in Hogwarts Legacy.

Spider TypeLocation
The AbsconderAbsconder Encounter (side quest)
AcromantulaBattle Arena in the North Ford Bog
Insatiable SpiderTangled Web (side quest)
Venomous ScurriourTomb of Treachery
Venomous HatchlingSpider Liar northeast of Hogwarts Valley
Venomous AmbusherBattle Arena (Feldcroft)
Venomous ShooterSpider Liar northeast of Hogwarts Valley
Venomous MatriarchSpider Liar northeast of Hogwarts Valley
Thornback ScurriourNorth Ford Bog
Thornback HatchlingNorth Ford Bog
Thornback AmbusherSpider Liar northwest of Hogwarts Valley
Thornback ShooterNorth Ford Bog
Thornback MatriarchNorth Ford Bog


Hogwarts Legacy’s most wicked enemies. Mongrels are foul creatures that show no mercy. Although they are superior to humans, they can still be defeated using Proteg.  

Mongrel TypeLocation
Dark MongrelNorth Hogwarts Region, Forbidden Forest, and North Ford Bog
Death’s Dark MongrelNiamh Fitzgerald’s Trial (main quest)
Mongrel  Forbidden Forest
The GrimCave west of Hogwarts Valley


Arguably one of the most versatile classes of enemies in Hogwarts Legacy, Trolls are large creatures possessing a good amount of HP. They cannot be defeated without a proper strategy.

Troll TypeLocation
Armoured TrollSouth Sea Bog
Fighter TrollEntrance of Korrow Ruins
Fortified TrollSouth Sea Bog
Fastidio’s MonsterMinding Your Own Business (side quest)
Death’s TrollNiamh Fitzgerald’s Trial (main quest)
Forest TrollForbidden Forest
Mountain TrollNorth Hogwarts Region
River TrollNorth Ford Bog
Quagmire TrollHogwarts Valley
Alexandra’s TrollSide Quest: Troll Control
Riparian TrollDale Family Tomb


When fighting the undead, you must focus on using the recommended spells. Since these creatures have risen from the dead, you cannot defeat them in certain circumstances.

Undead TypeLocation
Bardolph Beaumont’s CorpseBrother’s Keeper (side quest)
Lord of the ManorUnderground of the Manor Cape Ruins
Mannequin/PuppetMinding Your Own Business (side quest)
InferiusNorth Hogwarts Region

Animated Statues

These creatures are assigned to guard the secrets of Ancient Magic against the unworthy in Hogwarts Legacy. Some of these statues are going to be the toughest enemies you face in the game.

Animated Statue TypeLocation
Pensieve GuardianJackdaw’s Tomb
Pensieve SentryJackdaw’s Tomb
Pensieve SentinelJackdaw’s Tomb
Pensieve ProtectorJackdaw’s Tomb
Armoured TrollSouth Sea Bog


These creatures are oversized frogs that spit out ranged attacks to deal damage. Without the required spells, they can be a bit tricky to defeat.

Dugbog TypeLocation
Stoneback DugbogMarunweem Lake
Great Spined DugbogNorth Ford Bog
Cottongrass DugbogNorth Ford Bog
Rampant DugbogSouth of East North Ford Bog

How to check enemy levels in Hogwarts Legacy

The enemy scaling in Hogwarts Legacy is simple. Each enemy you encounter will have a certain level associated with it which can be displayed on their individual health bars.

If the enemy has a higher level than yours, then it will be indicated by green digits next to the health bar while red indicates that it is one of the hardest enemies to face in the game.

Furthermore, these enemies will only scale up and not down. In case you enter an enemy’s territory at level 20, then the enemies in that area will not go above the level of 20 when scaled.

You can display the level cap of each area by zooming into the map and hovering over each area. This will show numbers such as 5-20, 10-40, etc.

Knowing the enemy levels will let you strategize in advance. For example, high-level enemies do a lot of damage, so you will need to be extra careful or choose your best spells to do the most damage.

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