How To Make Money In GTA 5 Story Mode?

How to make extra money really easy in GTA 5. Side activities you can do to boost your bank balance with our GTA V money farming guide.

GTA 5 features a robust open world that lets you partake in several activities including buying shiny new sports cars, surviving the ensuing forces of the LSPD, completing heists, buying new businesses to run, and more.

Most of these activities require you to have a set amount of money, which, if you’re a newcomer or simply aren’t aware of all the avenues you can make money through, can be very difficult. In this guide, we’ll go over the ten best ways on how to make money in GTA 5’s story mode.

1. Rob stores

how to make money gta 5

GTA 5 features the ability to rob a store including jewelry stores, convenience stores, and even clothing outlets. Get in the store and sweep the cash counter for all you can carry. You will also have to successfully evade the police to keep the cash.

2. Loot security vans

While playing GTA 5, be on the lookout for security vans that pop up now and then as part of the game’s random events. They are relatively easy to identify because of their green and white paint job. You can blow open the rear doors of these vans to loot all the cash.


Intercepting a security van will attract the ire of the law, so make sure you have a vehicle handy to quickly flee the scene

3. Purchase a business

how to make money gta 5

Like its predecessors, GTA 5 allows the players to start their own business. Players will be able to buy houses, warehouses, and businesses to set themselves up as a permanent source of income.

You’ll occasionally get called upon to help out with the business, so make sure you complete these missions to keep the money flowing.

4. Find collectibles

There are several collectibles scattered throughout the world of Grand Theft Auto V. Finding these collectibles and Hidden Packages will net you unique rewards along with some extra cash. There is a total of 4 collections you can complete in the game which include:


Take Chop along with you to make finding these collectibles relatively easy

5. Invest in the stock market

how to make money gta 5

One of the best ways to earn big bucks in GTA 5 is by investing in the stock exchange. There are two main Stock Exchanges in the game: LCN and BAWSAQ. Check your phone at regular intervals to keep up with them.

LCN stock market is directly influenced by the events during the game. Pay attention to what’s going on around you, whenever your actions are closely associated with some company listed in that stock market. Listen to the radio for stock tips, they help.

Listen to the pre- and post-mission briefings attentively, and you might get clues about how the upcoming events will affect the stock market.

For example, during assassination missions, you will get rid of certain people to influence stock prices. This is a perfect opportunity to make some quick cash since you will be the one influencing the market.

BAWSAQ is a Rockstar Social Club-run stock market that is directly influenced by the overall GTA 5 community. For example, if the whole community decides to rob a certain car type, it will affect the stock related to it on BAQSAQ.

You can also directly affect stock prices by destroying the rival of the company you have invested in. For example, you could invest in an automobile company and then destroy the cars of all its rivals.

Similarly, if you want to buy the stock cheap and sell high: the first step would be to destroy the company’s assets; the second step would be to buy its stock because its price will be low due to losses in the first step, and finally, destroy its rival’s assets to restore its price.

6. Complete Strangers & Freaks / Random Events

how to make money gta 5

Strangers and Freaks are character-specific side missions that pop up on your mini-map at different intervals. These missions are fairly simple and don’t require too much effort. At most, you will be asked to deliver a car, assassinate someone, or steal a package. Completing these missions successfully will reward you for your efforts.

Similarly, Random Events occur when you’re out and about in the world. Sometimes, you’ll witness a robbery taking place in front of you, and you’ll be asked to recover the cash. When it comes to recovering cash, you should consider an alternative. Instead of returning the money recovered, keep it because that’s more profitable.

7. Rob Citizens

While free roaming the city, you will come across many ATMs. Lurk around the area, wait for someone to use these machines and then rob them for all their belongings to get their hard-earned cash. NPCs routinely withdraw tens of thousands of dollars at once, so if you’re at the right place at the right time, you can win big.

8. Play Races

how to make money gta 5

Cars and races have been a part of the Grand Theft Auto series, and they are back in GTA 5. Equip yourself with a decent vehicle and jump straight into a race for extra cash. You can participate in Street Racing and Sea Racing and even complete a Trialathon. If you’re still wondering about how to make money in GTA 5, try this. This is one of the most fun ways to do so.

9. Find hidden packages

If you feel like swimming, you can go to the sea floor around the San Andreas area to look for hidden packages around the wreckage:

  • Plane Crash
  • Crop Duster Wreck
  • Lost Cargo
  • Aged Cargo Plane
  • Sunken Tugboat
  • Remains

10. Complete the main story heists

how to make money gta 5

Nothing gets you more money than carrying out a heist in GTA 5. The peril is certainly there but it is worth the rewards. Make sure you thoroughly consider all strategies to make sure you make out with the maximum amount of money.

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