GTA 5 Random Events Guide – Random Events Locations, Tips and Rewards, Random Events Map, GTA V Random Events and Encounters

Where to find all the random events, what are their rewards and tips to do them in GTA 5. All GTA V Random Events, GTA 5 Random Events, and details.

The eccentric world of Grand Theft Auto V is full of dire and needy people!

These people can be found at different locations in San Andreas and will ask for your help. These events are known as Random Events and although the rewards are not amazing the flavor they add to the overall gameplay experience are totally worth it!

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GTA V Random events guide will discuss where to find GTA V Random events and how to complete those. Random Events GTA V will help you get more XP and rewards for your troubles. Read on to find all the Random Events that can be found while playing GTA 5:

GTA 5 Random Events Guide

All GTA 5 Random Events

GTA V Random Events – Abandoned Vehicles

Locations:Smoke Tree Road, Grand Senora Desert, Ron Alternates Wind Farm

Character: All
Rewards: None

You will see a BF Surfer on an isolated area of Grand Senora Desert. This event is kind of funny seeing what happens to your character if you go near the vehicle. When you get off your car and go the abandoned vehicle, a man will shoot you in the face with a stun gun.

After being stunned; you’ll wake up on a train track with nothing but your underwear. Now; I don’t like to think what happened to your character while he was stunned. Anyway, you should choose Trevor to do this mission (Any character will work fine) and trigger his special ability. Now get near the car and shoot the man to complete this.

You’ll find a number of redneck guys on Wind Farm and having some special time with each other. Get near them and try to listen to their conversation. When you get too close to their vehicle; they will get off their vehicles without wearing their trousers and being shooting at you.

Gun down all these perverts to complete the mission and collect their weapons.

GTA V Random Events – Arrests

Location: Grapeseed, O’Neil Farm, Senora Freeway, Ron Alternates Wind Farm

Character: All
Rewards: $250 for helping criminal

You’ll see police’s siren turning from blue to red signaling that you can either help the police or the criminal. Killing the criminal will get you 2-star level for shooting in front of some cops. However, if you help the criminal by taking out the cops and help him escape, it’ll get you $250 and 3-star Wanted Level.

You can also choose not to react and pass by the scene without participating.

Very similar to the previous mission, you will see the radar turning from blue to red indicating that you can either help the police or the criminal. Helping the criminal will get you 3-star Wanted Level and $250 cash. While helping the police will get you 2-star Wanted Level.

Alternatively, you can choose not to react by going by the scene without participating in it.

 GTA V Random Events – Bike Thieves

Location: Little Bighorn Avenue, Rancho, Bridge Street, Hawick

Character: All
Rewards: +3 Stamina

Get to this location and you’ll see a guy screaming about his stolen cycle. The thief will appear as a red dot on your mini-map. You can take out this thief by either running over him with your car or by shooting at him.

Once you kill him, take the cycle and get it back to the owner to receive some shares in Animal Ark worth $1,000,000.

You will see a guy standing besides his cycle on a sidewalk. Soon, a man will come and he’ll snatch the bike; and run away on it. Once again, take out your gun and kill the thief or run him down by your vehicle.

After taking care of the thief, get on the bike to get it back to its owner to complete this mission.

GTA V Random Events – Border Patrols

Location: Mt. Haan Road, Grand Senora Desert, Tataviam Mountains, Paleto Bay

Character: All
Rewards: $700

While wandering on this road, you’ll come across three rednecks chasing you. If you listen to them closely you will note that they’ll be screaming about you being an immigrant.

Note: They have different comments for each of your playable character.

Anyway, these guys will be riding the Sanchez(s), so it’ll difficult to take them down by your car. We would advise you to use the driveway or get off your car and kill them on foot. Note that, they’ll also retaliate with the shotgun at their disposal.

Take care of them all to receive the money they dropped along with their weapons.

This is the same as the above one except that now you’ll encounter the redneck on the Tataviam Mountains. Just shoot the guys and collect their cash and weapons to complete the mission.

Since they’re equipped with shotguns, keep your distance.

While traveling on this road, the rednecks will appear for the third and the last time saying all kinds of racist stuff about you (Depending on your character). Use your drive-by to kill them all and receive their money and weapons. Like the above two missions, they will be equipped with shotguns.

GTA V Random Events – Burial


Character: All
Rewards: Ability Meter Filled

This mission generally pops-up while playing as Franklin. You will see a couple of guys trying to bury an alive woman. Driving you car near them will get them to drop the woman and take out their guns.

You can either shoot them by using the drive-by or get off the vehicle, find a suitable cover and being taking them out. After you take care of these gangsters, walk to the woman to automatically free and get her in your car. You will have to drop this woman somewhere safe. You’re GPS will help you there!

Once she is in the car, she will start telling you the whole incident of her kidnapping. Listen to her and get her to safety to complete this mission.

Note: While playing as Trevor, you will have two choices of where to leave the woman.

GTA V Random Events – Bus Tour

Location: Alta Street, Downtown, Vinewood

Character: All
Rewards: None

You will see a blue bus with Vinewood Stars Tour written on it. This will give you a tour of different areas of Vinewood. Simply go near the bus and pay $40 to get on the bus. Refer to in-game controls to change camera settings and other viewing angles.

The bus takes you to the following places of interests:

  • Oriental Theater
  • City Hall
  • Epsilon Center
  • Portola Drive
  • Richards Majestic Studios
  • Tivoli Theater
  • Richman Hotel
  • Celebrity Wild Child, Martha Term’s Home
  • The Craze’s Home
  • Mark Fostenburg’s Home
  • Tequi-La-La Rock Bar
  • Dungeon Crawler
  • Gentry Manor Hotel

GTA V Random Events – Car Thieves

Location: Great Ocean Highway, North Chumash and Exceptionalists Way, Los Santos Airport

Character: The first one can be done with anyone while the second one can only be done by Michael
Rewards: +5 Driving

There are basically two missions for Car Thieves; the first one appears at the Great Ocean Highway, North Chumash and the second one appears at Exceptionalists Way, Los Santos International Airport.

Both missions include a thief stealing a car and running away in it. You need to stop the thief and return the car to the rightful owner. However, you must make sure that you don’t damage the vehicle too much.

It can easily be done by using your drive-by skills and aiming the drivers only. You can also try ramming the vehicle so as to force the drivers to come out. Once the drivers come out, they will draw weapons and start shooting at you, get a suitable cover and take them down to drive the car back to the owners.

The first mission can be done with any character while to do the second one, you must select Michael.

GTA V Random Events – Chase City Thieves

Location: Hawick Avenue, Hawick and San Andreas Avenue, Textile City

Character: All
Rewards: $2000 and $500 respectively

During the first mission, you’ll see a black van with Lost written on it; stealing from a civilian and then speeding off. The civilian will try to stop the van but it won’t do him any good. Chase the van and use the drive-by skills to take out the driver.

The occupants of the van will eventually come out and start shooting at you. You can get to a good cover and start taking out these guys. After you’ve taken care of all the goons; get the wallet (which contains $2000). You will then have the option of keeping the wallet which will get you $2000 or returning the wallet which will only get you $200. The choice is yours!

During the second mission, a same situation happens but this time the thieves will be on a bike. This can be a really short pursuit if you ram the drivers with your car. Anyway, if they get away, chase them and use the drive-by to take them out. They might get off their bike and start shooting at you. In this situation, take a cover to kill them and get the stolen wallet.

This wallet will have $500 which you can either keep or return to the owner to get $50.

Note: You might get some police attention due to all the shooting.

GTA V Random Events –  Chase Country Thieves

Location: Grapeseed Main Street, Grapeseed and Route #68, Grand Senora Desert

Character: All
Rewards: $250 and $120

These missions are almost exactly the same as the previous two missions and similar techniques are used to complete them. The only difference is that these robberies take place in the country with fewer rewards.

Anyway, the first robbery will occur in Grapeseed Main Street; you will see four armed gangsters robbing a man of his belongings and then running away in a van. You need to chase them down and kill them to retrieve the wallet. It can be done either by taking out the gangsters using drive-by or forcing the occupants to leave the van.

If they leave the van; they will start shooting at you. Get a nice cover and take them out to obtain the stolen wallet. You can either return this to the owner to receive $25 or keep it to get $250.

The second mission takes place on Route #68. The robbers will again move in a van, but the backdoors of the van will open and two gangsters will start shooting at you. Take them out and then the other two robbers to find a wallet.

However, there is a little hang up here; as soon as you take out the robbers, more gangsters will come hurtling towards you on bikes. You should get to safety and take out those bikers before getting to the wallet. Once again, you can either keep the wallet for $120 or return it to the owner to get only $12.

Crash Rescue

Location: Senora Freeway, Mount Chiliad

Character: All
Rewards: Taliana Martinez will join your crew

You will see an accident on the Senora Freeway with a dead body lying near the car. Soon, you will witness a woman in men clothing coming out of the car. Go near the woman and she will tell you that she wants to leave the area before cops arrive on the scene.

Get in your car and the woman will follow you. A GPS route will be marked on your mini-map, get the woman to her destination and you will come to know that she is a getaway driver named Taliana Martinez. From this point forth, she will help you in heists as a getaway driver.

GTA V Random Events – Construction Accident

Location: Little Seoul

Character: Any
Rewards: Driving Skills Improved

At a construction site in Little Seoul, you will see an accident under a large crane with a man stuck inside. You’ll have very less time to save the driver from the explosion that is about to follow.

Get to the blue marker on your mini-map which will be a HVY Dozer. Now, you need to be careful NOT to push the pipes to the driver’s direction. Otherwise an explosion will occur and the driver will be gone for good.

You are required to pull the pipes away from the driver so that he could escape through the door. As soon as he gets out, a fire will erupt in the area but both of you should be headed to safety by then. The driver will thank you and mission will be completed.

GTA V Random Events – Countryside Gang Fight

Location: Marina Drive, Alamo Sea

Character: Michael or Franklin
Rewards: $1000

You will encounter a drug deal between some bikers and a man. However, the things will not go the way they are supposed to and you will have to take out the bikers to safe the man. Follow the man as he thanks you for saving his life to find the reinforcements headed your way.

Get to a suitable cover to find the swarms of gangsters coming your way. Take them all out quickly without giving them a chance to react. After you take out the last gangster, the man will come to you to say his thanks and give you $1000 for saving his life. You can then collect the dropped weapons of the gangsters.

GTA V Random Events – Countryside Robbery

Location: Route #68, Harmony

Character: Any
Rewards: $1000

You will encounter a gunfight between some cops and rednecks. Do not hurt any cops or their attention will be diverted to you. Instead, follow the pathway to get to the robbers and see the first one taken out by the cops and drop a briefcase full of money. You will instantly get 2-star Wanted Level for getting your hands on the briefcase.

The other robber will try to shoot you, take him down to take his briefcase too.

Even if you don’t take the briefcase and roam around in the area, you will still get the Wanted Level. So, it is better to get them as each of the briefcases will be filled with $5000. Lose the heat level to get away with the reward.

You can also decide to help the robbers by taking out the cops. However, in this situation, you will only get a $5000 and 2-star Wanted Level. The choice is yours!

GTA V Random Events – Deal Gone Wrong

Location: Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness

Character: Any
Rewards: $25,000

Get to the area to discover about five trucks parked with multiple dead bodies here and there; indicating some kind of deal gone bad. Search the area and you will soon see some of the red markers on your mini-map.

Get to the red blip on your mini-map to find a man who will ask you to run away from the location and will die shortly. Near him; will be a package of about $25,000. Get the cash and get out of the area. However, you will soon be intercepted by some of the gang members which can be taken out with ease by finding a suitable cover and killing them. These are some easy bucks!

GTA V Random Events – Domestic

Location: Wild Oats Drive, Vinewood Hills

Character: Any
Rewards: Castro Lagano with $80

In the Wild Oats Drive, you will see a man in Golf attire begging his wife NOT to throw him out of the house. His wife doesn’t believe that he has been playing Golf at mid-nights and throws off all his belongings.

You are required to get in your vehicle and stay close the location of the man. The man will soon pickup his luggage and get in your vehicle. A yellow marker will be set on your mini-map. Drop the man to his destination and you will receive a new friend who’ll play Golf with you. He will also give you $80 for riding him to his destination.

GTA V Random Events – Drug Shootout

Location:Mount Chiliad

Character: Any
Rewards: Between $40,000 to $1,00,000

This mission will give you the most money during all the random events. Get to this location and you will notice a marijuana leaf on your mini-map indicating it as a Weed Farm. There will be many armed dealers inside so think twice before entering.

As soon as you get inside, get cover behind your vehicle or behind a building and take down all the enemies. After taking out all the dealers, you will begin noticing green blips on your mini-map telling you the location of money bags. Pick up the money and clear the area of any witnesses to complete the mission.

Note: You can do this mission more than once.

GTA V Random Events – Drunk Driver

Location: Aguja Street, La Puerta and Armadillo Avenue, Sandy Shores

Character: Any
Rewards: $80 for both

There are a total of 2 of these missions which will require you to pick-up some drunken fellows and get them to their destination. No special tactics are involved in these missions; you’ll just have to do a bit of driving.

During the first mission, you will see some drunken guys talking about going home. Reach those guys and they will ask you to drop them home. You can do it either in your vehicle or the vehicle provided by them. Once you get in the vehicle, you will get a yellow waypoint on your mini-map indicating the destination.

Just get the guy to his destination and he will give you $80 as a reward.

The second escort mission will get you to a drunken couple near Zandudo Avenue who will ask you to drop them home. Once you get them in the car; they will start having some fun in the backseat making it difficult to drive straight.

Get them to the designated destination to earn $80 and complete both of these escorting missions.

GTA V Random Events – Escape Paparazzi

Location: Vinewood Boulevard, Downtown Vinewood

Character: Any
Rewards: $750

This mission starts when you find an actress in a production house. The actress will be hiding from the paparazzi because of lack of make-up on her face. She will ask you to help her escape the paparazzi. You can do this by getting a fast vehicle and get her sit in the car.

As soon as she sits in the car, red blips will begin showing up on your mini-map indicating the photographers. Soon these blips will merge into 3 as the photographers will get onto six bikes.

Escaping them can be very frustrating but works in the same manner as escaping the cops. Get into several small alleys and try to lose them. Note that, you must not kill these photographers, otherwise the mission would fail.

Once you have successfully evaded the photographers, a GPS route will pop-up on your mini-map indicating the destination at which you’re supposed to leave the actress and receive $750 cash reward.

GTA V Random Events – Gang Intimidation

Location: El Rancho Boulevard

Character: Michael or Trevor
Rewards: Between $200 to $500

A screaming woman standing on a sidewalk will wave at your screaming for help. Get off your car and equip a weapon before following the woman. We would advise you to keep a little distance from the woman as she will be leading you in an ambush.

Once she comes to a halt; take cover at once to avoid the ambush. A few armed gangsters will arrive at the scene. Take them out quickly to fail the ambush and collect their weapons and cash from the ground.

You will also get a Wanted Level for shooting and killing in the area. Lose the heat level to successfully complete the mission.

GTA V Random Events – Getaway Driver

Location: Corner of Strawberry Avenue and Forum Drive, Strawberry

Character: Any
Rewards: Unlock Packie from GTA IV and $1000

The robbery in the discussion will be taking place at Dollar Pills Pharmacy. Two robbers will be looting the shopkeeper at the door of his shop. If you walk near the robbers; they will ask you to help them in exchange for some money.

You can either help the robbers or the shopkeeper. If you decide to help the shopkeeper, you will only get his thanks and will have to face several more gangsters coming in from different ways.

However, if you plan on helping the robbers; you will have to take a car and wait for them to get inside. You will automatically receive 2-star Wanted Level for helping the robbers. Evade the cops by any mean and the robbers will ask you to get them to their crib in order to divide the money.

Get them to their destination and receive your cut of $1000. You will also come to know that one of the robbers is Packie from Grand Theft Auto IV.

From this point forth, Packie will join your crew and will help you during the heists.

GTA V Random Events – Hitch Lifts

There are a total of four Hitch Lifts missions that can be found at several positions in the game. All of these missions require you to escort a citizen and drop them to the designated location. These missions can be done in any order and with any character.

Hitch #1: Ineseno Road, Banham Canyon
Hitch #2: North Calafia Way, Mount Chiliad
Hitch #3: East Joshua Road
Hitch #4: Great Chaparral

Characters: Any

Hitch #1: +5 Driving and $100
Hitch #2: +5 Driving
Hitch #3: +5 Driving
Hitch #4: +5 Driving

In the first hitch, you will have to beat a businessman to airport in a race. There will be a lot of shortcuts which will get you there in time. Just keep on following the yellow marker!

During the second hitch, you will need to pick-up a lady with red bag. She will ask you to drop her off at her house. Pay heed to conversation in the car; you will find it interesting and funny.

The third hitch will also include a girl whom you will have to get to her jealous boyfriends. Once you get the girl to her destination. Her boyfriend will come to beat you. You don’t need any weapons here; just keep on countering him until he is knocked out for an easy win. You can also kill the boyfriend but we wouldn’t recommend it as it saddens the girl.

And finally during the last hitch mission, you will escort a runaway bride away from her groom. The bride’s groom will begin to follow you and you must get off your vehicle to take him out or knock him down in order to complete the mission.

Luring Girl into Alley

Location: Supply Street, La Mesa

Character: Any
Rewards: Stolen Money

This is again an ambush mission! You will see a girl screaming for help in the street near Valdez Theater. You should not have any weapons with you or the mission would fail. Just walk to the woman and follow her wherever she leads you.

Once the woman draws her weapon; draw yours too and take her out. You will see a friend of her emerging out from a corner. Take her out too to complete the mission.

This often gets you 1-star Wanted Level, which can be easily evaded by going into any Spray Paint shop nearby.

GTA V Random Events – Mugging

Mugging missions include taking out the thieves to return the stolen money to the rightful owners. You can either keep the money to yourself or return it to their owners. These missions can be done with any character and are found in the following location:

Mugging #1 Chamberlian Hills, Strawberry Avenue
Mugging #2 Meteor Street, Hawick
Mugging #3 Vespucci Boulevard, Pillbox Hill

Character: Any
Rewards: $200, None, and $2000 respectively

Head to the first location to see an instance of mugging going on; this is really simple one. Just run over your vehicle over the robber and grab the wallet he will drop. Now you can either keep this wallet to yourself or return it to the owner. If you return it to the owner; you will receive $20.

Enter the alley of Hawick Avenue to see a victim being mugged at gunpoint. You can either enter into a vehicle or run over the robber or you can enter on foot and take him out by the gun. Sometimes, when you enter the area on foot; the robber kills the victim instantly to fail the mission. Save the victim to complete the mission. You will not get any reward for doing this mission.

In the last and final mugging mission, a lady will be screaming for help on a sidewalk. You will instantly see the robber on your mini-map. Pursue the robber and kill him to pick the wallet up and keep the $2000 cash for yourself. You can also return the wallet to the crying lady to get $200 reward. Totally up to you!

GTA V Random Events -Prisoner Lifts

In Prisoner Lift missions, you will be required to escort a prisoner to help him escape the police. However, in the second mission, you will have to kill the prisoner as he threatens you to leave your car.

These missions can be done with Franklin or Michael and don’t provide any rewards except for some driving skills.

Lift #1 Bolingbroke Penitentiary, Grand Senora Desert
Lift #2 Bolingbroke Penitentiary, Grand Senora Desert

Character: Michael or Franklin
Rewards: None

Get to the designated position to find a police car rammed in a tree. A prisoner will ask for your help. Allow him to get in your car and continue along the road.

You will automatically attain 1-star Wanted Level after he will tell you that he is a member of Lost. You will have to evade the cops
and get the man to his destination to complete the mission.

You can also take him to the police station but he will jump out of your car before you can get him there.

In the second mission, a prisoner will ambush you and will ask you to leave your car. There are a number of ways in which you can deal with this douchbag. You can shoot him by using the drive-by or come out of the car quietly and then blow up the car to kill this smart-ass.

GTA V Random Events – Rogue Altruists

Location: Bayfree Canyon Road, Grand Senora Desert

Character: Michael or Franklin
Rewards: $80

Get to the location to find the two rogue altruists harassing a lady on the sidewalk. One of them will be beating the woman while the other one will be on the watch.

They will start firing just as you arrive at the scene. The best way to do this is by using the drive-by and killing both of them to save the woman. Save the woman and she will thank you and ask you to drop her home.

Follow the marker on your mini-map to get her home and receive $80 as a token of gratitude.

GTA V Random Events – Shop Robberies

During these missions, you will enter a particular shop and encounter a robbery in the process. You will be required to stop the thieves and return the money to the shop owner or you can keep it to yourself. These missions can be done with any character and the location of the shops is given below:

Robbery #1: Eastbourne Way, Rockford Hills
Robbery #2: Prosperity Street Promemade, Del Perro

Character: Any
Rewards: $2000

During the first robbery mission, you will have to enter in the Bob Mulet Hair and Beauty Shop. A cut-scene will trigger and you will witness a robbery in the process. After the cut-scene, quickly take out your weapon (preferably an Assault Rifle) and start shooting the vehicle in which the robbers are escaping.

After taking out all the robbers; pick-up the cash from the ground and either return it to the owner of the shop or keep it to you. Note that, if you return the cash to the owner of the shop, you will not get any reward.

In the second robbery mission, you will enter the Suburban store to witness the ongoing robbery. Once again, you will be required to take out your preferred weapon and take the escaping van and the robbers inside it to find the green blip on your mini-map which will be the cash.

If you return the cash to the owner of the shop, you will get 25% discount on all items. You will have the choice of getting $2000 or 25% discount on the shop.

GTA V Random Events – Simeon Yetarian

Location: Adam’s Apple Boulevard and Power Street, Strawberry

Character: Michael or Franklin
Rewards: None

You can enter the Simon’s car dealership and be treated as a hostile. To begin this random event, go inside the store from the front entrance and take out the gunner near Simon’s office.

You will encounter many more gunners in the showroom; so it is better to take cover behind some desk and start shooting down the hostiles.

Leave through the West side to see the construction going on the window you broke through with Michael and Franklin.

GTA V Random Events – Snatched

Location: South Mo Milton Drive, Vinewood Hills

Character: Any
Rewards: None

While wandering through the South Mo Milton Drive, you will encounter some members of the Lost kidnapping a woman. They will get the woman in a black van and will start moving. The best way to do this is to use the drive-by and shoot the tires of the van to force the kidnappers come out of the car.

Once the kidnappers come out of the cars; kill them all and save the woman. However, you should not hurt the woman at all costs lest the mission will end.

After rescuing the woman, you will have to drop the woman to her place. You will encounter more of these kidnappers on your way back to the lady’s house. Take them out and drop the woman to her place in Banham Canyon to successfully complete the mission.

GTA V Random Events – Sports Bike Thief

Location: North Rockford Drive, Richman

Character: Any
Rewards: +5 Driving Skills

While going through the North Rockford Drive, you will see a man speeding away on a yellow sports bike followed by the real owner of the bike.

You will be required to snatch the bike from the thief and return it to the rightful owner. You can easily do this by ramming the bike and forcing the thief to get off the bike. After the thief runs for his life, don’t waste your time by killing him. Instead, take the bike and return to the owner of the bike to complete this mission.

You can also keep the bike to yourself and screw the owner.

GTA V Random Events – Stag Do Running Man

Location: Route #68, Great Chaparral

Character: Any
Rewards: Super Diamond

While moving along the Route# 68, you will see a man dressed in Pink underwear and tied to a pole. After untying him, you will come to know that he is going to get married and his friends played this prank on them.

You will have to escort him by following the yellow marker on your mini-map for him to get dressed up. Once he is done, you will get into his Super Diamond and get him to the church to get married. Once inside the church, the bride will slap this guy and you will get to keep the Super Diamond as a token of gratitude.

GTA V Random Events – Altruists Cult Shootout

Location: Chiliad Mountain, State Wilderness

Character: Trevor
Rewards: $1000

After making the last delivery to the cannibal cult, the members of the cult will keep Trevor as the hostage. This will trigger a cut-scene where the cannibals will start their ritual to give Trevor some time to escape and get hold of machine gun.

Move forward to the gate by taking out all the enemies in your path. The best way to do this is by staying on the cover and changing your position continuously.

You will encounter more gunmen before heading out of the gates. Kill them to find your vehicle parked outside. Take it and drive away to complete this event.

GTA V Random Events – ATM Robberies

Location: Random Locations

Character: Any
Rewards: $500

There are a number of ATM machines situated in the world of GTA V. You will often encounter some thieves robbing off some citizens of their belongings near an ATM.

Although these locations are scattered throughout the world, you can find them easily by listening to their screams for help. This can be done in a number of ways; you can either kill the thief and return the money to the owner to receive $50, or you can keep the money to yourself.

This brings us to the end of all random events found in Grand Theft Auto V. Please do consider sharing with us if you found anything missing. We always appreciate your feedback! Visit SegmentNext for more help on GTA V.

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