Forsaken Depths Location In Elden Ring

Forsaken Depths is one of the most hidden areas in Elden Ring. You will first need to reach Subterranean Grounds and then go from there.

One of the most hidden areas in Elden Ring, Forsaken Depths is the deepest part of the Subterranean Shunning Grounds. It is where you find the Mohg, The Omen, and getting to Forsaken Depths is extremely difficult, because the path leading to Forsaken Depths is literally a maze, forcing players to go through small pipes and find their way through the closed area.

How to Reach Forsaken Depths

The path to forsaken depths is quite confusing, but we’ll try to make it as clear as possible. For this, we will be starting at the Underground Roadside Site of Grace. This is the first site of grace you can get as soon as you enter the Subterranean Shunning Grounds.

Starting from the Underground Roadside Site of Grace, turn left and head to the end towards the two Omens. Fight them, or ignore them. Either way, you can jump down from an opening here into the lower tunnels. Follow the tunnel, and you can find a round tunnel to your right. Go on in.

We will be taking this tunnel straight to the end. As you turn through the tunnel, after the first turn where the slugs can be found, there is a hole in the tunnel. If you fall into this hole, you can walk around back to the main tunnel, but you can jump over it to make it quick. Also, the slugs are non-hostile so you can just go through them, or farm them for some extra runes. The path to your left after the hole is where you’d come out if you had fallen into the hole.

After the second turn, there is another hole after the slope so jump over it to get through the tunnel. At the next turn of the tunnel, you need to turn right through the iron bar gate and continue to the room at the end.

In this room, an Omen will jump down in front of you. Defeat it or just go around it and climb the stairs behind it. In the hall, you can head right to unlock the gate back to the Underground Roadside Site of Grace. Otherwise, you need to open the door directly in front of the ladder, and onto the spiral staircase.

The first instinct is to head right down the stairs, but this path is a dead end. Instead, look down the left side, from the broken stairs and you can spot the ledge below you. Carefully jump onto this ledge and make your way down this set of stairs.

At the end, you can turn right into the hallway and follow the linear path. After you get down the first set of stairs on this path, don’t head further into the hall. Instead, look to the side of the stairs to find a door.

The door leads to another set of tunnels. As soon as these tunnels start, enter the tunnel leading to your right. You need to go straight through the tunnel. There are a few Basilisks here, and you need to be careful as their Deathblight mist is much worse in this tight space.

At the end of the tunnel, turn right again and defeat the Omen in front of you. To the right of this Omen is a ladder you can take. Head up the ladder onto the platform and out the door. From here, immediately turn left after going through the door and climb on the pipe here. Follow the pipe all the way to the end, and after the ascend, you can drop to the platform below.

From here, get to the door the platform leads to. You’ll reach the other side of the same room where you fought the Omen, but this time, you can jump inside the giant pipe here from an opening on the top.

As soon as you enter the pipe, one side is going on straight, the other side is turning. Go towards the turn, and follow the path. From the next turn, you need to head into the tunnel to your immediate left.

After the descent, head right and continue. You need to fall down the hole you come across here. Continue straight (northeast) after falling into the hall. Keep in mind that an enemy is waiting to gab and backstab you after the fall. Dodge as soon as you land.

At the end of the tunnel, turn left and down the ladder, this tunnel leads you to. Down the ladder is a large pot enemy, and an elevator. We recommend that you kill this pot, or it might fall on you in the elevator, knocking you off to your death.

The elevator will take you straight to the Forsaken Depths Site of Grace, ending your puzzling journey into the Leyndell depths.

Why come to Forsaken Depths?

Well, Forsaken Depths is a completely optional area in Elden Ring, and ignoring the entire area won’t matter at all. There are only two main reasons for coming down into the Forsaken Depths.

Mohg, the Omen Boss

First, you can fight Mohg, the Omen boss here. This boss is not the real Mohg, but rather an imposter. Even though, Mohg, the Omen is quite a powerful boss. If you have freed the Dung Eater from his cell, you can call him an ally in this fight. Defeating Mohg, the Omen gets you Bloodflame Talons incantation and a chest in the arena will get you Erdtree’s Favor Talisman +1.

Three Finger’s Chamber

Next, in the arena of Mohg, the Omen holds a secret passage, which can only be unlocked after you defeat Morgott, the Omen King. To reveal this passage, you need to hit the altar behind the talisman chest in Mohg’s arena, and it will lower down revealing the path.

Just briefly explaining, this path leads down to the Three Fingers. Three Fingers play a vital role in Hyetta’s Questine, and allow players to access the Lod of Frenzied Flame ending for Elden Ring.

You need to platform your way down wooden beams here, through corpses of Nomadic Merchants, and get to the lowest level of the underground tower. Here, players need to remove all their armor and weapons to be able to open the door leading to the Three Finger. The Three Fingers will brand your flesh, and you will be able to become the Lord of Frenzied Flame.  

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