Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Weapons Ranked

With over 100 weapons to choose from across 6 different quality types, finding the best tools for your arsenal in...

With over 100 weapons to choose from across 6 different quality types, finding the best tools for your arsenal in Granblue Fantasy Relink can be a daunting task. Of course, given that weapon quality from Defender to Terminus ensures this process is simplified, but even among them, there are certain nuances, so you can’t straight up the claim that Terminus weapons are the best in GBF Relink without some context first.

On top of these massive weapon options available, the 18 playable characters in Granblue Fantasy: Relink doesn’t make things easier when deciding between the best weapons. Each character will have their own best weapon choices, making it pretty challenging to figure out which weapons to equip. Luckily, this is where we come in with our best weapon suggestions.

There are a plethora of best weapons that are more suited for certain characters among your crewmates. You can unlock all these weapons and manage your materials wisely to upgrade the best weapons in order to increase the build stats for each of your characters in GBF Relink.

The maximum level that you can upgrade each weapon in Granblue Fantasy Relink is Level 150. However, only the Terminus and Ascension weapons can be upgraded even further with Awakening after reaching the max level. This makes these two weapon types considerably stronger than the other weapon types at level 150.

Keep in mind that each weapon offers certain weapon traits that can boost your attack damage and other factors, allowing you to become more dominant in your fights.

1.  Terminus Weapons

Being the last grade of weapons, the 6th tier Terminus weapons can be considered for the top spot as the best weapons in Granblue Fantasy Relink. However, considering how they are endgame weapons and getting Terminus weapons requires a lot of farming, this ranking can be considered subjective.

Terminus weapons have the exclusive Catastrophe trait, boost your Attack damage, and Hitpoints when your health is below a certain HP. Moreover, these deadly weapons also increase your damage cap, allowing you to deal with those endgame enemy bosses at extreme difficulty levels and above.

2.  Ascension Weapons

The 5th tier of weapons, Ascension weapons can definitely be considered the best weapons for most players since the Terminus ones require a lot of materials. These weapons help increase the damage to your primary character’s base attack.

Moreover, by upgrading and using the ascension weapons on your builds, you can gain access to a special skill called Sigil Booster. This particular skill increases the trait level for all the equipped sigils in GBF Relink. The best Ascension weapons will include Ascalon, Claidheamh Soluis, etc.

3.  Executioner Weapons

The Executioner weapons are ranked as the third-best weapons in GBF Relink. These specific weapons will help you in dealing significant damage, especially whilst targeting enemy weak points. Apart from that the Executioner weapons also allow your characters to easily target your enemies from behind as well.

In terms of their secondary mastery, you will be able to increase your HP with each successful strike of an Executioner weapon in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

4.  Stinger Weapons

The Stinger weapons focus on your Critical Hit Damage and boost your hit damage, allowing you to deal extra damage to your enemies in GBF Relink. You can learn to craft Stinger weapons during Chapter 7 of the main story, and these will serve you well as mid-tier weapons during those hard quests.

Furthermore, the Stinger weapons also tend to increase the Critical Hit Rate allowing your characters to land more hits onto your enemies as well.

5.  Stunner Weapons

The Stunner weapons are decent early-game weapons that allow you to deal a significant amount of stun damage on your enemies. You will be able to craft these during Chapter 6 of your main story progression.

These particular weapons will allow your party members to deploy those Link Attacks which will prove quite essential while taking down enemy bosses during your playthrough.

6.  Defender Weapons

The Defender weapons in Granblue Fantasy Relink take the last spot in weapon rankings as these are basically your starting weapons and will keep you alive during the initial chapters of your playthrough.

These weapons can increase your Health, and among all the weapons, the Defender weapons can be upgraded easily. However, you should look towards better weapon options to take down enemy bosses at higher levels.

Now that you have learned about the best weapon types in Granblue Fantasy Relink, you will need to look at acquiring the best weapons for your characters.

As such you can find the following Terminus weapons that are more suited to certain characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Character NameBest Early Weapon (Stinger)Best Terminus Weapon
IdPremium SwordPrimal Sword of Bahamut
FerryFlame Lit CurlEthereal Lasher
Gran/ Djeeta / The CaptainAlbacore BladeSeven-Star Sword
IoColossus Cane OmegaCaduceus
LancelotVegaltaDamascus Knife
RosettaRose Crystal KnifePrimal Dagar of Bahamut Coda
CagliostroSacred CodexZosimos
EugenLeviathan MuzzleDraconic Fire
GhandagozaCrimson FingerSky Piercer
KatalinaLuminiera Sword OmegaBlutgang
NarmayaFluorithium BladeAmeno Habakiri
RackamTiamat Bolt OmegaFriekugel
ZetaGislaGae Bulg
VaseragaSoul EaterEreshkigal
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