Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Sigils

Sigils provide various bonuses in Granblue Fantasy Relink so picking the right ones for your characters can make a huge difference.

Sigils are a highly important aspect of making your character in Granblue Fantasy Relink. By investing in certain sigils, you will be able to benefit from certain buffs, which will allow you to deal a greater amount of damage, grant you additional HP, and get you through those harder difficulty quests.

If you are thinking of upgrading to the best sigils in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, then don’t forget about the Character Specific Sigils. These particular sigils are obtained through the Siero’s Knickknack Shack vouchers after finishing the main story chapters.

However, in this guide, I will be discussing the 8 best sigils in GBF Relink that you should consider, regardless of your characters, as they can be beneficial to everyone as you progress through the game’s story.

1. Damage Cap

  • Max Level: 65
  • Skill Damage (cap): +250%
  • SBA Damage (cap): +250%

The first Sigil that you will need to make a top priority in your build will happen to be the Damage Cap in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. Upgrading this specific sigil is a must as there is a hidden cap of damage that you can utilize with your weapon on each attack, combo, or combo finisher.

However, the Damage Cap sigil will increase the maximum damage you can deal, and you will be able to benefit from that additional damage during the mid to late stages of the game.

If you are aiming for that end-game build, then you will need to reach the max level on this particular sigil in order to go past the damage limit while facing those enemy bosses at Panic difficulty. For that reason, you need to make sure that you farm enough Damage Cap sigils in GBF Relink.

2. War Elemental

War Elemental is by far the best sigil in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. War Elemental is a single trait legendary sigil that ensures you always have an elemental advantage over enemy bosses, so there is no question about whether you should upgrade it.

The War Elemental sigil is not affected by the damage cap and works on all enemies (bosses), even those without elemental weakness. You also get the additional benefit in the form of a massive 20% Damage increase, which can easily change the outcome of battles in your favor.

The only known way to get the War Elemental Sigil in Granblue Fantasy Relink is by having your Curios appraised by a particular NPC, and while the drop chance is pretty low, you can get lucky and find one.

3. Stamina

Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Sigils
  • Max Level: 30
  • 100% HP: Boost attack damage by +70%
  • 25% HP: Boost attack damage by +10.5%

Another attack-boosting sigil that you can upgrade early is the Stamina sigil, which is highly beneficial at all stages of the game. The best part about the Stamina sigil in GBF Relink is that there is no downside to investing in it.

It will boost your attack depending on how high your HP percentage is. This means that if you take the Stamina Sigil all the way to level 26 and are at 25% HP during your battle, then it will boost your attack damage by an increased 9.6%

With the Stamina sigil added to your build, you will want to stay at High Health to take advantage of that massive attack damage.


The Stamina sigil is considered a better option to upgrade in Granblue Fantasy Relink compared to the Tyranny sigil which offers attack damage at the cost of lowering your HP.

4. Potion Hoarder

Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Sigils
  • Max Level: 15
  • Green potion: +3%
  • Blue potion: +5%
  • Mega potion: +5%
  • Revival potion: +2%

Potion Hoarder is acknowledged as an essential pick in terms of sigils because once you upgrade it to its maximum level for the full effect, the payoff will be more than worth the slot. Since this sigil is also considered a non-damaging skill, you will end up receiving extra revive potions at higher levels.

This specific sigil will be quite lifesaving for you, especially the blue potions, which can heal your entire party during those intense battles and boost the link gauge between them for an effective attack in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

If you are planning that end-game build to engage enemy bosses on higher difficulties, then it will be worth upgrading the Potion Hoarder sigil. This way you will be able to increase your recovery items and stay alive and kicking even during those panic-difficulty quest battles with enemy bosses such as Bahamut, etc.

5. Autorevive

Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Sigils
  • Max Level: 20
  • Ready for reactivation: 120 sec

Upgrading the Autorevive Sigil in Granblue Fantasy Relink is quite beneficial during the early stages of your main story progression. The reason for this is quite clear as the Autorevive procs don’t count towards your critical count for side objectives/goals and it works on a timer which means that it comes back pretty quickly especially when you reach Lvl 5 sigils.

In short, this makes the Autorevive sigil a pretty useful passive thing to have on those hard-difficulty quests where one-shotting enemy bosses are possible and the side goal requires you to stay alive.

Furthermore, the Autorevive sigil allows you to restore more HP upon revival once you upgrade it to its max level and offers invulnerability while you get up. However, you do end up losing all your Buffs in the process because you technically die and get a second chance to finish your fight.

6. Aegis

Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Sigils
  • Max Level: 45
  • HP: +80%

Aegis is a nice Sigil option that you should consider upgrading first in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. Investing your points in this particular sigil will allow your overall percentage of Health to increase in your fights. This way you will be able to pass some attacks with that one-shot threshold.

In short, this means that it will make some of the harder bosses way easier and more lenient, especially when you mess up your dodges, giving you room for more breathing space during your battles. Each level of the Aegis sigil will boost your health by an additional 2 percent so this increased HP will keep you alive and kicking in those extremely difficult quests.

7. Supplementary Damage

  • Max Level: 45
  • Supplementary Damage trigger: 100%

If you are looking for a sigil that will increase the output of your normal attacks, then look no further, as the Supplementary Damage sigil is quite a decent pick for upgrading early during your playthrough. The only known way of coming across this sigil is by farming curios and having them appraised at Zethba’s in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Supplementary Damage sigil works best with certain characters such as Lancelot, Zeta, etc., as they give themselves buffs that basically grant them increased supplementary damage. This means that you will be able to go beyond the Relink damage cap and inflict additional hits with every strike that you land on your enemies during your quests in GBF Relink.

In theory, the stats might not seem that impressive on this specific sigil, but once you trigger that supplementary damage, you will automatically enhance your damage output.

8. Tyranny

Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Sigils
  • Max Level: 30
  • Attack damage: +50%
  • Max HP: -20%

Tyranny is a perfect sigil option if you are planning on an offense-focused build in Granblue Fantasy: Relink and are willing to comprise your HP over increased attack damage. Upgrading this specific sigil might not be convincing in the early game progression, but it will pay off well in the later stages.

You will also notice that with each upgrade on the Tyranny Sigil, the Attack damage will increase to a total of 50 percent (max level), whereas the HP will remain constant at only 20 percent on each level.

This means that you will be able to deliver a greater damage output by just compromising only 20 percent of your health, and this damage will be enough to clear out your quests with relative ease.

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