How To Level Up Fast In Helldivers 2

Maximize your EXP earnings in Helldivers 2.

If you are aiming to become the best super soldier in Helldivers 2, then you will need to level up quickly in order to unlock the best weapons and stratagems that the game has to offer. However, the mission difficulty plays a significant role in increasing your level, as you will earn a bonus at the end of each round based on your difficulty level.

To gain experience and level up faster in Helldivers 2, you need to play the game at the highest difficulty level that you have unlocked and engage frequently in certain missions with your teammates. You can play solo, but it will take more time for you to farm XP to level up. On the other hand, if you go in with a squad, you can get the mission done in a matter of minutes.

Keep in mind that your ultimate goal for gaining experience in Helldivers 2 and leveling up faster should be first to unlock the Helldive difficulty level. The reason for choosing this particular difficulty level is simple: it will provide you with an additional 200 % bonus XP at the end of your missions.

Engage in Eradicate Missions with your Squad

Eradicate Missions are considered the best way to farm not only a ton of resources but also to gain a lot of XP to level up faster in Helldivers 2. These specific missions are more centered on eliminating a fixed number of enemies. All you will need to do is set your current difficulty level to the highest and then engage in these particular missions in a squad.

Helldivers 2 XP farming

You can do this task using any means possible, and if you are aiming to increase your level, then make sure to go into these Eradicate Missions along with your teammates. This way, you will be able to clear these specific missions with relative ease in just 3 to 4 minutes.

You can equip the Stratagems that best allow you to kill, such as Orbital laser, Auto Cannon Sentry, etc., to eliminate the enemies and also make sure to bring along the Mortar Sentry to deal with enemies. Since the area will be small, you can efficiently place the mortar sentry at different vantage points and use them to quickly increase that kill count and farm XP.


You can set up Personnel Minefields, use Cluster Eagle bombs, or set up an orbital Eagle Airstrike from your super destroyer to take out all the enemies and kill the ones left standing after the Stratagem use.

Once you have eliminated the required number of enemies, you can return back to your ship, abandon the mission, and continue to play it again multiple times to farm XP. Even if you abandon the mission and return to the ship, you will retain the EXP you earned, so by participating in the Eradicate mission multiple times in Helldivers 2, you will be leveling up pretty quickly.

In short, if you spend 30 minutes with your teammates re-doing the Eradicate Automaton forces missions on Helldive difficulty, you can earn up to 10,000 XP, 50,000 Requisition slips, and at least 80 Warbond medals in Helldivers 2.

Focus on completing side missions to level up faster

Side missions are basically the goldmines in Helldivers 2 when it comes to farming easy XP and leveling up super-fast. These missions in particular vary from taking down stalker nests to activating a radar tower, destroying facility buildings, or activating the SEAF Artillery. Apart from that, you will also be destroying Spore Spewers to gather a lot of samples. These are a great way to get Pink (Super Uranium) samples as well.


In order to maximize your rewards and gain a lot of XP to level up faster in Helldivers 2, you will need to progress up to Helldive difficulty.

You can take up smaller missions such as Terminate Illegal Broadcast objective, drop right next to it, call in your grenade launcher, blast it three times, and then run away to the evac. It will be the simplest way to farm XP efficiently in Helldivers 2.

The best thing about side missions is that all of these objectives can stack up into one longer mission, meaning that you will get a nice XP boost at the end. Furthermore, you will need to use the divide-and-conquer strategy here by splitting your four-man team into two groups. This way, one group can focus on those main mission tasks, whereas the other group can engage in the side objectives.

Once you are successful in completing both these mission requirements with your team, these will ultimately add up to increase your level and unlock greater difficulties for you to access. However, once you engage in those larger maps, you will need to look for the Terminid nests or the Automaton factories. There, you will need to target the heavy and medium enemy outposts as a top priority.

Farm XP through Defending Against Automaton missions

Helldivers 2 XP farming

You will need to access the Galactic War map first and then head over to the Automaton planets in Helldivers 2. You will need to engage in Defense missions against Automatons and go in with your teammates to complete them.

These Automaton Defense missions are quite similar to the Eradicate missions, but here, you will be charged with protecting civilians while engaging Automatons. You will need to kill them all and win at least 8 Defend campaigns in Helldivers 2.


Keep in mind this is 8 Defend campaigns, not just 8 Defend missions. The entire Helldivers 2 community needs to be working towards this progress as part of the Galactic War effort to liberate sectors.

As usual, if you are playing at Helldive difficulty, then there are two things that will make it a hell of a lot easier for you to complete. The first thing will be the Mortar Sentry, and the second thing will be the EMS Mortar. The best thing about these weapons is that they will plow through the enemies, and you and your teammates will be able to complete them in just 7 to 8 minutes.

Complete smaller missions on Suicide or higher difficulty

You can take up smaller missions on Suicide or Helldive difficulty to stack up XP to level faster. The first mission that you can undertake is the Terminate Illegal Broadcast objective. All you will need to do is drop right next to it, call in your grenade launcher, blast it three times, and then run away to the evac. It will be the simplest way to farm XP efficiently in Helldivers 2.

Secondly, you can choose missions to Purge Hatcheries and Eliminate Brood Commander, as these missions can be done quickly and are easy sources for gaining a high amount of XP. However, at higher difficulty levels, you will find the objectives more challenging, like exterminating three Egg Nests with your teammates.

Level Up Fast in Helldivers 2

The best strategy you can use after dropping near the objectives is to get out your grenade launcher, resupply, and your Gattling Sentry. These will prove quite essential in keeping you alive by dealing with the first wave of bugs whilst you gear up and prepare yourself for the mission.

Clear out the Terminid nests and make your way to the evac area to complete the mission with all the additional EXP you have earned.

Best Stratagems for leveling up quickly in Helldivers 2

If you have unlocked the Helldive difficulty level and are engaging missions on this specific difficulty then you can go with the following Stratagems to make your XP farming more effective in Helldivers 2.

  • A/M-12 Mortar Sentry
  • A/G-16 Gatling Sentry
  • A/MLS-4X Rocket Sentry
  • Eagle Cluster Bomb

Moreover, if you are planning on positioning all your Sentries in one area, then make sure to put some space between them to prevent them from destroying each other.

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