Best Ways To Farm Warbond Medals In Helldivers 2

Maximize your warbond earnings in Helldivers 2.

The equivalent of Battle Pass tokens/stars, Warbond Medals in Helldivers 2, are a key component of progression as they allow you to progress through the Warbonds and unlock new gear. Each victory that you secure during your missions will earn you Requisition slips, EXP, and, most importantly, Warbond Medals at the end of your battles.

When you complete your mission, you earn Medals based on your difficulty, and the higher the difficulty level, the more Warbond Medals you will end up earning in Helldivers 2. However, simply ramping up difficulty isn’t always the ideal method to earn warbond medals. You need to be smart and efficient if you want to farm warbond medals in Helldivers 2 with the least amount of effort.


To start earning Warbond Medals in Helldivers 2, the easiest and ideal method is to simply complete your Personal Order. Personal Orders are basically Helldivers 2’s version of daily quests. Completing your personal order gets you 15 Warbond Medals per day so it is a good start.

Helldivers 2 Warbond Medal farming tips

The best way to gain XP in order to level up and farm Warbond Medals in Helldivers 2 will be to focus on farming Eradicate missions on repeat. Other than that, you can also indulge in Blitz: Search and Destroy missions, but compared to the eradicate mission, these will pose more difficulty and take some time to complete.

You can pick the level of difficulty depending on how much you have unlocked in Helldivers 2. In short, difficulty level 5 is fairly easy for mid-level players or for small groups, and completing these missions will earn you at least four medals.

Moving on, difficulty level 6 has the potential for Bile Titans to show up, and finishing the mission on this specific difficulty earns you five Warbond medals.

Helldivers 2 Farm Warbond medals

You can select the defense mission called Eradicate Automaton Forces. This particular mission is available from medium difficulty, and you can easily spot it by the short star symbol on the right side. The Eradicate Automaton Forces mission requires you to defeat a fixed number of enemies using any means possible in under 10 minutes.

You can simply engage in this specific mission, make the required number of kills, and complete it even before the given time in Helldivers 2. After that, you will need to look for another one of these missions in the same planet area and start a new operation there to gain XP to farm Warbond Medals quickly.  

When you are done with the mission, you can abandon it and look for a new Eradicate mission to run. You will need to engage quite frequently in these specific missions.

In short, you can earn around 171 XP and 722 Requisitions on medium difficulty while playing solo. However, once you increase the difficulty to (suicide) setting, you will increase your rewards by 3x in Helldivers 2. This means that you will be able to collect 575 XP and 2575 Requisitions while undertaking this mission in solo mode.

Helldivers 2 warbond medals

This method is pretty reliable since you will be able to complete your mission in about 7 min while competing solo in harder difficulties such as Suicide. On the other hand, this time can also be reduced to 4 minutes if you join in with your squad, in which case you will be able to earn a lot of XP and get your hands on those Warbond Medals with relative ease.

If you are going on an eradication mission with a team, then to make this farm really efficient, everyone on your team should bring the Mortar Sentry.

As the eradication mission area is small therefore, you and your teammates can place the mortar sentry at different ends. It will target the enemy quite efficiently, and you will be able to burn through this specific mission in about 3-4 minutes, making this medal-farming method quite effective in Helldivers 2

Stratagems for Warbond Medal farming

It may look difficult in the beginning, but if you equip the correct Stratagems for undertaking these higher-difficulty missions to Eradicate Automaton Forces, then farming warbond medals in Helldivers 2 should be pretty easy.

The stratagems and loadout we have suggested below will aid you quite a lot in farming the missions we have mentioned earlier to easily earn more XP and gain warbond levels.

MD-6 Anti-Personnel Minefield3 sec Call-in Time Unlimited use180 sec Cooldown TimeHellpod, Explosive
MD-14 Incendiary Mines3 sec Call-in TimeUnlimited use180 sec Cooldown TimeHellpod, Explosive

Keep in mind that you can’t disable friendly fire in Helldivers 2 so be careful where you deploy the mines and make sure not to trigger the mines from your allies.

These Stratagems will help you in blocking both the right and left Rams that access the main level slowing down enemies and allowing you to inflict heavy damage on them. You will need to be careful while choosing these spots to place and activate the Personnel Minefields in order to maximize the damage on the Automaton Forces in Helldivers 2.

The mines should easily take care of the incoming enemies, and in case they get past the minefield, you can take them out individually. If things start to get a little crowded, you can always use the Eagle Cluster Bombs to take care of the light-armored enemies and pump up your kill count faster to complete your mission.

Similarly, if you are playing on suicide difficulty, you will have a lot of heavy armor enemies coming your way. To deal with these Automatons, you can simply use the Stratagem’s called Orbital Laser or Expendable Anti-Tank to destroy them all.


You can even earn the Hell Dive achievement by completing your mission at extreme (suicide) difficulty without dying in Helldivers 2.

Lastly, if you are playing at a medium difficulty setting (Level 5), then you can go with the following Solo Build for some quick Medal Farming in Helldivers 2

  • Pod: Stamina Enhancement
  • Loadout Stratagem Permits: Eagle 500kg Bomb, Eagle Airstrike, SH-32 Shield Generator Pack, GL-21 Grenade Launchers.
  • Armor: CE-74 Breaker

How to level up Warbond in Helldivers 2

If you are new to Helldivers 2 and want to grind medals efficiently, then you can start with trivial or easy difficulty settings and take on missions that you can complete early. During these missions, you will need to look out for Golden Beacons that you can spot at a distance. These caches are a great source for gaining super credits. This way, you will be able to salvage up to 10 Super credits as well warbond medals.

Helldivers 2 Warbond caches

As you earn medals, you will unlock more tiers in the free Warbond section, and each tier gives you 100 Super Credits for free by spending Warbond medals. You can then simply combine these methods to purchase the Premium Warbond in Helldivers 2 without paying a single penny.

You should also check the cargo containers and the bunkers at different locations, such as underneath points of interest, cliffs, etc., as these places usually have the majority of the medals and super credits tucked away in Helldivers 2.

You can earn up to 10 Super credits by unlocking these containers and gain 3 to 9 medals while opening up bunkers and containers on suicide difficulty settings.

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