Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Io Build

Io is one of the best support characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink but you need to create the perfect build to fully utilize her skills.

A Support Mage in Granblue Fantasy Relink, Io can heal allies, stun enemies, and deliver large bursts of damage during fights. With each ability you use with Io, you generate a Mystic Vortex Orb that acts as a resource. You can consume three of these mystic vortex orbs at a time to perform Io’s charged attack, Stargaze.

The Stargaze attack starts out with one charge level but goes up to a maximum of 4 based on your orb count. The damage ramps up significantly with additional orb’s so you will want to keep it fully charged during your fights.


Stargaze has a long charge time, so make sure that you always use Io’s quick cast passive to effectively use this attack.

If you are aiming for the best Io Build in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, don’t worry; the build I have created will help you achieve Io’s maximum potential with the best skills, sigils, and weapons to use when playing as Io.

Best Io Skills

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Flowery Seven
  • (extra) Gravity Well
  • (extra) Mystic Vortex

Starting with Io’s best skill, this will be Fire in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. Using this specific ability your character will be able to shoot a giant fireball that does damage on your enemies in the form of three separate hits. These will include a Melee hit, a pass-through hit, and an explosion hit, all of which have the same cap but widely varying damage ratios.


Io’s Fire ability reduces enemy defense by 10% for 15 sec, making it another useful skill for this build.

You can easily consider Lightning as a good alternative for most of Io’s skills for your build. Lightning inflicts Paralysis in Granblue Fantasy Relink, which is an extremely powerful debuff that completely stuns targets for a few seconds, buying critical time for your team.

When used correctly, the lightning ability can also be used to stall transitions from overdrive to bloodthirst, allowing your team to burst the enemy boss and completely skip phases. However, this ability has a lengthy cooldown of 150 sec, so make sure to use it where it really matters.

Io’s main nuke ability, Flowery Seven, is highly reliable to reinforce your build. This ability allows you to rain down seven magical meteors that deal a massive amount of damage to your enemies. You can also charge up the Flowery Seven ability, benefitting from Quick Cast the same way as Stargaze.

Gravity Well skill pulls enemies together and deals damage over time. It will work well against enemies that remain at one location, and you can inflict a nice chunk of DPS on them.

Mystic Vortex is a utility skill that maxes out all your Mystic Vortex Orbs (x3) with a lengthy cooldown of 120 seconds. While this skill might not sound that good in terms of stats it extends your burst window by a considerable amount, making it a valuable pick for your Io build in GBF Relink.

Best Weapons for Io

  • Colossus Cane Omega
  • Caduceus, Immortal Coil

The Stinger weapon Colossus Cane Omega will carry your Io build through the majority of your Granblue Fantasy Relink playthrough. Since Stinger weapons are a pretty high-ranked weapon type, the Colossus Cane Omega staff will increase your Critical Hit Rate and allow you to inflict more damage through certain powerful attacks, such as Stargaze, etc., on all kinds of enemies during your fights.

Once you reach the final chapters and begin your end-game progression you can resort to using Terminus weapons. These specific weapons are considered the best in the game and here you can choose Caduceus, Immortal Coil to complete your endgame Io build.


Caduceus offers two useful traits, similar to Regen and Catastrophe in GBF: Relink. You can max out both of these traits, and this will allow you to recover 5% of your max Health.

In terms of damage capabilities, once you reach the max level for the Catastrophe trait, you will notice a significant increase in your attack power. This will result in increasing your attack damage by an additional 50 percent whereas the damage cap will increase by 100 % for your Granblue Fantasy Relink Io build.

Best Io Sigils

  • Mage Awakening+
  • Mage’s Aspiration
  • War Elemental
  • Damage Cap V
  • Attack
  • Supplementary Damage
  • Quick Charge V
  • Lucky Charge V
  • Stamina V+
  • Potion Hoarder

To start off this build for Io, you will need to use the Mage Awakening sigil and use it with another useful sigil such as Mage’s Aspiration. Mage’s Aspiration is an excellent choice for your build as it brings down the charge time for her Stargaze attack in GBF: Relink. This way you can utilize this attack multiple times during your fights.

Next, if you have acquired the War Elemental sigil by some heavenly RNG luck then make sure to include it to reinforce your build. This specific sigil will help you in dealing elemental damage to your enemies.

To increase the damage stats for your Io build in GBF Relink; you will need to focus on adding the Damage Cap V sigil, one of the best sigils in the game. Couple Damage Cap with the additional Attack trait. This way you will be able to exceed the damage cap on your attacks and deal a significant amount of damage on your enemies.

Achieving the max level on the Damage Cap sigil is quite beneficial for your build. This way, you will be able to increase your attack Damage cap, Skill damage cap, and SBA damage cap each by a whopping +45%.

Speaking of increasing your attack damage, you should also consider adding the Supplementary Sigil, which will help by providing additional damage the more you level up this specific sigil.


Since Supplementary works best the more you level up, make sure to only include it in your build at high levels.

The Quick Charge V sigil is another decent addition to your GBF Relink Io build since this particular sigil can increase your attack power. Once you reach the max level on the Quick Charge V sigil in Granblue Fantasy Relink, the charge time for your attacks will go down by 21%, whereas the attack damage will increase by an additional 14 percent.

Lucky Charge V is also a good sigil option for your Io Build. This specific sigil will help you build massively by increasing the critical hit for each of your charged attacks.

You can upgrade the Lucky Charge sigil to the max level to increase the Critical Hit rate by an additional (54%). This will help in increasing the damage you deal with your charged attacks and make your Io build more destructive during your endgame progression.

The Stamina sigil is must must-have sigil to complete this Io build. This sigil will help increase your attacks depending on how high your character’s HP ends up being during your battles. This means that if you have a decent party composition that is taking a hit for you then you can use the Stamina sigil to inflict more attacks on your enemy bosses.

Lastly, the Stamina sigil on your build can be paired well with the Potion Hoarder sigil in GBF: Relink. This way you can use the Potions (Blue, Green, etc.) to heal, revive your teammates, gain HP, and boost your attacks immensely.

Best AI party composition for Io

Io offers a debuff playstyle as both an offensive and defensive character. You can use her elemental skill to inflict attacks with massive damage, lower enemy defenses, inflict Paralysis on enemies, etc. Because of her Support nature, Io can be paired with any character in GBF Relink.

However, for the purpose of this Io build, we will recommend the following AI party members for your team in Granblue Fantasy Relink

  • Gran/ Djeeta: This character can be used as your main offensive force to deal massive damage to your enemies. Io can support them with her healing capabilities in the battle.
  • Vaseraga: He can play the offensive role with Gran in your party and provide large attacking power to bring down enemies.
  • Cagliostro: She can play the support role of Io in your party and provide a health buff to revive and heal damaged party members
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