GTA 5 Strangers and Freaks Side Missions – How to Complete Strangers and Freaks, Strangers and Freaks Locations

Complete walkthrough of all the strangers and freaks missions in GTA 5.

The GTA 5 Strangers and Freaks questline is one of the more fun diversions in Grand Theft Auto 5. Here we get to see the stable of nutty and hilarious characters that Rockstar has designed and crafted for us. There are so many different activities and missions you can perform in the game including Strangers and Freaks.

These are tough tasks but with a little time and guidance, you can do better at completing them. Strangers and Freaks GTA V missions will offer different rewards and for those of us who like to 100% completion rates, these missions are a must.

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The following GTA 5 Strangers and Freaks guide will help you know how to complete Strangers and Freaks side missions in GTA 5. Keep in mind that these are not part of the main storyline so if you do not wish to spend hours doing these, just ignore the quest givers and move on.

GTA 5 Strangers and Freaks

Most of Stranger and Freaks missions are hilarious (especially the one with Barry and the weed). There’s a lot of these though, and they’re required for the 100% completion rating that players sometimes desire. Most of the missions are tied to a particular protagonist and to find them, you need to search for the ‘?’ mark on the map.

GTA 5 Stranger and Freaks Side Missions

After you’ve been introduced to a particular character in the Strangers and Freaks questline their icon becomes unique. For example, the first time you meet Beverly the icon will be a ‘?’, but every subsequent mission with him displays a ‘P’.

Strangers and Freaks Missions – Michael

Death at Sea
You need to have completed Blitz Play and have purchased the Sonar Collections Dock property to unlock this mission. This mission is meant to be done by Michael and your contact will be a blond woman named Abigail at the Sonar Collections Dock.

She’ll talk to you about her deceased husband who was a TV personality/Undersea Explorer. Apparently, she is now penniless due to her husband’s death and unable to collect life insurance due to a lack of proof as to Frank’s death.

What you need to do to complete this mission is to collect all 30 Submarine Pieces, check out our Submarine Pieces location guide here. After getting the parts, return to Abigail and she will be very unhappy to see evidence of tampering with the airlocks of the sub.

You can tell immediately by her actions and expression who might have done the sabotage, so after you get the reward you have the option to kill her or let her go.

Grass Roots
To unlock this mission, you need to complete the Complications and Pulling Favors missions. Take Michael and head to the question mark and you’ll find a gentleman named Barry sitting behind a desk with a ‘Legalize Weed’ sign.

Talk to him and he’ll give you a blunt reported to be a ‘Passport to Nirvana’. It really doesn’t take you there though…

As soon as you take a hit, your surroundings start to distort and aliens appear and attack you. Use the minigun (because you have a minigun now) to fend off the attack. The aliens will try to restrain you with a mental attack if you let them close, so jiggle the control stick to break free and rid the world of the alien scum.

The bonus objectives include completing the mission with minimal damage to health and armor and killing 7 aliens within 10 seconds.

Seeking The Truth
You need to have the Father/Son, Pulling Favors and the Epsilon Program Identity Evaluation on the Epsilon website completed to unlock this mission for Michael. After all this, you receive a report making reference to a red truck and a ‘?’ appears on the map. Head over to this marker near Mount Josiah to find the truck.

Coming near it will cause a scene where Michael is rendered unconscious. When you wake up, open the Epsilon Website and make a donation of $500.

Accepting the Truth
A new icon will appear on the map that is a cross between an ‘E’ and a ‘T’. Head over to it to find a doorway bearing the symbol under the Ice Planet Jewelry sign. Approaching causes a new scene where you meet up with Marnie.

After the cutscene, head over to the website and make a donation of $5000.

Assuming the Truth
Now you need to find Marnie southwest of Grapeseed on a rocky field, which is where the Epsilon icon leads you. Talk to Marnie as she is meditating, whereupon she assigns you the name Zolag.

She assigns you the task of acquiring cars for the higher acolytes of the Epsilon order and gives you a list by email. These are very costly cars, so even if you can buy some of them over the net, it’s going to put a significant hole in your pocket.

IF you have to find them the old-fashioned way, here are some tips. The Super Diamond, Tornado and Dinka Double-T motorbike will spawn more frequently for the duration of this mission. You can find the Serrano parked in a cul-de-sac near Lake Vinewood. You can look for a Vacca parked in front of a house in the Vinewood Hills.

After you find a car, you must deliver it to the proper destination. Do this for all the cars and you’re done.

Chasing the Truth
Soon you receive another email from Marnie, this time you need to meet her and Jimmy Boston at a field where you are handed an ‘Alien Artifact Detection Device’. Travel across the area, holding out the device as it beeps and leads you to different objects.

The first item will be a TV, whereupon Marnie says that she senses doubt surrounding their minds, keeping you from revelation. Next, you come to a car battery and once again Marnie says to keep looking. When you get to the boot, Michael figures out what’s going on and claims that the boot is definitely the artifact.

Marnie pronounces you ready to move onto the next stage. All you have to do is go to the Epsilon website and donate $10,000.

Bearing the Truth
At the next Epsilon location, you’ll find Marnie at a Graffiti wall near Downtown Vinewood. You’ll be told to purchase some clothes from the Epsilon website and wear them for a total of 10 consecutive days. Do so.

Delivering The Truth
Shortly after finishing the last mission, you’ll be contacted by Jimmy Boston, who directs you to somewhere between the coast and Fort Zancudo. Meet Tom here, next to a plane you need to fly.

Hop in and take off, heading east towards the airfield. Fly underneath one of the bridges over Lago Zancudo. Follow the market and land on the target airfield. Get out of the plane and talk to Jimmy, who takes the plane.

The optional objectives of this mission are to Land the plane without damaging it and to fly under a bridge along Lago Zancudo.

Exercising The Truth
While wearing the Epsilon robes, Meet up with Marnie and crew, whereupon you are given the task of running 5 miles across the Grand Senora Desert in the suit. Start off your pilgrimage and keep running.

If you get tired walk for a bit. You’ll have a distance tracker on screen which will display the miles done so far. You get a call from the Leader, Cris at the fourth mile and once you’re done, another call praising you and requesting yet another donation.

Unknowing the Truth
You need to be wearing the robes and have about 50,000 dollars in your bank account for this one. Follow the Epsilon marker on the map to get to the Epsilon Center in West Vinewood.

This is where you take revenge from the scammers. Make your donation by meeting Cris and you’re given the task of delivering the ‘Apocalypse Funds’ to the dropoff point. There will be a security team in an SUV traveling ahead of you while you drive the car loaded with the money. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

You can do three things here, dropoff the cash, and watch it sail away as you are rewarded with a useless old tractor, make off with the money and ditch the security team as they chase you, or kill everyone at the dropoff point and make off with the money. Pick option three if you want to fulfill all the medal requirements.

Exercising Demons
If you have completed the Complications and Pulling Favors missions, then this Strangers and Freaks icon will become available to you. Head to the ‘?’ on the map to find a fitness freak named Mary-Ann. She has some serious issues.

Approach her and a cut-scene will start playing, at the end of which she challenges you to a race. The race winds down towards the beach and Mary-Ann will have a head start. Keep on after her, and try to hit the checkpoints. You can occasionally find little shortcuts that save you some time, but using them will lose you the gold medal.

When you get to the beachfront walkway, you should really dig deep and start sprinting madly, as this is the point when you have your best chance to beat Mary-Ann. Don’t sprint all the way, as you will quickly run out of stamina and collapse.

Strangers and Freaks Missions – Trevor

Grass Roots
To unlock this you must complete the Three’s Company mission. After doing so, head to the market with Trevor. Once again you meet Barry who offers up his product to you. Basically, the same thing happens with Michael, except you’re being attacked by Clowns instead of Aliens.

Trevor will be wielding an Assault Shotgun, so make good use of it. If you run across clown vans, target them immediately as they will start to spawn more clowns. Blowing up a bunch of these before they spawn clowns is a medal requirement.

Just keep on fighting until the jokers are dead, whereupon Trevor wakes up and realizes how much of a lightweight he is. The optional objectives include; destroying 4 vans before they spawn clowns and to kill 6 clowns while they’re dancing.

Target Practice
After completing Nervous Ron, switch to Trevor and you’ll find a new ‘?’ on the map. This will introduce you to Cletus, who is your new contact. Head on over to Marina Drive to meet him. A cutscene occurs, during which he gives you his rifle and asks you to join him in some hunting.

You’ll be asked to snipe several targets, starting with a tire on three different passing cars. Remember to shoot for the tire as soon as the car shows up since it’s at its slowest that that point. After popping the tires follow Cletus to the next targets.

Now you need to shoot at the satellite dishes Cletus points out to you. This is pretty easy. After the satellite dishes, he takes you to a corner of the roof and tells you to pop three coyotes. You can know which direction to scan through the radar map, which shows some red targets.

After completing these requirements, you need to get into a car with Cletus and go to an abandoned motel. The Optional objectives are to kill 2 coyotes with one shot, to shoot the 3 tires with an accuracy of 75% and to shoot all three satellite dishes without missing.

Fair Game (Trevor)
After the last mission, Cletus’ ‘C’ icon appears on the map at Bayview Lodge. Find him to begin the next mission. This time we’re going to hunt some Elk, and to help in this regard we’ve been given an Elk call whistle.

Follow Cletus into the woods while he explains the basics of hunting. In a nutshell, you’re going to want to watch the wind gauge and make sure it’s not downwind from you, as it will pick up your scent and run away.

Remember to use stealth mode when creeping, and hit the target with a heart shot, just below the neck. After taking one of the beasts down, return to Cletus and use the Elk whistle to hunt another. Creep into position when the red circle appear and make the shot.

A third Elk needs to be taken down now, the catch is that it’s near a female, and the mission is failed if you shoot it by accident. To differentiate between them look for the one with antlers, that’s the one you want to shoot.

Cletus is almost ready to let you go solo now, he just requests a photo of your next Elk kill. Use the Whistle once more and take another down. Use your phone to take a photo and send it to Cletus.
The optional objectives are to not be detected by any of the Elks and to kill three of them with a heart shot.

Extra Commission
This mission line is started after you complete the ‘Hang Ten’ mission. Trevor will be able to go to the new ‘?’ icon on the map and find a realtor named Josh. Josh asks for Trevor’s help in getting back at a rival Realtor named Lenny Avery, who has stolen all of his clients.

The first task Josh assigns you is to destroy all of Lenny’s ‘For Sale’ signs. To assist you in this regard, he sends a link to his website, which features all of his properties as well as a ‘Get Directions’ feature, that automatically creates a waypoint to the property.

Go to each one of the 15 properties and shoot the sign. You’ll receive a text From Josh and the mission will be over.

Closing the Deal
The question mark for Josh has not been replaced by a ‘J’, follow it to the Billingsgate Motel to find the realtor at the foot of the stairs. After a short conversation, you are asked to go to Caesars Place in Rockford Hills.

Follow the destination marker and prepare yourself, Lenny knows you’re coming. He’ll be in a green Comet, and you’ll have to chase him when he takes off. Either ram him or shoot out his tires, but don’t kill him.

When his car stops, he’ll get out. Make sure to have a club or something and beat him up with it. After a while, the mission will end with Avery agreeing to stay away from Josh’s business.
The optional objectives are in use a melee weapon to beat up Avery and to stop his car within 40 seconds.

Surreal Estate
Head back to the Billingsgate Motel and meet up with Josh at the ‘J’ on the map. He sends you up to room 9 of the motel, whereupon there is a cutscene. After that, Josh comes up with a plan to get money through fire insurance fraud by setting his own house on fire.

Take Josh’s nearby car and follow the yellow route to the house. Josh also mentions that the gas grill in the backyard is quite explosive. Hop over the wall and walk around to the back of the house. Equip the Jerry Can and pour the gasoline along the dotted line shown on the radar.

Once that’s done, simply shoot the trail to ignite it, and get out of dodge. The optional objectives are to complete it without getting a wanted level and to pour the gas perfectly on the line in one go.

Breach Of Contract
Show up at the ‘J’ on the map once more to find Josh standing outside his ruined house alongside two policemen and a cruiser. As soon as you show yourself, Josh points to you and rats you out to the cops as the arsonist.

When this happens you can run away to your car and escape, but a better idea is to pull out arms of your own kill all of them. Then you can simply park yourself in the driver’s seat of the police cruiser and drive off.

Exercising Demons
After ‘Reuniting the Family’ is finished, you can meet up with Mary-Ann as Trevor, by going to the ‘F?’ icon on the map. You meet Mary-Ann and her biking date, and Trevor decides to intervene, immediately becoming smitten.

You now need to engage her in a bike race down the trail and behind the Vinewood sign. Simply follow the waypoints and don’t fall too far behind. Try not to bump into Mary-Ann at any point or you will anger her and lost the gold. The other optional objective is to win the race in 1:42.

Special Bonds
After completing ‘Mr. Phillips’, this ‘?’ appears on the map. It leads you to a trailer in the countryside where an associate of Trevor by the name of Maude is sitting along with a laptop, tracking some Bail Bond Jumpers.

Approach her for a conversation in which she asks for some help in locating these jumpers for a portion of the pay. She’ll periodically send you some information on the targets and you can go after them when you feel like it. Check out our guide for the bail bond missions here.

The Civil Border Patrol
This mission is also unlocked after ‘Mr. Phillips’. Head to the ‘?’ at the plant off Joshua Road near the Grand Senora Desert’s western edge. You find two men peeking into a van, looking for illegal immigrants.

Getting an alert, one of the men conscripts you into the patrol, asking you investigate the disturbance. Head on over to the near marker at the Yellow Jack Inn to find squat. Exit the inn to see an old Declasse Tornado speed past, supposedly full of illegal aliens.

Get into the car and chase after them. Use your weapon to blast out the tires of the fleeing Mexicans. Then when they stop and get out, you need to use the stun gun given to you too on each of the foreigners. This will make them step into the patrol jeep.

The bonus objectives for this one are to steal their Tornado after they are a stunned and to stop them within 40 seconds.

An American Welcome
Head off to the new ‘M?’ icon on the map to find the border patrol. There is a scene with Joe and Josef, after which they see someone down road. Chase after them in the vehicle as ordered.

The target in question will be riding an ATV, and you can either ram him to knock him to the ground or keep pace with him to allow either Joe or Josef to nail him with the Stun Gun. Stop the car, and let the two arrest him.

Now return to the vehicle and take the new route to the cement factory to see two bikers heading cross country. Chase after them and give them the same treatment as the ATV driver. Stun them up and allow the two to arrest them.

The optional objectives are to use the stun gun on all the immigrants, to stop the first group of immigrants within 30 seconds, and to stop the second group in 55 seconds.

Minute Man Blues
Head to the next ‘M?’ marker that is now available on the map to find the suspect you knocked down from the ATV earlier. Approach him for a cutscene in which Trevor is asked to take out the border patrol. Apparently, the duo is terrorizing a group of workers at the Zancudo Grain Growers Cooperative, so follow the marker to find them.

You find Josef almost immediately, so come up to him and nail him with a stun gun. Then shoot him dead for good measure. Find Joe near the main doors of the barn as he tries to flee in a tractor. Shoot out the tires of the tractor to make it stall, then nail Joe with a stun gun, then a real one.

The optional objectives include using the stun gun before you kill the targets and to kill the duo before they leave the farm.

Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill
After the Friends Reunited mission is completed Trevor can go over to the question mark on the map to meet and greet this old couple. Approach them to trigger a cutscene in which they tell you that they’re looking for Vinewood movie star souvenirs and you agree to help out.

You get an email that puts some spots on the map where you can steal certain collectibles for the old codger.

Vinewood Souvenirs – Willy
Head to the orange circle at the Tequila-La-La Nightclub near Milton Road. Head through the main entrance and proceed forward. Time to collect.

You can find Willy, the singer near the stage talking to a woman. Grab him and start beating the daylights out of him. Bash him for a few seconds until a gold tooth falls out of his mouth. Pick it up and make your getaway.

The optional objectives are to take no damage from the fight and to talk to the entourage.

Vinewood Souvenirs – Tyler
Her to the orange map circle neat Mad Wayne Thunder Drive to find the humble home of Tyler Dixon, the next celebrity who will be donating a souvenir.

Sneak around to the pool, where you find Tyler and his girlfriend in the pool and the hot tub respectively. He’s conveniently left his clothing abandoned nearby and you can sneak around behind and snatch them. There is also a gardener around who you need to take down with a stealth attack for an optional objective.

The other bonus objective is to steal the clothes without being detected.

Vinewood Souvenirs – Kerry
Now you need to head to the Rockford Hills map circle to hit someone named Kerry McIntosh. As you approach the area, you will see the celeb walking her dog, Dixie. Dixie will get spooked and run when she sees you, and you need to chase after her.

Catch up to the canine as it stops near a fire truck. Approach and Trevor will steal the dog’s collar. The bonus objective is to stay close to the dog during the chase.

Vinewood Souvenirs – Mark
This one can be a bit difficult to get gold in. Grab a sniper rifle and drive right onto the orange circle in the Golf Club, you need to acquire one of Mark Fostenburg’s golf clubs.

You’ll find Mark on the course and if you approach he will try to flee. While it’s a simple matter to chase him down and take the club, you’ll fail the other requirements, which are to get the club in 30 seconds, kill Mark with a headshot, and kill all four of them (him and the three guards).

Park your car just as the party comes into view and pop Mark with a headshot from a distance to keep him from spooking. Get into a vehicle and collect the club quickly, then take care of the security team.

Vinewood Souvenirs – Al Di Napoli
Head to the ‘N?’ icon on the map to find Nigel and Thornhill. Apparently, they just saw Al Di Napoli and want to have a chat with him. Unfortunately, he already knows about the nutty couple and takes off in an SUV.

Get into Nigel’s car and give chase. You won’t be able to catch him, but you need to stay close or you’ll lose out on one of the optional objectives. There’s a bit where you both go to a hospital, so try not to hit anyone during this section, as that’s another medal requirement.

Soon the chase ends, Trevor dumps an unconscious Al into Nigel’s trunk and the batty duo drive off happily. The third optional objective in this is to finish with minimal damage to Nigel’s Car.

Vinewood Souvenirs – The Last Act
It seems that Al Di Napoli isn’t being a good guest and suggests to let him take care of it. Drive the car with Di Napoli over to the train tracks, where you have the option of letting him go free or leaving the car on the train tracks and killing him.

Trevor wants to be a good guy, really, but the gold requirement simply will not allow it.

To complete the optional objectives, you need to exit the car while it’s on the train track right at the last seconds and to kill Al using the train. This is easier if you come at the train at some speed, and dive out, letting the vehicle crash against the locomotive.

Bail Bond Missions
To complete the Bail Bond missions for Trevor, read our Bail Bond Missions Guide.

Strangers and Freaks Missions – Franklin

Grass Roots
Completing Three’s Company will unlock this mission for Franklin as well. Head over to the icon to find Barry, who once again tempts our hero into taking a drag on his joint. Franklin does so, then immediately informs Barry that his weed is garbage and crushes the joint underfoot.

Grass Roots – The Pickup
Barry manages to convince Franklin to help him deliver supplies to various Smoke-ins around the city. There will be two map markers now, each one noting the location of a vehicle with marijuana in it.

Follow the eastern map marker and take control of the truck there with the pot in it.

Be careful as you may gain a wanted level as you transport the goods to Barry’s apartment. The optional objectives include finishing in 2:45 and not being wanted by the police at any point.

Grass Roots – The Drag
Barry manages to convince Franklin to help him deliver supplies to various Smoke-ins around the city. There will be two map markers now, each one noting the location of a vehicle with marijuana in it.

Follow the western map marker and you’ll arrive at a scrapyard. The vehicle you need to use is an old and battered car that won’t start. Barry insists that the car is just as important as what’s inside, so you’ll have to get a tow truck and use it to drag the car to the assigned destination.

The optional objectives include completing the delivery in 1:30 and keeping the car hooked until delivery.

Grass Roots – The Smoke-In
A very short mission, simply drive to the ‘B’ marker on the map with Franklin at City Hall. Franklin automatically calls Barry. Leave the area and you’re done.

After completing the Pulling Favors mission, Franklin will be able to start up this mission from the new ‘?’ marker on the map. Approach the bushes next to the stairs and you’ll be jumped by Beverly, who introduces himself as a Paparazzo.

Before long, you both spot Miranda Cowan entering a limo. Beverly will immediately ask you to get on his motorbike and chase after. You need to pull next to the limo and keep it steady there while Beverly snaps off shots of what’s going on inside the vehicle.

Before long, a rival paparazzo appears and tries to steal your scoop. You need to get up next to them so Beverly can shove them off balance. The optional objectives include taking down the other paparazzo on the first shove attempt and getting off three photos.

Paparazzo – The Sex Tape
Take Franklin to the ‘P’ marker on the map to find Beverly just itching to go. Take him over to the Gentry Manor Hotel, where you and Beverly are going to try and get some nasty footage of some teen star getting it on.

Follow Beverly as you sneak about in an effort to find the target. On the way, you find a pool that you should jump into for an optional objective. When you find the copulating couple, Beverly hands you his camera, which you need to use to film the activities.

Soon Poppy and Justin notice you recording them and call for security. Run after the Paparazzo as he escapes to the getaway vehicle. Beverly will drive you away and instructs you to keep filming the idol.

It can become significantly harder to keep the camera on the target during the high-speed chase, but keep trying to get shots of her face. If the camera frame is green, then the shot is good, if it’s red, you need to adjust. Eventually, you escape and the mission ends.

The optional objectives include jumping in the hotel pool while searching for the star and getting a good shot of Poppy’s face as she chases you.

Paparazzo – The Partnership
Once again, find Beverly at his ‘P’ icon. This mission will be made available after the completion of ‘Three’s Company’.

Beverly informs you of his new position as the star of a reality TV show. While he’s busy with that, he wants Franklin to take care of the photo side of the business. He promises to send a bunch of targets by email and phone soon.

Paparazzo – The Meltdown
Soon after the last mission, you’ll get news of two targets. Go to the marker at Vinewood Boulevard to find Poppy Mitchell (the star of our sex tape) involved in a high-speed chase with the police.

Follow the blue radar marker to find Poppy’s pink car being chased by a police cruiser. Keep on after her as she makes her way through the streets. Eventually, she crashes into a tree, stumbles out of the car and sits down on the curb.

Bring up your phone’s camera and zoom in on her. Wait until she’s in handcuffs and takes the shot. Send it over to Beverly and drive off. The optional objectives are to stay close to Poppy throughout the chase and to take a photo of her after she’s been cuffed.

Paparazzo – The Highness
Of the two photo opportunities Beverly sends you, this is the one in Mirror Park on Nikola Avenue. When you get there you are informed of a drug deal going down which involves Princess Georgina of England. But first, you need to meet your contact.

Follow the route laid down for you and you’ll get a new objective. Now you need to take a photo of the deal going down. To do this stealthily (a medal requirement). Climb to the roof of Chico’s using a dumpster. Go to the higher roof section and activate stealth mode. Peek over the edge where the deal is taking place and take out your phone camera.

Take photo just as the handover occurs and send it to Beverly. Get away from the scene and drive off. Soon you call Beverly automatically and the mission ends. The optional objectives are to take the photo without being detected and to take the photo while she’s buying the drugs.

Paparazzo – Reality Check
Once more, take Franklin to the ‘P’ marker in West Vinewood to find Beverly and his filming crew in the middle of shooting.

Franklin asks for payment for services rendered but gets blown off by the faux celeb. At this point, you can just walk off, or kill every last one of them. Therefore I suggest you use a rocket launcher.

The optional objective is to kill both Beverly and his crew in one shot.

Risk Assessment
After you complete the Minor Turbulence mission, switch to Franklin to find a new ‘?’ icon on the map. This will take you to a dog, and you will have a conversation with it. The dog is going to lead you to Dom, the new contact.

Dom seems to be in a bit of a bind, literally. He’s hanging from a parachute that’s gotten caught in a tree. Franklin helps him down and they have a chat. You both end up in a Maverick helicopter and set off for a skydive. The Chopper will travel on its own, so you don’t have to do much, though you can skip the ride if you want.

Jump from the helicopter when prompted and free fall for 7 seconds. After that, deploy the parachute and aim for a landing on the orange bull’s eye on top of Mount Chiliad.

After the landing, you and Dom will engage in a bike race, so grab the bicycle nearby and start pedaling down the mountain trail, making sure to pass through the checkpoints. The optional objectives are to fall for 7 seconds before deploying the ng chute, getting 2 seconds of airtime in the race and winning the race against Dom.

Liquidity Risk
Now you need to head to the ‘D’ marker (har har he wants the D) to meet up with Dom at the Los Santos International Airport. You both commandeer some Nagasaki Blazer ATVs. Follow Dom through the security gate onto the runway.

He proceed to have to near-death misses involving a Jetliner and somehow makes it up the loading ramp of a cargo jet. Follow him in there.

After a while, Dom rides the ATV out of the plane while it’s in mid-air. Follow him off and skydive to the landing zone marked on the map.

To accomplish the optional objectives you need to ride the ATV off the plane and do 8 spins while free falling on it. Then you need to ride the ATV all the way into the water without stepping out or opening the chute.

Targeted Risk
Once again, head to the ‘D’. This time Dom will be waiting for you on the roof of the Maze Tower, so you’ll need a helicopter.

Jump off the roof when prompted and parachute down to the roof of a flatbed truck. You can track the vehicle through the blue blip on the map. Some tips for landing, it’s always much easier to undershoot the target and land just behind the truck rather than in front of it. Therefore try to hover a bit ahead of it and slow down as you land.

The optional objectives are to free fall for 8 seconds before deploying chute and to land perfectly on the back.

Uncalculated Risk
The last Dom mission starts off at the ‘D’ at the reservoir, where you find the dog again. You need to have all the Parachute jumps completed in order to do it. The dog will lead you to Dom, who’s about to make a dive to the death off into the Spillway.

Grab the nearby parachute and follow after the guy, deploying your chute so you don’t meet an untimely demise. Jumping after Dom and surviving is also is the optional objective.

A Starlet in Vinewood
After you find all 50 of the letter scraps (preferably using our guide here), read through them to reveal a new ‘?’ marker on the map. This is the location of Dreyfuss, the killer in the note. Head to his mansion on Hangman Avenue in Vinewood Hills. There you can find him meditating next to the pool.

A scene occurs when Franklin confronts him, and Peter Dreyfuss takes off running. You have two options here, you can let him go, or gun him down. This is the optional objective.

Shift Work
You need to complete ‘Pulling Favors’ in order to make this mission’s ‘?’ appear on the map. Follow the marker to find Hao standing outside of his car. He offers you an invitation to a street race, something Franklin is more than ready to win.

Head over to the starting point and line up. While it’s not necessary, it’ll be best if you can snag a nice car from somewhere before you start the race. DO the two laps and try to come in first place.

The optional objectives for this mission are as follows; complete a lap within 1:20, finish the race in 2:50, and finish it with less than 5 collisions.

Exercising Demons
This Strangers and Freaks mission unlocks upon completion of the Predator mission. Head on over to the ‘F?’ icon on the map to find the blond doing pushups and angrily berating herself. Approach for a cutscene and another race.

This is a swimming challenge, so run down to the water and start paddling. Follow the checkpoints without missing a single one until you reach the marker on the other beach. Sprint across the beach to reach one of the two nearby bikes and cycle around the trail. Remember not to use shortcuts if you want the gold.

For the last phase of the race, you need to race along the checkpoints on foot. Reach the end to win.

Far Out
After the Fame or Shame mission, this ‘?’ will appear on the map, available for Franklin. Head over to the icon to come to eastern Sandy Shores to find a crazy hippie looking form aliens. He tells Franklin a story about how he was abducted and named Omega. He also asks for help in searching for some spaceship parts.

There’s fifty of them scattered throughout San Andreas, and to find them, you can check out Spaceship parts guide here. After getting them all, another mission will unlock.

The Final Frontier
Head over to Omega’s trailer at the Wind Farm to complete the mission. The hippie is overjoyed at seeing the final piece of the puzzle and shows you the assembled spacecraft.

Pulling Favors
This one occurs early on in the game, after finishing the ‘Repossession’ mission. The question mark that appears on the map is right across from Franklin’s house, so go there to meet up with Tonya. She will commission your assistance in her towing business.

Head down the blue route to the impound lot where you can acquire the tow truck itself. Head out of the lot and go to the car that is marked on the map. Begin to tow it by backing into it with the crane fully lowered, then raising the crane and driving off.

Take it back to the lot, completing the whole thing within 5 minutes and keeping the vehicle hooked to get the gold rating.

Pulling Another Favor
This time you need to search for the ‘T?’ icon on the map to find Tonya at the liquor store in Strawberry. Same situation as last time, one of her workers is nowhere to be found and you’ll have to fill in. Get to the impound lot and take out the truck.

Now go to the car that’s parked improperly and tow it once more back to the lot. Take care to keep it properly hooked and finish within 5:30.

Pulling Favors Again
Once again, this is pretty much the exact same situation, except now it’s a matter of life and death! Some poor mug’s had his car stall out on the train tracks and the locomotive is approaching fast.

Use the towing skills you’ve learned so far to hook his car in a speedy manner and taking him over to the repair shop post-haste. The optional objectives for this one are to finish within 7 minutes and to keep the car securely hooked until delivery.

Still Pulling Favors
Do I even need to spell this one out? You get another text from Tonya, which leads to a phone call, which leads to you taking out the tow truck for another spin. Head over to the faulty car and wait for the owner to get into the truck with Franklin.

Now hook the car and drive it over to the auto repair shop, being careful to keep it hooked properly and finishing in 6 minutes for the gold.

Pulling One Last Favor
Franklin’s patience is running out with this woman. However, being a soft hearted teddy-bear, he concedes to one last towing job. Find Tonya with the ‘T?’ outside a liquor store to start it up, so get in a vehicle and wait for Tonya to join you.

Take the truck to the crash site where the ambulance is just leaving.

Hook the ruined car and use the yellow route to take the car away to the Vapid Dealership. For the gold requirement, you need to finish in 5 minutes and keep the car hooked properly.

This was our GTA 5 Strangers and Freaks guide. If you have any questions please take to the comments below. GTA V is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox On, and PC. The title also released on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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