Helldivers 2 Progression System Explained

Types of rewards that await you in Helldivers 2.

The progression system of Helldivers 2 can be quite complicated to understand, especially if you are just starting out. Instead of just having a simple XP system like most games, progression in Helldivers 2 revolves around numerous systems that include but are not limited to XP.

Medals, Requisition Slips, XP, and stratagems are just some of the different gameplay systems at play that feed into the grind or progression of Helldivers 2 to improve your combat ability. You will need to collect these resources to upgrade your ship, unlock newer stratagems, and use them during your missions in order to unlock higher difficulties, as just leveling up your character will not help you much.

How does the Progression System work in Helldivers 2?

As mentioned before, the progression and its rewards in Helldivers 2 follow a multi-tier system. The difficulty you play missions at, the number of objectives you complete, and the number of squad members who were able to extract successfully all play into the progression.

The better your performance in a mission, the better your rewards will be at the end. However, before we get to the rewards, I’m going to break down what kind of tasks you will actually need to complete to make use of the progression system of Helldivers 2.

You can access the Galactic war map and check the missions with the objectives there. There will be three types of objectives and each of these will have their respective time limit in which you will need to complete the following types of missions.

Main/ Primary ObjectivesOrange Symbols
Optional/ Secondary ObjectivesCyan Symbols
Nests/ FactoriesRed Haze

Primary Objectives are those major orders that will require you to complete a certain task, like killing a selective number of enemies, etc. You will need to complete the primary objectives fully in order to receive the mission rewards in Helldivers 2, and if you end up dying in between the missions, you will lose the rewards.

Helldivers 2 Progression System Explained

On the other hand, Secondary objectives are more like side missions, which comprise smaller individual tasks such as Detect Tower, AA Emplacement, Escape Pod, Illegal Broadcast, etc. You can do multiple side missions at the same time in the form of one challenge. This way, your individual rewards will add up to one final reward in Helldivers 2.

Moving onto the Factories or Enemy Nests, these are indicated on the map area with a red haze. Moreover, these points will indicate those areas where the concentration of Bug swarms or bots being produced is high.

You can indulge in destroying the Nest or Factories as these will earn you a bonus reward, and if you are playing on higher difficulty levels in Helldivers 2, such as Suicide or above, then the reward will increase exponentially.


All rewards are shared equally across squad members, so even the weaker part of the team gets the same XP and Requisition slips as the MVP. However, you should still try to pull your weight and not slack off.

Progression rewards in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Progression System Explained

While XP and Requisition slips you earn after missions are based on the difficulty you played at, the other rewards that we have mentioned below are something you can actually farm yourself.

In the Acquisition Center screen, you will notice Warbonds. This is Helldivers 2’s version of a battle pass. The starting (standard)¬†Warbond will be free for you to go through. Apart from that, you will have your premium Warbond that you can purchase for 1000 Super Store credits. If you own the Super Citizen Edition then you will have free access to this premium Warbond.


Apart from “monetary” rewards, a key part of the progression system in Helldivers 2 is unlocking new difficulty settings to play at. For higher difficulties, you will need to successfully complete operations, and the next difficulty will be your reward.

Super Credits

Moving onto Super Credits, these are basically the source of currency that you can use in the game. You can purchase super credits with real money, or you can actually find them in the field during your missions. Moreover, you can also get Super credits through your normal Warbond as well.

However, the easiest way would be to look for those Golden Beacons, and upon finding them in the field, you can interact with them to earn up to 10 Super Credits in Helldivers 2.


Now, within the Warbond, you will notice that there are several sections, and you can use the Warbond medals you obtained to unlock each of these sections. Warbond Medals can be obtained once you complete different kinds of missions such as Eradicate, Blitz, Defend, etc.

Completing more missions of higher difficulty levels will secure you a greater number of Medals in Helldivers 2.

Furthermore, in the case of Warbond sections, there will be no transaction here other than spending in-game medals. This means that you will need to actively engage in all the missions so that you can unlock new sets of armor, capes, helmets, and best weapons in Helldivers 2 using those medals.

XP and Requisition Slips

Helldivers 2 Progression System Explained

XP is quite an essential aspect that helps you in leveling up during your playthrough and you will get a certain amount of XP at the end of each mission you complete. Furthermore, by earning more XP, you will also be able to unlock Stratagems that you can equip to deal with hordes of enemy factions in Helldivers 2.

Requisition Slips in Helldivers 2 work in the same way as XP does, but instead of increasing your level, you can use these to purchase Stratagems. You will get requisition slips at the end of your missions, and if you are indulging in larger maps, then you will earn more of these specific Requisition slips.

New Stratagems and Upgrades

You will be able to unlock the Stratagems in Helldivers 2 from your Ship Management screen. You can also get access to new and more destructive weapons like Machine Guns, Turrets, Anti-tank, Mortar Sentry, Stalwart, Orbital Cannons, Hangar, Bridge, etc. Each of these Stratagems will be unlocked on their required levels.


You will also be able to access some Ship Modules in the Ship Management setting, and here, you will get to use Samples that you have farmed during missions. Samples will basically comprise common, rare, and super uranium materials in Helldivers 2. You can find samples during certain missions at higher difficulty levels and these are not automatically awarded to you.

Keep in mind that once you find enough samples, you will be able to gain upgrades to your ship, which will not only change the appearance of your ship but will also give you some additional benefits like new screen terminals, etc., on your ship.

These ship modules will also affect the stratagems you equip before undertaking any mission and increase the number of magazines for your support weapon, etc. There are a variety of destructive stratagems that you can purchase and grab, but you will need to work for them as procuring samples at higher difficulties will not be easy in Helldivers 2.

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