Granblue Fantasy Relink Best AI Party Members

Which AI characters are best in GBF Relink?

AI party members are a core component of your squad in Granblue Fantasy Relink when you are not playing the game in co-op. Without a well-rounded AI team composition, your main character can’t really do much, especially on high-difficulty missions. AI characters in your party will aid you in combat to neutralize bosses and apply debuffs so you can deal with them easily.

However, since the game has 18 playable characters, not all of them are equally good and some AI party members make a better team composition than others. We will rank the AI Characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink based on the Utility, Damage, and Coverage they will provide you and others in the Party.

8. Lancelot

Lancelot has many abilities that allow him to dodge incoming damage, making him a more sustainable AI character in GBF Relink. He also has amazing abilities like the Mirror Image and Turbulenz, which allow him to dodge attacks and do an AoE counterattack.

The AI can change that counterattack into a combo. Lancelot can also inflict Glaciate that freezes enemies, and then you can follow up with attacks to deal damage to the frozen enemies. This crowd control ability helps not just you but the other two AI characters in the game as well.

He mainly uses these skills when the boss is about to use an AoE attack, so he is an excellent addition to the whole team.

7. Siegfried

Siegfried is a great AI character in Granblue Fantasy Relink because the AI actually times the attacks pretty well. The AI Siegfried can deal additional damage, which can be boosted with the right sigils.

Because of the AI, you can count on him to hit the enemies as much as possible. He also has some party-wide utilities that can deal AoE damage to all enemies in range and inflict defense down.

The two most essential skills that earn him the spot in the best AI characters list in GBF Relink are Salvator and Mirage. The first one will grant Debuffs immunity to the entire party while the other will provide defense up. These will make your whole team more sustainable.

6. Rosetta

The AI companion Rosetta is insanely good because she offers the team a lot. She will focus more on placing down the roses and then using them to apply a debuff to the enemies and provide utility to the team.

The roses can restore allies’ HP and remove any kind of debuff. Her skills, like Rose Barrier, which grants you and the whole team the DMG Cut, make her an excellent AI character in GBF Relink. However, the placement of roses with the AI Rosetta is not great, so ensure she has the Rose Tycon skill, which allows her to replant roses.

5. Katalina

Because of Ares, Katalina can deal a lot of damage in a short time. Even though the AI doesn’t handle it well and only performs the triangle combo and doesn’t extend it, you can still take advantage of her. Her Sacred Wind skill in Granblue Fantasy Relink will inflict Glaciate, which can freeze enemies in an AoE and widen if Ares is summoned.

It means she will handle a lot of enemies for you. Katalina is an excellent AI character because of her invincibility, which she can share with the party. The Emerald Shield will grant defense and Stout Heart to the whole party as well, which will help you a lot if you have her in your party.

4. Eugen

You will not find an AI character better than Eugen in Granblue Fantasy Relink when it comes to dealing damage. When controlled by AI, his skills, like Sumrak, shine very well and deal a lot of damage with the constant beam.

Eugen can take out slow bosses without your help. The Armor-Piercing Round skill helps Eugen deal a lot of damage to opponents and heal the whole party at the same time, thanks to abilities like Healing Bullet.

3. Ferry

Ferry is one of the best AI characters for dealing decent damage at range. With Ferry’s pets, she can deal a lot of damage to enemies.

Ferry is the best AI debuffer in the GBF Relink because of her abilities, such as Phantasm’s Concord. These will allow Ferry pets to deal more damage to enemies and inflict attack and defense on them, allowing you to take them out with ease.

Her stun abilities are great as well, and they can be boosted even further with the right sigils. This AI companion will even help you heal because of abilities like Benediction.

2. Percival

He is a compelling AI character that can dodge many attacks on his own and deal an insane amount of damage. His abilities boost Strength and Supplementary damage, along with the one that spawns a fire coil in front of him.

Even though AI has some limitations, Percival’s damage is still more than Eugen’s. Percival will provide an attack and defense bonus to the whole team, which helps a lot when fighting a boss in the arena.

The only thing this AI character lacks is Crowd Control, but you can cover that up with some of his and other characters’ skills.

1. Captain (Gran or Djeeta)

Gran/Djeeta is the best AI party member, and you should choose him or her for many reasons. Although Gran or Djeeta are the default player characters, you can still use them as AI companions as they provide excellent and well-rounded offense and defense.

Gran/Djeeta’s skills like the Miserable Mist can inflict both attack and defense down within a radius that can damage all the enemies, making it the best AI character in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

The Captain is great for the whole team because of skills like Panacea, which can heal all the members, and Revive, which allows you to revive any character. Only two characters in GBF Relink can revive, so it is a great skill to have.

Skills like Stall will allow you to inflict slow on enemies, which is excellent for Crowd Control, not just that the Captain can remove debuffs and provide debuff immunity to the whole team, which most other AI characters can’t. All these and many other skills for the entire team make Gran/Djeeta the best AI companion.

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